Gnaphalium nitidulum, copyright Paul Maurice.

Belongs within: Gnaphalieae.

Gnaphalium is a genus of woolly herbs bearing clustered, heterogamous-discoid heads (Black & Robertson 1965).

Characters (from Black & Robertson 1965): Tomentose or woolly herbs with alternate leaves; flowerheads small, usually clustered. Involucre ovoid, bracts in several rows, upper half scarious; receptacle naked; flowers all tubular, not exceeding involucre, outer ones female, filiform, numerous; disk-flowers broader, few, bisexual, fertile, five-toothed; style-branches truncate; achenes minute (about 0.5 mm long), oblong, papillose or rarely glabrous; pappus of very fine simple bristles in single row, usually about eight to twelve, free and falling off separately.

Gnaphalium Linnaeus 1753A61
`--G. sect. EuchitonB93
|--‘Euchiton’ gymnocephalusGK00
|--G. involucratum Forster 1786B93, A61 (see below for synonymy)
|--G. mackayi (Buchan.) Cockayne 1928B93, A61 (see below for synonymy)
|--G. nitidulum Hooker 1864B93, A61
|--‘Euchiton’ sphaericusGK00
|--G. traversii Hooker 1864B93, A61
`--G. umbricolaB93

Gnaphalium incertae sedis:
G. bicolorH93
G. californicumH93
G. canescensH93
|--G. c. ssp. canescensH93
|--G. c. ssp. beneolensH93
|--G. c. ssp. microcephalumH93
`--G. c. ssp. thermaleH93
G. chiliastrumBW98
G. collinum Labill. 1806 (see below for synonymy)A61
G. domingenseJ87
G. eggersiiJ87
G. hookeri Allan 1961A61
G. indicum [incl. G. multicaule]BR65
G. indutumBR65
G. japonicum Thunb. 1784A61
G. keriense Cunn. 1839 [incl. Helichrysum micranthum Cunn. ex DC. 1838, G. novae-zelandiae Sch. Bip. 1845]A61
G. leucocephalumH93
G. multicepsMH98
G. paludosum Petrie 1890 [incl. G. minutula Colenso 1890]A61
G. palustreH93
G. pennsylvanicumB00
G. plantagineumJ23
G. polycaulonVB02
G. pratenseD03
G. pulvinatumVB02
G. purpureum [incl. G. peregrinum]H93
G. ramosissimumH93
G. selleanumJ87
G. serpyllifoliumD03
G. sphaericumB00
G. stramineum [incl. G. chilense]H93
G. subrigidum Colenso 1885 [incl. G. keriense var. linifolia Hooker 1853]A61
G. trinerve Forster 1786 [incl. G. adhaerens Colenso 1885, G. lyallii Hooker 1853]A61
G. uliginosumC55a
G. undulatumC55b

Gnaphalium collinum Labill. 1806 [incl. G. collinum var. monocephalum Hooker 1860, G. collinum var. obscurum Kirk 1899, G. simplex Rich. 1832]A61

Gnaphalium involucratum Forster 1786B93, A61 [incl. G. cunninghamii DC. 1838A61, G. lanatum Forster 1786A61, G. virgatum Banks & Sol. ex Hooker 1853A61]

Gnaphalium mackayi (Buchan.) Cockayne 1928B93, A61 [=Raoulia m’kayi Buchan. 1882A61, G. traversii var. mackayi (Buchan.) Kirk 1899A61]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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