2 mm individual of Gromia oviformis, copyright Gary McDonald.

Belongs within: Endomyxa.

The Gromiidae are a group of amoeboid protists with an organic test (note that Loeblich & Tappan, 1964, included a number of taxa in Gromiidae that are no longer regarded as closely related to the type genus Gromia; it is possible that other genera listed below are similarly misplaced).

Characters (from Loeblich & Tappan 1964): Test membranous or pseudochitinous, rigid or slightly flexible, without distinct plates or scales, but with some siliceous elements, and commonly with foreign material.

Gromiidae [Gromiacea, Gromiada, Gromidae, Gromiida, Gromiina, Gromiinae, Grominae, Nuditestiidae, Pseudogromiinae]
|--Micramphoraeopsis Sudzuki 1979G86
| `--M. pinangensis Sudzuki 1979G86
|--Amoebogromia Giard 1900LT64
| `--*A. cinnabarina Giard 1900LT64
|--Lagunculina Rhumbler 1904 [=Arlagunculum Rhumbler 1913, Ovulina Gruber 1884 nec Ehrenberg 1845 nec Schultze 1854]LT64
| `--*L. urnula (Gruber 1884) [=*Ovulina urnula, *Arlagunculum urnulum]LT64
|--Urnulina Gruber 1884 [=Arurnulum Rhumbler 1913]LT64
| |--*U. difflugiaeformis Gruber 1884 [=*Arurnulum difflugiaeforme]LT64
| `--U. compressaC40
`--Gromia Dujardin 1835 [incl. Arcellina DuPleiss 1876 non Carter 1856, Hyalopus Schaudinn 1894 non Corda 1838 (ICBN)]LT64
|--*G. oviformis Dujardin 1835LT64
|--G. dubia Gruber 1884G84
|--G. dujardinii Schultze 1854 [=*Hyalopus dujardinii]LT64
|--G. fluvialis Dujardin 1837 [=Allogromia fluvialis]LT64
|--G. lagenoides Gruber 1884G84
|--*Arcellina’ marina DuPleiss 1876LT64
`--G. sphaericaC-SCL15

*Type species of generic name indicated


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