Habronyx sp., copyright Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research.

Belongs within: Ichneumonidae.

The Gravenhorstiini are a group of very slender ichneumon wasps that develop as parasitoids of Lepidoptera. They possess two spurs on the mid tibia and lack differentiated laterotergites on gastral segment 3 (Gauld 1984).

<==Gravenhorstiini [Therionini]G84
    |    |--T. circumflexumP93
    |    `--T. morioG84
    |--Perisphincter Townes 1961G84
    |    |--*P. tisiphone [=Agrypon tisiphone]G84
    |    `--P. tooloomiG84
    |--Trichomma Wesmael 1849 [incl. Trichomella Szépligeti 1910]G84
    |    |--*T. fulvidens (Wesmael 1849) [=Anomalon (*Trichomma) fulvidens]G84
    |    |--T. biroi [incl. T. melanura]G84
    |    |--T. clavipes [=*Trichomella clavipes; incl. Trichomma elegantulum]G84
    |    `--T. tambourinumG84
    |--Barylypa Foerster 1869 (see below for synonymy)G84
    |    |--*B. genalis [=Anomalon genalis]G84
    |    |--B. insidiator (Foerster 1869)P93, G84 [=*Laphyctes insidiatorG84, *Sarntheina insidiatorG84]
    |    |--‘Anomalon’ laevicoxis [=*Hadromanus laevicoxis]G84
    |    |--*Trochiscomerus’ schmiedeknechti Meyer 1931G84
    |    `--*Magnibucca’ testacea Morley 1913G84
    |--Aphanistes Foerster 1869 [incl. Anochilacrum Enderlein 1921]G84
    |    |--*A. bellicosus [=Anomalon bellicosum]G84
    |    |--A. armatusP93
    |    |--*Anochilacrum’ flavigena Endelein 1921G84
    |    |--A. megasomaP93
    |    |--A. ruficornisP93
    |    `--A. variicolorG84
    |--Heteropelma Wesmael 1849 [incl. Schizoloma Wesmael 1849, Schizopoma Foerster 1869, Tanypelma Townes 1971]G84
    |    |--*H. calcator (Wesmael 1849) [=Anomalon (*Heteropelma) calcator]G84
    |    |--H. amictumP93 [=Ichneumon amictusG84, *Schizoloma amictumG84]
    |    |--H. capitatumP93
    |    |--H. flavitarse [incl. H. trichiosomum]G84
    |    |--H. fulvicorne [=*Tanypelma fulvicorne]G84
    |    |--H. perniciosumG84
    |    `--H. scaposum [incl. H. atrichiosoma]G84
    |--Agrypon Foerster 1860 (see below for synonymy)G84
    |    |--*A. flaveolatum [=Ophion flaveolatus]G84
    |    |--A. coarctatumG84
    |    |--A. ferrugineumG84
    |    |--‘Gongropelma’ kikuchii [=*Paragrypon kikuchii]G84
    |    |--A. nox [incl. *Dioborus indica Rao 1953]G84
    |    |--A. omabenseG84
    |    |--*Trichonotus’ reticulatus Cameron 1905 [=*Trichionotus reticulatus]G84
    |    `--*Odontagrypon’ spilonotus Cameron 1906G84
    `--Habronyx Foerster 1869G84
         |--H. (Habronyx) (see below for synonymy)G84
         |    |--H. (H.) herosP93 [=Anomalon herosG84; incl. *Habronyx gravenhorstii Foerster 1869G84]
         |    |--H. (H.) albifronsG84
         |    |--H. (H.) australasiaeG84
         |    |--*Formosanomalon’ baibarense Uchida 1928G84
         |    |--*Macrostemma’ elegans Shestakov 1923G84
         |    `--H. (H.) insidiator [=Anomalon insidiator; incl. *Acanthostoma japonicum Kriechbaumer 1895]G84
         `--H. (Austranomalon Gauld 1976)G84
              |--H. (*A.) pammi Gauld 1976G84
              |--H. (A.) atroposG84
              |--H. (A.) clothosG84
              |--H. (A.) coarctatus [incl. H. transpositor]G84
              |--H. (A.) lachesisG84
              |--H. (A.) perturbansG84
              |--H. (A.) robustus [incl. H. partithorax]G84
              |--H. (A.) sulcatorG84
              |--H. (A.) trilineatusG84
              `--H. (A.) victorianusG84

Agrypon Foerster 1860 [incl. Dioborus Rao 1953, Odontagrypon Cameron 1906, Paragrypon Uchida 1941, Trichionotus Cameron 1905, Trichonotus Cameron 1905 non Schneider 1801]G84

Barylypa Foerster 1869 [incl. Hadromanus Szépligeti 1905, Laphyctes Foerster 1869 non Dujardin 1844, Magnibucca Morley 1913, Sarntheina Dalla Torre 1901, Trochiscomerus Meyer 1931]G84

Habronyx Foerster 1869 (Habronyx) [incl. Acanthostoma Kriechbaumer 1895, Formosanomalon Uchida 1928, Macrostemma Shestakov 1923]G84

*Type species of generic name indicated


[G84] Gauld, I. D. 1984. An Introduction to the Ichneumonidae of Australia. British Museum (Natural History).

[P93] Pittaway, A. R. 1993. The Hawkmoths of the Western Palaearctic. Harley Books: Colchester.

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