Melaleuca leaf weevil Oxyops vitiosa, from the Agricultural Research Service.

Belongs within: Cyclominae.

The Gonipterinae are broad-bodied, short-snouted weevils whose larvae are external feeders on foliage. The dorsal surface of larvae is variously modified for camouflage, and the venter is modified to adhere to the leaf surface (May 1994).

Gonipterini [Gonipterides, Gonipterinae]
|--Minia opalescens Pascoe 1883M86
|--Bryachus Pascoe 1870M94
| |--*B. subfasciatus (Lacordaire 1863)M94, M86 [=Gonipterus subfasciatusM94]
| `--B. squamicollis Pascoe 1870M94
| |--P. breweri Pascoe 1873M86
| |--P. cretatus Pascoe 1873M86
| |--P. scenicus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--P. virgatus Pascoe 1870M86
| `--P. vittatus Pascoe 1872M86
| |--S. deyrollei (Roelofs 1867) [=Acroteriasus deyrollei]M86
| |--S. emarginatus [=Acroteriasus emarginatus]M86
| |--S. gonipteroides Pascoe 1870M86
| |--S. haagi [=Acroteriasus haagi]M86
| |--S. nervosus Pascoe 1873M86
| |--S. niger (Roel. 1867) [=Acroteriasus niger]M86
| |--S. nubilus [=Acroteriasus nubilus]M86
| |--S. pachypus Pascoe 1865M86
| |--S. punctipennis (Roel. 1867) [=Acroteriasus punctipennis]M86
| |--S. sciurus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--S. semilineatus Pascoe 1873M86
| `--S. subnitidus [=Acroteriasus subnitidus]M86
|--Gonipterus Schoenherr 1833M94
| |--*G. lepidotusM94
| |--G. balteatus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--G. cinnamomeus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--G. cionoides Pascoe 1870M86
| |--G. excavatus d’Urville in Boisduval 1835B35
| |--G. fasciatus Dupont in Boisduval 1835B35
| |--G. ferrugatus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--G. gibberus Boisduval 1835M94
| |--‘Rhynchaenus’ haemorrhoidalisB35
| |--G. hyperoides Pascoe 1871M86
| |--G. lepidotusB35
| |--G. notographus Dejean in Boisduval 1835B35
| |--G. reticulatus Latreille in Boisduval 1835B35
| |--G. scabrosus Dupont in Boisduval 1835B35
| |--G. scutellatus Gyllenhal in Schoenherr 1833M94
| |--G. sepulchralis Pascoe 1870M86
| |--G. suturalisM86
| `--G. turbidus Pascoe 1871M86
`--Oxyops Schoenherr 1826M94
|--*O. hopeiM94
|--O. arcifera Pascoe 1870M86
|--O. arctata Pascoe 1870M86
|--O. aulica Pascoe 1870M86
|--O. bilunarisM86
|--O. calidus Pascoe 1873M86
|--O. cancellataM86
|--O. clathrataM86
|--O. concretus Pascoe 1870M94
|--O. crassicornis Pascoe 1870M86
|--O. excavata [incl. O. fovosa]M86
|--O. farinosa Pascoe 1871M86
|--O. fasciata [incl. O. obliquata]M86
|--O. fasciculataM86
|--O. floreus Pascoe 1873M86
|--O. gemella Pascoe 1870M86
|--O. irrasa Pascoe 1870M86
|--O. marginalis Pascoe 1870M86
|--O. mastersi Pascoe 1873M86
|--O. meles Pascoe 1873M86
|--O. memnonius Pascoe 1873M86
|--O. niveosparsa Pascoe 1882M86
|--O. pruinosus Pascoe 1873M86
|--O. rutilus Pascoe 1873M86
|--O. scabrosaM86
|--O. sparsutus Pascoe 1873M86
|--O. squamulosaM86
|--O. tuberculata Perroud 1864M86
`--O. vitiosa Pascoe 1870M86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[M94] May, B. M. 1994. An introduction to the immature stages of Australian Curculionoidea. In: Zimmerman, E. C. Australian Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea) vol. 2. Brentidae, Eurhynchidae, Apionidae and a chapter on immature stages by Brenda May pp. 365–728. CSIRO Australia.

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