Labium sp., copyright Jean Hort.

Belongs within: Labeninae.

The Groteini are a group of ichneumon wasps parasitic on bees with larval development being completed on the pollen store (Gauld 1984). They are characterised by a large, exposed labrum and four to eight hamuli in a large, basal cluster on the hind wing (Wahl 1996).

Groteini [Labiini]G84
|--Grotea [incl. Echthropsis, Macrogrotea]W96
`--Labium Brullé 1846 [incl. Orthognathella Szépligeti 1908]G84
|--*L. bicolor Brullé1846G84
|--L. approximatumG84
|--L. associatumG84
|--L. bivittatumG84
|--L. brevicorneG84
|--L. centraleG84
|--L. clavicorneG84
|--L. ferrugineum Cameron 1901C01
|--L. fulvicorneG84
|--L. gracile Rayment 1935G84, R35 [=L. gracilisR35]
|--L. hobartenseG84
|--L. inflexumG84
|--L. longicepsG84
|--L. longicorneG84
|--L. montivagumG84
|--L. multiarticulatumG84
|--L. occidentaleG84
|--L. petitoriumG84
|--L. pilosumG84
|--L. raymentiG84
|--L. rufiscutumG84
|--L. sculpturatumG84
|--L. spiniferumG84
|--L. subaequaleG84
|--L. subpilosulumG84
|--L. superbum (Szépligeti 1908) [=*Orthognathella superba]G84
|--L. variegatorG84
|--L. vasseanumG84
`--L. walkeriG84

*Type species of generic name indicated


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