Male Gnathaphanus melbournensis, photographed by S. E. Thorpe.

Belongs within: Harpalitae.

Gnathaphanus is a genus of ground beetles found in Asia and Australasia, characterised by conspicuous dorsal punctures on the elytra, and sponge-like soles of adhesive setae on the fore and mid tarsi of males.

Gnathaphanus Macleay 1825 [incl. Mirosarus Bates 1878, Pachauchenius Macleay 1864] LM87
    |–*G. vulneripennis (Macleay 1825) [=Trechus (*Gnathaphanus) vulneripennis] LM87
    |–G. aridus Blackburn 1892 LM87
    |–G. froggatti (Macleay 1888) [=Diaphoromerus froggatti] LM87
    |–G. herbaceus Sloane 1900 LM87
    |–G. latus Sloane 1900 LM87
    |–G. licinoides Hope 1842 [incl. Harpalus alternans Castelnau 1867, Catadromus impressus Montrouzier 1860] LM87
    |–G. melbournensis (Castelnau 1867) (see below for synonymy) LM87
    |–G. multipunctatus (Macleay 1888) (see below for synonymy) LM87
    |–G. philippensis (Chevrolat 1841) [=Amblygnathus philippensis; incl. *Pachauchenius laeviceps Macleay 1864] LM87
    |–G. picipes (Macleay 1864) [=Harpalus picipes; incl. Diaphoromerus sulcatulus Macleay 1888] LM87
    |–G. porcatulus (Macleay 1888) [=Diaphoromerus porcatulus] LM87
    |–G. pulcher (Dejean 1829) [=Harpalus pulcher] LM87
    |    |–G. p. pulcher [incl. Harpalus interstitialis Macleay 1864] LM87
    |    `–G. p. speciosus Schauberger 1935 LM87
    |–G. punctifer (Castelnau 1867) [=Harpalus punctiferus; incl. H. montanus Castelnau 1867] LM87
    |–G. rectangulus Chaudoir 1878 LM87
    |–G. riverinae Sloane 1895 LM87
    |–G. sexpunctatus (Macleay 1888) [=Diaphoromerus sexpunctatus] LM87
    `–G. whitei Sloane 1917 LM87

Gnathaphanus melbournensis (Castelnau 1867) [=Harpalus melbournensis; incl. H. adelaidae Castelnau 1867, H. aeneonitens Macleay 1871, H. angustatus Macleay 1871, H. atroviridis Macleay 1871, H. gayndahensis Macleay 1871, *Mirosarus insularis Bates 1878, H. marginicollis Castelnau 1867, H. paroensis Castelnau 1867, H. planipennis Macleay 1871] LM87

Gnathaphanus multipunctatus (Macleay 1888) [=Diaphoromerus multipunctatus; incl. G. darwini Blackburn 1888, Harpalus impressipennis Castelnau 1867 non Dejean 1829, Dioryche upolensis Csiki 1915] LM87

*Type species of generic name indicated


[LM87] Lawrence, J. F., B. P. Moore, J. E. Pyke & T. A. Weir. 1987. Zoological Catalogue of Australia vol. 4. Coleoptera: Archostemata, Myxophaga and Adephaga. Australian Government Publishing Service: Canberra.

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