Macrogyrus striolatus, copyright Australian Museum.

Belongs within: Adephaga.
Contains: Gyrininae.

The Gyrinidae, whirligig beetles, are aquatic beetles that swim using paddle-like mid and hind legs, and have the eyes separated into dorsal and ventral sections by a bridge of cuticle. Most living species are included in the subfamily Gyrininae except Spanglerogyrus albiventris of eastern North America, which has the dorsal and ventral sections of the eye less widely separated than Gyrininae, and has meso- and metatibiae that are elongated well past their articulation with the tarsi (Roughley 2001).

Characters (from Beutel et al. 2013): Antenna with pedicellus ear-shaped, with fring of sensory hairs; pronoto-elytral angle absent; mesoventrite flat and extensive, without hexagonal groove and anterolateral grooves; mesocoxae triangular; metacoxal plates absent; mid and hind legs strongly shortened, broad and paddle-like. Larva with distinct fossa maxillaris, intramaxillary movability present, maxillary palp with two antagonistic muscles.

<==Gyrinidae [Gyrinites, Gyrinoidea]
    |--Triadogyrus sternalis Ponomarenko 1977BW13
    |--Spanglerogyrus Folkerts 1979 [Spanglerogyrinae]R01
    |    `--S. albiventrisLM87
    `--+--Mesodineutes amurensis Ponomarenko 1977BW13
Gyrinidae incertae sedis:
    |--M. antiquusP02
    |--M. sibiricus Ponomarenko 1985RJ93
    `--M. striatusS02
  Gyrinoides limbatusP92
  Dinentes unidentatus Aubé 1882R89a
    |--O. alluaudi Régimbart 1889R89b
    |--O. dimidiatusR89b
    `--O. specularis [incl. O. specularis var. nudivittis]R89b

*Type species of generic name indicated


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