Gracilaria secundata, copyright Wayne Martin.

Belongs within: Florideophycidae.

The Gracilariales are an order of red algae characterised by the absence of an auxiliary cell.

Characters (from Womersley 1996): Thallus usually erect, branches terete to flat, radially or complanately branched; or parasitic and forming hemispherical pustules. Growth usually multiaxial (or uniaxial, but without an apparent central axis), pseudoparenchymatous, with a small-celled cortex grading to a large-celled medulla, with numerous secondary pit-connections. Apical and outer cortical cells dividing by oblique, longitudinal, concavo-convex walls followed by oblique or transverse division of the subterminal cell, with or without an apical cap of smaller cells. Cell walls containing agar; pit-plugs with one cap layer. Gametangial thalli usually dioecious; auxiliary cells absent. Carpogonial branches 2-celled, outwardly directed from an intercalary mid cortical multinucleate supporting cell which also bears two or more sterile branches; hypogynous cell binucleate to multinucleate, carpogonium uninucleate with a straight trichogyne. Auxiliary cells absent, cells of the sterile branches fusing with the fertilized carpogonium which forms a fusion cell developing laterally and outwardly multiple gonimoblast initials which establish secondary fusions with gametophytic cells in the cystocarp floor and the pericarp, then produce a dense, erect, tuft of filaments surmounted with chains or clusters of subspherical to ovoid carposporangia. Cystocarps protruding, hemispherical, with a thick walled ostiolate pericarp, or as slight bulges in pustular taxa. Spermatangia forming a surface layer or borne in conceptacle-like depressions or cavities. Tetrasporangia (or bisporangia) scattered in the outer cortex or within a shallow nemathecium, cruciately divided. Life history triphasic with isomorphic gametophytes and tetrasporophytes.

    |  i. s.: MelanthaliaSK02
    |           |--M. abscissa (Turner) Hooker & Harvey 1845L27
    |           `--M. obtusataSK02
         |    |--G. lemaneiformisHSA03
         |    |--G. longissimaC03 [incl. Fucus verrucosus (nom. rej.)C03, Gracilaria verrucosa (Hudson) Papenfuss 1950C03, S57]
         |    |--G. pulvinataBS-L99
         |    `--G. sjoestedtii (Kylin) Dawson 1949 [=Gracilaria sjoestedtii]S57
         |--Hydropuntia urvillei Montagne 1842HS14
              |--G. arcuata Zanardini 1858HS14
              |--G. canaliculata Sonder 1871HS14
              |--G. changiiC-SCL15
              |--G. comosaAL04
              |--G. compressa [=G. (Ceramianthemum) compressa]G64
              |--G. confervoides (Linnaeus) Greville 1830L27 [=G. (Plocaria) confervoidesG64]
              |--G. coronopifoliaCH97
              |--G. dura (Agardh) Agardh 1852L27
              |--G. edulis (Gmelin) Silva 1952HS14
              |--G. flagellifera Agardh 1876L27
              |--G. gracilisC03
              |--G. harveyana Agardh 1885L27
              |--G. lemaneiformisAM03
              |--G. lichenoides (Linnaeus) Harvey 1844L27
              |--G. multipartita (Clem.) Agardh 1852L27 [=G. (Podeum) multipartitaG64]
              |    |--G. m. var. multipartitaL27
              |    `--G. m. var. polycarpaL27
              |--G. polycarpa (Harvey) Agardh 1901L27
              |--G. ramulosa Agardh 1876L27
              |--G. salicornis (Agardh) Dawson 1954HS14
              |--G. secundata Harvey 1863L27
              |--G. tenuistipitataJLG03
              |--G. textorii (Suringar) De Toni 1895HS14
              |--G. tikvahiaeSK02
              |--G. vieillardii Silva 1987HS14
              `--G. vivesii Howe 1911N10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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