Crossberry Grewia occidentalis, copyright Forest & Kim Starr.
Belongs within: Malvaceae.

Grewia is a genus of trees and shrubs found in the Old World tropics. Fruit are divided into lobes, with the vernacular name ‘crossberry’ applied to G. occidentalis referring to the arrangement of lobes.

Characters (from Harden 1990): Trees or shrubs, stellate-tomentose. Leaves alternate, entire or toothed; stipules shed early. Flowers in axillary cymes, often 2 or 3 in an axil; flowers unisexual or bisexual. Sepals free. Petals pouched. Stamens numerous, borne on elongated receptacle. Ovary 2-locular; 2 ovules in each loculus; style simple. Fruit drupaceous, becoming hard on drying, 2-lobed, each lobe divided and containing a seed; fruit often remaining on branches after leaves have fallen.

<==Grewia [Grewieae]
    |--G. asiaticaPau03
    |--G. asperaK72
    |--G. brevifloraLK14
    |--G. daminePP07
    |--G. denticulataDD73
    |--G. flavescensPar03
    |--G. glabraLK14
    |--G. hirsutaM72
    |--G. insularis Ridley 1906JG19
    |--G. laevigata [incl. G. osmoxylon]JG19
    |--G. latifoliaH90
    |--G. occidentalisBAN98
    |--G. oppositifoliaT-W89
    |--G. orientalisKJ05
    |--G. oxyphyllaLK14
    |--G. papuanaB00
    |--G. polygamaC16
    |--G. populifoliaD17
    |--G. retusifoliaLK14
    |--G. tenaxPP07
    |--G. tilaefoliaS02
    |--G. umbellataT-W89
    `--G. villosaPP07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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