Head and pronotum of Eurythrips peccans from Mound (1976).

Belongs within: Phlaeothripidae.

The Glyptothripini are a group of thrips that generally have the head reticulately sculptured. The genus Terthrothrips was placed in a separate tribe by Priesner (1960), perhaps in part because of its possession of wing-retaining setae (claimed to be absent in Glyptothripini by Priesner 1960), but was placed with Glyptothripini by Mound & Marullo (1996). The development of wing-retaining setae in Phlaeothripidae is directly related to the possession of wings, which may be present or absent even within individuals of a single species, and is not generally indicative of higher relations.

Tylothrips is a genus of thrips found primarily in the New World, characterised by the present of a pair of long expanded ventrolateral setae on each of the meso- and metathorax (Mound & Marullo 1996).

Characters (from Priesner 1960): Head and legs more less reticulately sculpted, rough. Eyes almost always relatively small. Head with a short extension in front of eyes. Cheeks converging behind the eyes. Maxillary styles not approximated. Many body setae shaped like a fan, frayed or buttoned. Anal tube not reticulately sculpted.

    |--Tylothrips Hood 1937P60, MM96 [incl. CopiothripsMM96, PhragmothripsMM96]
    |    |--*T. concolor Hood 1937MM96
    |    |--T. achaetus (Hood 1957) [=Phragmothrips achaetus]MM96
    |    |--T. brasiliensis (Hood 1957) [=Copiothrips brasiliensis]MM96
    |    |--T. caelatoris (Hood 1954) [=Porcothrips caelatoris]MM96
    |    |--T. clavivestis (Hood 1935) [=Terthrothrips clavivestis]MM96
    |    |--T. cochlearius (Hood 1954) [=Terthrothrips cochlearius]MM96
    |    |--T. consobrinus (Hood 1954) [=Terthrothrips consobrinus]MM96
    |    |--T. crassus (Hood 1954) [=Terthrothrips crassus]MM96
    |    |--T. flaviventris (Hood 1957) [=Copiothrips flaviventris]MM96
    |    |--T. forticauda (Hood 1954) [=Porcothrips forticauda]MM96
    |    |--T. fulvescens (Hood 1957) [=Copiothrips fulvescens]MM96
    |    |--T. fuscifrons (Hood 1957) [=Copiothrips fuscifrons]MM96
    |    |--T. gracilis (Hood 1954) [=Terthrothrips gracilis]MM96
    |    |--T. inuncatus (Hood 1957) [=Phragmothrips inuncatus]MM96
    |    |--T. longulus (Hood 1954) [=Terthrothrips longulus]MM96
    |    |--T. majusculus (Hood 1957) [=Phragmothrips majusculus]MM96
    |    |--T. minor (Hood 1954) [=Terthrothrips minor]MM96
    |    |--T. osborni (Hinds 1902) [=Eurythrips osborni; incl. E. macrops Hood 1925, E. setiger Stannard 1958]MM96
    |    |--T. paulus (Hood 1957) [=Phragmothrips paulus]MM96
    |    |--T. striaticeps (Hood 19540 [=Terthrothrips striaticeps]MM96
    |    |--T. subglaber (Hood 1957) [=Copiothrips subglaber]MM96
    |    `--T. ustulatus (Hood 1957) [=Copiothrips ustulatus]MM96
    |--Pedoeothrips Hood 1954MM96
    |    `--*P. nigritus Hood 1954MM96
    |--Schazothrips Hood 1957MM96
    |    `--*S. anadenus Hood 1957MM96
    |--Aesthetothrips Hood 1954P60, MM96
    |    `--*A. tucuche Hood 1954MM96
    |--Chamaeothrips Hood 1954MM96
    |    |--*C. jucundus Hood 1954MM96
    |    `--C. decoratus Stannard 1955MM96
    |--Chorithrips Hood 1957MM96
    |    |--*C. heptatoma Hood 1957MM96
    |    `--C. octatoma Hood 1957MM96
    |--Mystrothrips Priesner 1949MM96
    |    |--*M. dammermanni [=Sagenothrips dammermanni]MM96
    |    `--M. clavatoris Hood 1954MM96
    |--Metriothrips Hood 1936 [incl. Darwiniothrips Johansen 183]MM96
    |    |--*M. midas Hood 1936MM96
    |    |--M. angusticapitis (Johansen 1984) [=Darwiniothrips angusticapitis]MM96
    |    |--M. bournieri (Johansen 1984) [=Darwiniothrips bournieri]MM96
    |    |--M. mayri (Johansen 1983) [=*Darwiniothrips mayri]MM96
    |    |--M. secundus Crawford 1947MM96
    |    `--M. tzararacuaensis (Johansen 1984) [=Darwiniothrips tzararacuaensis]MM96
    |--Eschatothrips Stannard 1955MM96
    |    |--*E. reticulotubus (Stannard 1953) [=Eurythrips reticulotubus]MM96
    |    |--E. barythripoides (Watson 1935) [=Glyptothrips barythripoides]MM96
    |    |--E. cerinus Hood 1957MM96
    |    |--E. decoratus Hood 1957MM96
    |    |--E. pachyurus (Hood 1954) [=Orthothrips pachyurus]MM96
    |    |--E. variegatus (Hood 1954) [=Orthothrips variegatus]MM96
    |    `--E. whitcombi Stannard 1955MM96
    |--Orthothrips Priesner 1925 [incl. Apoxythrips Hood 1957]MM96
    |    |--*O. caudatus Priesner 1925MM96
    |    |--O. angustus Hood 1954MM96
    |    |--O. bilineatus Stannard 1955MM96
    |    |--O. boneti Stannard 1955MM96
    |    |--O. dubius Stannard 1955MM96
    |    |--O. exilis Hood 1954MM96
    |    |--O. leptura Hood 1952MM96
    |    |--O. stylifer (Hood 1957) [=*Apoxythrips stylifer]MM96
    |    |--O. tepoztlanensis Johansen 1984MM96
    |    `--O. woytkowski Hood 1938MM96
    |--Glyptothrips Hood 1912 [incl. Erkosothrips Stannard 155]MM96
    |    |--*G. flavescens Hood 1912MM96
    |    |--G. arkansus Hood 1957MM96
    |    |--G. bucca (Hood 1957) [=Erkosothrips bucca]MM96
    |    |--G. claviger (Hood 1941) [=Eurythrips claviger]MM96
    |    |--G. divergens (Hood 1957) [=Orthothrips divergens]MM96
    |    |--G. floridensis (Stannard 1955) [=Erkosothrips floridensis]MM96
    |    |--G. fuscipes (Hood 1954) [=Orthothrips fuscipes]MM96
    |    |--G. hylaeus (Hood 1950) [=Sagenothrips hylaeus]MM96
    |    |--G. interior (Stannard 1955) [=*Erkosothrips interior]MM96
    |    |--G. longiceps (Hood 1954) [=Orthothrips longiceps]MM96
    |    |--G. perniger Girault 1929G29
    |    |--G. reticulatus Watson 1934 [incl. Eurythrips sculpturus Hood 1936, E. silvarum Hood 1941]MM96
    |    |--G. saltuarius (Hood 1957) [=Orthothrips saltuarius]MM96
    |    |--G. silvaticus (Hood 1957) [=Erkosothrips silvaticus]MM96
    |    `--G. subcalvus (Hood 1954) [=Porcothrips subcalvus]MM96
    |--Terthrothrips Karny 1925 [Terthrothripini]MM96
    |    |--*T. sanguinolentus (Bergroth 1896) [=Phloeothrips sanguinolentus]MM96
    |    |--T. ananthakrishnaniMDT13
    |    |--T. balteatus Hood 1957MM96
    |    |--T. bicinctus Hood 1954MM96
    |    |--T. bruesi (Hood 1955) [=Tylothrips bruesi]MM96
    |    |--T. brunneus Hood 1957MM96
    |    |--T. bucculentus Hood 1957MM96
    |    |--T. bullifer Hood 1957MM96
    |    |--T. carens Hood 1957MM96
    |    |--T. fuscatus Hood 1954MM96
    |    |--T. gracilicornis (Hood 1925) [=Eurythrips gracilicornis]MM96
    |    |--T. hebes Hood 1957MM96
    |    |--T. impolitus Hood 1957MM96
    |    |--T. irretitus Hood 1957MM96
    |    |--T. luteolus Hood 1957MM96
    |    |--T. magnicauda Stannard 1955MM96
    |    |--T. marginatus Gerdes 1984MM96
    |    |--T. peltatus Hood 1957MM96
    |    |--T. percultus Hood 1957MM96
    |    |--T. serratus Hood 1954MM96
    |    |--T. sordidus Johansen 1983MM96
    |    |--T. unicinctus Hood 1954MM96
    |    `--T. viduus Hood 1957MM96
    `--Eurythrips Hinds 1902 [incl. Plemmelothrips Hood 1957]MM96
         |--*E. ampliventralis Hinds 1902 (see below for synonymy)MM96
         |--E. alarius Hood 1957MM96
         |--E. batesi (Watson 1935) [=Glyptothrips batesi]MM96
         |--E. bifasciatus (Hood 1954) [=Porcothrips bifasciatus]MM96
         |--E. bisetosus (Hood 1954) [=Porcothrips bisetosus]MM96
         |--E. citricollis Hood 1941MM96
         |--E. citricornis (Hood 1954) [=Porcothrips citricornis; incl. E. occipitalis Hood 1957]MM96
         |--E. conformis Hood 1957MM96
         |--E. costalimai Hood 1950MM96
         |--E. cruralis Hood 1957MM96
         |--E. defectus (Hood 1957) [=*Plemmelothrips defectus]MM96
         |--E. dissimilis Hood 1938MM96
         |--E. elongatus Hood 1957MM96
         |--E. forticornis Hood 1939MM96
         |--E. fuscipennis Moulton 1929MM96
         |--E. genarum Hood 1957 [=E. constrictus Stannard 1958]MM96
         |--E. hemimeres Hood 1957MM96
         |--E. hindsi Morgan 1913 [incl. Glyptothrips eddeyi Watson 1935]MM96
         |--E. hookae Hood 1933MM96
         |--E. longilabris Watson 1921 [incl. E. harti Hood 1925]MM96
         |--E. modestus (Bagnall 1917) (see below for synonymy)MM96
         |--E. musivi Hood 1957MM96
         |--E. nigriceps Hood 1957MM96
         |--E. nigricornis Hood 1960MM96
         |--E. peccans Hood 1957MM96
         |--E. pettiti Hood 1941MM96
         |--E. pusillus Hood 1957MM96
         |--E. setosus Hood 1950MM96
         |--E. simplex (Hood 1954) [=Porcothrips simplex]MM96
         |--E. striolatus Hood 1957MM96
         |--E. subflavus Hood 1950MM96
         |--E. tarsalis Hood 1925 [incl. Plectrothrips montanus Watson 1933, E. morulops Hood 1950]MM96
         |--E. trifasciatus (Hood 1954) [=Porcothrips trifasciatus]MM96
         |--E. tristis Hood 1941MM96
         |--E. umbrisetis Hood 1933MM96
         |--E. virginianus Hood 1952MM96
         `--E. watsoni Hood 1941MM96

*Eurythrips ampliventralis Hinds 1902 [incl. E. amplus Hood 1934, E. conjunctus Hood 1934, E. connatus Hood 1938, E. cornutus Moulton 1929, E. disjunctus Hood 1941]MM96

Eurythrips modestus (Bagnall 1917) [=Malacothrips modestus; incl. E. cinctus Hood 1928, E. varius Moulton 1929, E. xanthozonus Hood 1957]MM96

*Type species of generic name indicated


[G29] Girault, A. A. 1929. Description of a case of lunacy in Homo and of six-legged articulates. Privately published (reprinted: Gordh, G., A. S. Menke, E. C. Dahms & J. C. Hall. 1979. The privately printed papers of A. A. Girault. Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute 28: 262–265).

[MDT13] Mound, L. A., L.-H. Dang & D. J. Tree. 2013. Genera of fungivorous Phlaeothripinae (Thysanoptera) from dead branches and leaf-litter in Australia. Zootaxa 3681 (3): 201–224.

[MM96] Mound, L. A., & R. Marullo. 1996. The thrips of Central and South America: an introduction (Insecta: Thysanoptera). Memoirs on Entomology, International 6: 1–487.

[P60] Priesner, H. 1960. Das System der Tubulifera (Thysanoptera). Anzeiger der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Klasse 13: 283–296.

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