Savigny’s brittle star Ophiactis savignyi, copyright Moorea Biocode.

Belongs within: Ophiurida.
Contains: Ophiotrichidae, Ophiactis, Amphiura.

The Ophiactidae are a family of brittle stars in which the disc bears a covering of granules or spinules.

Gnathophiuridea [Gnathophiurida, Gnathophiurina]SW66
    |    |--Amphilepis Ljungman 1866SW66
    |    |    `--*A. norvegica (Ljungman 1865)TS16 [=Amphiura norvegicaSW66]
    |    `--Ophiochytra Lyman 1880SW66
    |         `--*O. epigrus Lyman 1880SW66
    |--Ophiactidae [Ophiactinae]S97
    |    |  i. s.: Ophiopus Ljungman 1866 [incl. Ophiaregma Sars 1872]SW66
    |    |           `--*O. arcticus Ljungman 1866SW66
    |    |         Hemipholis Lyman 1865SW66
    |    |           |--*H. elongata (Say 1825) [=Ophiura elongata]SW66
    |    |           `--H. cordiferaH04
    |    |--Histampica duplicata (Lyman 1875)TS16
    |    `--+--Ophienigma Stöhr & Ségonzac 2005TS16
    |       |    `--O. spinilimbatum Stöhr & Ségonzac 2005TS16
    |       `--+--+--OphiotrichidaeTS16
    |          |  `--Ophiopholis Müller & Troschel 1840TS16, SW66
    |          |       |--O. aculeata (Linnaeus 1767)TS16 (see below for synonymy)
    |          |       `--O. japonicaH04
    |          `--OphiactisTS16
         |  i. s.: Monamphiura Fell 1962SW66
         |           `--*M. alba (Mortensen 1924) [=Amphiura alba]SW66
         |         Pandelia Fell 1962SW66
         |           `--*P. hinemoae (Mortensen 1924) [=Amphiura hinemoae]SW66
         |         Acrocnida Gislén 1926SW66
         |           `--*A. brachiata (Montague 1804)SW66 [=Asterias brachiataSW66, Ophiocnida brachiataBK77]
         |         Ailsaria Fell 1962SW66
         |           `--*A. echinulata (Mortensen 1940) [=Amphioplus echinulatus]SW66
         |         Amphiacantha Matsumoto 1917SW66
         |           `--*A. acanthina (Clark 1911) [=Amphioplus acanthinus]SW66
         |         Amphichilus Matsumoto 1917SW66
         |           `--*A. trichoides Matsumoto 1917SW66
         |         Amphichondrius Nielsen 1933SW66
         |           `--*A. granulosus Nielsen 1933SW66
         |         Amphicontus Hill 1940SW66
         |           `--*A. minutus Hill 1940SW66
         |         Amphilycus Mortensen 1933SW66
         |           `--*A. androphorus Mortensen 1933SW66
         |         Amphinephthys Fell 1962SW66
         |           `--*A. crossota (Murakami 1943) [=Amphiura crossota]SW66
         |         Amphiocnida Verrill 1899SW66
         |           `--*A. putnami (Lyman 1871) [=Ophiocnida putnami]SW66
         |         Amphiomya Clark 1939SW66
         |           `--*A. notabilis Clark 1939SW66
         |         Amphioncus Clark 1939SW66
         |           `--*A. platydiscus Clark 1939SW66
         |         Anamphiura Clark 1939SW66
         |           `--*A. valida Clark 1939SW66
         |         Ctenamphiura Verrill 1899SW66
         |           `--*C. maxima (Lyman 1879) [=Amphiura maxima]SW66
         |         Diamphiodia Fell 1962SW66
         |           `--*D. violacea (Lütken 1856) [=Amphiura violacea]SW66
         |         ‘Gymnodia’ Fell 1962 non Robineau-Desvoidy 1863SW66
         |           `--*G. tabogae (Nielsen 1932) [=Amphiodia tabogae]SW66
         |         Monopholis Fell 1962SW66
         |           `--*M. vitax (Koehler 1904) [=Amphiura vitax]SW66
         |         Nannophiura Mortensen 1933SW66
         |           `--*N. lagani Mortensen 1933SW66
         |         Nullopholis Fell 1962SW66
         |           `--*N. nudipora (Koehler 1944) [=Amphipholis nudipora]SW66
         |         Ophiocnida Lyman 1865 [incl. Ophiocnidella Ljungman 1872]SW66
         |           `--*O. hispida (LeConte 1851) [=Ophiolepis hispida]SW66
         |         Ophiomonas Djakonov 1952SW66
         |           `--*O. bathybia Djakonov 1952SW66
         |         Ophionema Lütken 1869SW66
         |           `--*O. intricata Lütken 1869SW66
         |         Ophionephthys Lütken 1869SW66
         |           `--*O. limicola Lütken 1869SW66
         |         Ophiophragmus Lyman 1865 [incl. Amphispina Nielsen 1933]SW66
         |           `--*O. wurdemanii (Lyman 1860) [=Amphiura wurdemanii]SW66
         |         Ophiostigma Lütken 1856 [incl. Amphistigma Clark 1938]SW66
         |           `--*O. tenue Lütken 1856SW66
         |         Paracrocnida Mortensen 1940SW66
         |           `--*P. persica Mortensen 1940SW66
         |         Paramphiura Koehler 1895SW66
         |           `--*P. punctata (Forbes 1841) [=Ophiocoma punctata]SW66
         |         Silax Fell 1962SW66
         |           `--*S. verrilli (Lyman 1879) [=Aphiura verrilli]SW66
         |         Unioplus Fell 1962SW66
         |           `--*U. falcatus (Mortensen 1933) [=Amphioplus falcatus]SW66
         |         Icalia Fell 1962SW66
         |           |--*I. denticulata (Koehler 1896) [=Amphiura denticulata]SW66
         |           `--I. filiformisF67
         |         Amphiodia Verrill 1899SW66
         |           |--*A. pulchella (Lyman 1869) [=Amphiura pulchella]SW66
         |           `--A. urticaHD03
         |         Nullamphiura Fell 1962SW66
         |           |--*N. psilopra (Clark 1911) [=Amphiura psilopora]SW66
         |           `--N. felli Skwarko 1963SG93
         |         Ophiodaphne Koehler 1931MG-H11, SW66
         |           |--*O. materna Koehler 1931SW66
         |           `--O. formatus (Koehler 1905)MG-H11
         |         Ophiocentrus Ljungman 1867SW66
         |           |--*O. aculeatus Ljungman 1867SW66
         |           |--O. aspera (Koehler 1905)MG-H11
         |           |--O. dilatata (Koehler 1905)SM15
         |           |--O. inaequalis (Clark 1915)MG-H11
         |           `--O. verticillatus (Döderlein 1896)SM15
         |         Amphipholis Ljungman 1866SW66
         |           |--*A. gracillima (Stimpson 1852) [=Ophiolepis gracillima; incl. *A. januarii Ljungman 1866]SW66
         |           |--A. germinataE97
         |           |--A. kochiiGAS03
         |           |--A. squamata (Delle-Chiaje 1828)MG-H11 [=Amphiura squamataBK77; incl. Ophiocoma neglectaBK77]
         |           `--A. thorelliBK77
         |         DougaloplusSM15
         |--Amphilimna Verrill 1899TS16, SW66
         |    |--*A. olivacea (Lyman 1869) [=Ophiocnida olivacea]SW66
         |    |--A. granulosa Liao 1989MG-H11
         |    `--A. transacta (Koehler 1930)MG-H11
         `--+--Ophiopsila Forbes 1843TS16, SW66 [Ophiopsilinae]
            |    |--*O. aranea Forbes 1843SW66
            |    |--O. annulosaPP64
            |    `--O. guineensis Koehler 1914TS16
               `--Amphioplus Verrill 1899TS16, SW66
                    |--*A. tumidus (Lyman 1899) [=Amphiura tumida]SW66
                    |--A. congensis (Studer 1882)TS16
                    |--A. depressa (Ljungman 1867)MG-H11
                    |--A. hastatus (Ljungman 1867)SM15
                    |--A. laevisPP64
                    |--A. lucidus Koehler 1922MG-H11
                    `--A. ochroleuca (Brock 1888)MG-H11

Ophiopholis aculeata (Linnaeus 1767)TS16 [=Asterias aculeatusSW66; incl. Ophiolepis scolopendrica Müller & Troschel 1840SW66, *Ophiopholis scolopendricaSW66]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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