Reconstruction of Rhamphodopsis threiplandi, by Stanton Fink.

Belongs within: Craniata.
Contains: Antiarchi, Arthrodira, Ptyctodontidae, Acanthodii, Actinopterygii, Sarcopterygii.

The Gnathostomata includes the jawed vertebrates, which first appeared in the Upper Silurian (Bond 1996).

Synapomorphies (from Bond 1996): Jaws present; gill tissue, branchial arteries and branchial nerves external to gill arches; pectoral and pelvic fins present; three semicircular canals present; branchial skeleton not fused to neurocranium; notochord partially or completely replaced by vertebrae.

<==Gnathostomata [Dolichothoraci, Placodermi, Placodermomorphi]
    |  i. s.: Eleochera Sansom & Smith 2005SS05
    |           `--*E. glossa Sansom & Smith 2005SS05
    |         ‘Gyracanthus’ eastmani Wells 1944TBW05
    |         Myducosteus anmaensisBST02
    |         Stensioella [Stensioellida, Stensioellidae]G93
    |           `--S. heintzi Broili 1933G93
    |         Pseudopetalichthys [Paraplesiobatidae, Pseudopetalichthyida]G93
    |           `--P. problematicus Moy-Thomas 1939 (see below for synonymy)G93
    |--Asterosteidae [Gemuendinida, Rhenanida, Rhenaniformes]SJ03
    |    |--Gemuendina stuertzi Traquair 1903G93
    |    `--Jagorina pandora Jaekel 1921G93
          `--+--Acanthothoraci [Acanthothoraciformes, Palaeacanthaspidoidei]BLT98
             |    |--Brindabellaspis Young 1980ZY13, BLT98 [Brindabellaspida, Brindabellaspidae]
             |    |    `--*B. stensioi Young 1980BLT98
             |    `--PalaeacanthaspidaG93
             |         |--Kolymaspis [Kolymaspididae]G93
             |         |    `--K. siberica Bystrow 1956G93
             |         |--WeejasperaspidaeG93
             |         |    |--Weejasperaspis gavini White 1978Y81
             |         |    `--MurrindalaspisG93
             |         |         |--M. bairdi Long 1984B99
             |         |         `--M. wallacei Long 1984B99
             |         |--RadotinidaeG93
             |         |    |--Kosoraspis peckai Gröss 1959G93
             |         |    `--RadotinaG93
             |         |         |--R. kosorensis Gröss 1950G93
             |         |         `--R. tuberculata Gross 1958G93
             |         `--PalaeacanthaspididaeG93
             |              |--Kimaspis tienshanica Mark-Kurik 1973G93
             |              |--Palaeacanthaspis vasta Brotzen 1934G93
             |              |--Dobrowlania podolica Stensiö 1944G93
             |              |--Romundina stellina Ørvig 1975ZY13, G93
             |              `--Breizosteus armoricensis Goujet 1980G93
             `--+--Petalichthyida [Petalichthyiformes]SJ03
                |    |  i. s.: EurycaraspisZY13
                |    |         Widjeaspis warrooensis Young 1978Y81
                |    |--QuasipetalichthyidaeG93
                |    |    |--Quasipetalichthys haikoyensis Liu 1973G93
                |    |    |--Neopetalichthys yanmenpaensis Liu 1973G93
                |    |    `--LatipetalichthysG93
                |    `--MacropetalichthyidaeJP96
                |         |--Wijdeaspis arctica (Ørvig 1957)JP97
                |         |--Macropetalichthys rapheidolebis (Stensiö 1925)ZY13, JP97
                |         |--Xinanpetalichthys shedaowanensis P’an & Wang 1978G93
                |         |--Lunaspis broilii (Gross 1961)JP97
                |         |--Notopetalichthys hillsi Woodward 1941JP97, F71
                |         |--Epipetalichthys wildungensis Stensiö 1925G93
                |         |--Sinopetalichthys kueiyangensisJP97
                |         |--Shearsbyaspis oepiki (Young 1985)JP97
                |         |--Diandongpetalichthys liaojiaoshanensis P’an & Wang 1978G93
                |         `--Guangxipetalichthys Ji & Pan 1997JP97
                |              |--*G. bobaiensis Ji & Pan 1997JP97
                |              `--G. tiaomajianensis Ji & Pan 1997JP97
                      `--+--Entelognathus Zhu, Yu et al. 2013ZY13
                         |    `--*E. primordialis Zhu, Yu et al. 2013ZY13
                         `--Osteichthyomorpha [Teleostomi]S85
                              |  i. s.: Wak sinaNM72
                              |         Harpodon nehereusNM72
                              `--+--Lophosteus Pander 1856ZZ09, BT12 [Lophosteiformes]
                                 |    |--L. incrementus Burrow 1995BT12
                                 |    `--L. superbusBB07
                                 `--+--Andreolepis hedei Gross 1968ZZ09, BMM02
                                    `--+--Naxilepis gracilisBT12, ZZ09
                                       `--+--Terenolepis turneraeBT12
                                          `--+--Dialipina salgueiroensisDFC12, ZZ09
                                                |    |--L. toombsi Schultze 1968Y81
                                                |    `--L. yunnanensisZZ09
                                                `--Osteichthyes [Euosteichthyes, Euteleostomi]ZY13

Pseudopetalichthys problematicus Moy-Thomas 1939 [incl. Nessariostoma granulosum Broili 1933, Paraplesiobatus heinrichsi Broili 1933]G93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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  1. Do you know if there's any good recent overview of the origin of gnathostomes available?

    Also, where's the chondrichthyans hiding in that dendrogram?

  2. I don't know what the best recent source for early gnathostome stuff is. The chondrichthyans are there, but they're indeed hiding. There's been a few recent studies that have nested the chondrichthyans inside the main bulk of the Acanthodii.

  3. Thanks. So chondrichthyans are osteichthyomorphs? Sounds like the later was given an unfortunate definition …

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