Rhagada convicta, copyright G. & Ph. Poppe.

Belongs within: Helicoidei.

The Hadrinae are a group of land snails found in Australia and southeast Asia united by molecular analysis. Members of this clade either lack a head wart or have the head wart (positioned between and just behind the ommatophores) exposed and not eversible (Solem 1997).

<==Hadrinae [Hadridae, Sinumeloninae] BR17
|–Micromelon Solem 1992 S97
|–Lacustrelix Iredale 1937 S97
|–Basedowena Iredale 1937 S97
|–Tatemelon Solem 1993 S97
|–Eximiorhagada Iredale 1933 S97
|–Montanomelon Solem 1993 S97
|–Chloritis Beck 1837 BR17, BR05
|    `–*C. ungulina (Linnaeus 1758) [=Helix ungulina] BR17
|–Papuina Martens 1860 BR17, BR05 [Papuinidae,
|    `–*P. lituus (Lesson
1831) [=Helix lituus] BR17
|–Calycia Adams 1865 BR17, BR05
|    `–*C. crystallina (Reeve 1848) [=Bulimus crystallinus] BR17
|–Planispira Beck 1837 BR17, BR05
|    `–*P. zonaria (Linnaeus 1767) [=Helix zonaria] BR17
|–Minimelon Solem 1993 S97
|    `–M. colmani Solem
1993 S97
|–Falspleuroxia Solem 1997 S97
|    `–*F. overlanderensis Solem 1997 S97
|–Promonturconchum Solem 1997 S97
|    `–*P. superbum Solem
1997 S97
|–Caperantrum Solem 1997 S97
|    `–*C. polygyrum Solem
1997 S97
|–Cristovala Clench 1958 BR17, BR05
|    `–*C. tricolor (Pfeiffer 1849) [=Helix tricolor] BR17
|–Granulomelon Iredale 1933 S97
|    |–G. arcigerens (Tate
1894) S97
|    `–G. gilleni Solem
1993 S97
|–Strepsitaurus Solem 1997 S97
|    |–*S. rugus (Cotton
1953) [=Pleuroxia ruga] S97
|    |–S. cardabius Solem
1997 S97
|    |–S. milyeringus Solem 1997 S97
|    |–S. ningaloo Solem
1997 S97
|    `–S. williami Solem
1997 S97
|–Plectorhagada Iredale 1933 [incl.
Idamera Iredale 1939] S97
|    |–*P. plectilis (Benson 1853) S97 (see below for synonymy)
|    |–P. carcharias (Pfeiffer 1864) W08 (see below for synonymy)
|    |–P. gascoynensis (Smith 1894) (see below for synonymy) S97
|    |–P. meilgana Solem
1997 S97
|    |–P. rovina Iredale
1939 [=P. (*Idamera) rovina] S97
|    `–P. scolythra Solem
1997 S97
|–Hadra Martens 1860 BR17 [incl.
Micardista Iredale 1933 SS10]
|    |–*H. bipartita (Férussac 1823) [=Helix bipartita] SS10
|    |–H. barneyi (Cox
1873) SS10
|    |–H. bartschi (Marshall 1927) (see below for synonymy) SS10
|    |–H. brunodavidi Stanisic in Stanisic, Shea et al. 2010 SS10
|    |–H. funiculata (Reeve 1854) SS10
|    |–H. semicastanea (Pfeiffer 1849) (see below for synonymy) SS10
|    |–H. webbi (Pilsbry
1900) [incl. H. webbi incallida Iredale 1933] SS10
|    `–H. wilsoni Solem
1979 S97
|–Xanthomelon Martens 1860 [Xanthomelontidae,
Xanthomelontinae] BR17
|    |–*X. pomum (Pfeiffer
1842) [=Helix pomum] SS10
|    |–X. distractum Iredale 1938 SS10
|    |–X. jannellei (Le
Guillou 1842) (see below for synonymy) SS10
|    |–X. magnidicum Iredale 1938 [=X. pachystylum magnidicum] SS10
|    |–X. obliquirugosa (Smith 1894) [=Globorhagada obliquirugosa] S97
|    |–X. pachystylum (Pfeiffer 1845) (see below for synonymy) SS10
|    |–X. prudhoensis (Smith 1894) [=Globorhagada prudhoensis] S97
|    `–X. saginatum Iredale 1938 [=X. pachystylum saginatum] SS10
|–Sinumelon Iredale 1930 BR05 [incl.
Notobadistes Cotton & Godfrey 1932 S97]
|    |–*S. nullaboricum (Tate 1879) BR17 (see below for synonymy)
|    |–‘Helix’ bitaeniata Cox 1868 [=*Notobadistes bitaeniatus] S97
|    |–S. gawleri Solem
1992 S97
|    |–S. jimberlanensis Solem 1997 S97
|    |–S. kalgum Iredale
1939 [incl. S. lennum Iredale 1939, S. lennum mutuum Iredale
1939] S97
|    |–S. tarcoolanum Solem 1992 S97
|    |–S. vagente Iredale
1939 S97
|    `–S. wilpenensis (Tate 1894) S97
|–Pleuroxia Ancey 1887 (see below for
synonymy) S97
|    |–*P. cyrtopleura (Pfeiffer 1862) [=Helix cyrtopleura] S97
|    |–P. abstans Iredale
1939 [=P. (*Gantomia) abstans] S97
|    |–P. adcockiana (Bednall 1894) S97
|    |–P. bethana Solem
1997 S97
|    |–P. carmeena Solem
1993 S97
|    |–P. elfina Iredale
1939 [=P. polypleura elfina] S97
|    |–P. everardenis (Bednall 1892) S97
|    |–P. hinsbyi (Gude
1916) S97
|    |–P. italowiana Solem
1992 S97
|    |–P. oligopleura (Tate 1894) (see below for synonymy) S97
|    |–P. phillipsiana (Angas 1873) S97
|    |–P. polypleura (Tate
1899) [=Helix polypleura, Angasella polypleura; incl.
P. commenta Iredale 1939] S97
|    `–P. radiata (Hedley
1905) S97
`–Rhagada Martens 1860 BR17 [incl.
Bellrhagada Iredale 1938 S97, Tumegada Iredale 1939 S97;
Rhagadidae, Rhagadinae]
|  i. s.:
*R. reinga (Gray 1846) BR17 [=Helix reinga BR17,
Thersites (*Rhagada) reinga S97]

|         R. angulata Solem
1997 S97

|         R. basedowana Iredale
1939 S97

R. biggeana GK12

|         R. bulgana Solem 1997

|         R. crystalla Solem
1985 S97

|         R. cygna Solem 1997

|         R. dampierana Solem
1997 S97

R. dominica GYD14

|         R. dringi (Pfeiffer
1846) [=Helix dringi, Bellrhagada dringi] S97

|         R. elachystoma (von
Martens 1878) [=Helix elachystoma, Thersites (Rhagada)
elachystoma] S97

R. felicitas GK12

|         R. globosa Solem 1997

|         R. harti Solem 1985

R. herberti JHF06

|         R. intermedia Solem
1997 S97

R. kessneri GK12

|         R. minima Solem 1997

R. primigena GK12

|         R. radleyi Preston
1908 S97

R. richardsonii (Smith 1874) (see below for synonymy) S97

|         R. sheaei GK12

R. supracostulata Schepman 1892 S97

|         R. tescorum (Benson
1853) [=Helix tescorum] S97

|         R. torulus (Férussac
1819) [=Helix torulus, Thersites (Rhagada)
torulus] S97
|–+–R. barrowensis Johnson, Stankowski et al. 2013 JS13
|  `–+–R. convicta (Cox 1870) JS13, S97 (see below for synonymy)
`–R. pilbarana Solem 1997 JS13, S97
`–+–R. capensis Solem 1997 JS13, S97
`–+–R. perprima Iredale 1939 JS13, S97 [=R. convicta perprima S97]

`–R. plicata Preston 1914 JS13, S97 [=*Bellrhagada plicata

Hadra bartschi (Marshall 1927) [incl. Thersites (Hadra)
bartschi cepa Marshall 1927, T. (H.)
dalli Marshall 1927, T. (H.)
bartschi diva Marshall 1927, T. (H.)
bartschi elfa Marshall 1927, T. (H.)
bartschi fama Marshall 1927, T. (H.)
bartschi mobiagensis Marshall 1927, T. (H.)
bartschi murrayensis Marshall 1927, T. (H.)
bartschi nesia Marshall 1927, T. (H.)
bartschi nura Marshall 1927, T. (H.)
bartschi oma Marshall 1927, T. (H.)
bartschi paulensis Marshall 1927, T. (H.)
bastschi quaesita Iredale 1937, T. (H.)
waltoni Marshall 1927, T. (H.)
bartschi yamensis Marshall 1927] SS10

Hadra semicastanea (Pfeiffer 1849) [incl.
Thersites (Hadra) semicastanea alma Marshall 1927,
Hadra blighi Iredale 1937, T. (H.)
lizardensis Marshall 1927, T. (H.)
lizardensis rada Marshall 1927, T. (H.)
lizardensis suma Marshall 1927] SS10

Plectorhagada carcharias (Pfeiffer 1864) W08 [=Helix carcharias S97, H. (Dorcasia) carcharias S97,
Thersites (Rhagada) carcharias S97]

Plectorhagada gascoynensis (Smith 1894) [=Helix (Trachia)
gascoynensis, Planispira gascoynensis,
Pleuroxia gascoynensis] S97

*Plectorhagada plectilis (Benson 1853) S97 [=Helix plectilis S97, Amplirhagada plectilis W08, H. (Dorcasia)
plectilis S97, Thersites (Rhagada) plectilis S97;
incl. H. paleata Reeve 1854 S97]

Pleuroxia Ancey 1887 [incl. Angasella Adams 1864
non Angasiella Crosse 1864, Angasietta Iredale 1939,
Gantomia Iredale 1939] S97

Pleuroxia oligopleura (Tate 1894) [=Hadra oligopleura,
Angasella oligopleura; incl. A. lemani Gude 1916,
Pleuroxia lemani, P. oligopleura numba Iredale 1939] S97

Rhagada convicta (Cox 1870) JS13, S97 [=Helix convicta S97,
R. (*Tumegada) convicta S97,
Thersites (Rhagada) convicta S97]

Rhagada richardsonii (Smith 1874) [=Helix richardsonii,
Thersites (Rhagada) richardsonii; incl.
Rhagada convicta strella Iredale 1939,
R. convicta tambra Iredale 1939] S97

*Sinumelon nullaboricum (Tate 1879) BR17 [=Helix nullaborica BR17, H. (Xanthomelon) nullarborica S97,
Notobadistes nullarborica S97, Thersites (Badistes)
nullarborica S97; incl. Sinumelon datum Iredale 1939 S97]

Xanthomelon jannellei (Le Guillou 1842) [=Helix jannellei; incl.
H. pachystyla daemeli von Martens 1869, H. pachystyloides Cox
1868] SS10

Xanthomelon pachystylum (Pfeiffer 1845) [incl.
X. pachystylum noscitum Iredale 1938,
Thersites pachystyla subfuscozonata Cox 1894] SS10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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