Specimen of Eriopisella, from Moorea Biocode (© 2010).

Belongs within: Senticaudata.
Contains: Eriopisidae, Cheirocratidae, Calliopiidae, Pontogeneiidae, Metacrangonyctidae, Hadziidae, Melitidae, Maera.

The Melitoidea are a group of gammaroid amphipods found mostly in marine and brackish water.

Characters (from Bousfield 1977, as Melitoidea): Body not carinate or rostrate, toothed on abdomen only (rarely on peraeon); urosome dorsal spine groups weak or lacking; sexual dimorphism strongly expressed in body size, gnathopods, antenna II and peraeopods; antennae II lacking calceoli; antennae strongly developed, I usually much longer than II, peduncular segment II elongate; accessory flagellum prominent (occasionally very reduced or lacking); inferior antennal sinus small or sharply incised; eye (when present) small, rounded, occasionally reniform. Mouthparts basic: mandibular palp slender, weakly armed, occasionally absent, segment 3 not greatly shortened; lower lip with inner lobes variously developed, often strong; maxillae with plates often small, setose apically; outer plate of maxilla I with 11-7 apical spine-teeth; maxilliped plates moderately strong, marginally spinose, palp dactylate. Coxal plates I-IV medium deep to shallow, contiguous, weakly setose; coxae V-VII with posterior lobe not deeper than anterior. Gnathopods I and II subchelate, II much the larger and more powerful (especially in male) and of different form (especially in carpus and propodus); peraeopod III larger than IV, not sexually dimorphi; peraeopods V-VII with bases variously expanded, often sublinear, VII usually longest; pleopods usually well developed, peduncles slender; epimeral plates posteriorly acute. Peduncle of uropod I with baso-facial spine strongly developed; uropod III with rami variably developed, spinose, seldom setose; telson variously bilobed, lobes usually divergent, apices acute, spinose in apical notch. Coxal gills simple, often pedunculate, lacking on peraeon VII; sternal gills absent; brood plates linear, often small, margines few- and short-setose.

Hadziida [Hadziidira, Hadzioidea, Melitoidea]LM13
| `--CalliopioideaLM13
| |--CheirocratidaeLM13
| `--+--+--CalliopiidaeLM13
| | `--PontogeneiidaeLM13
| `--HornelliidaeLM13
| |--Hornellia Walker 1904LM13
| | `--*H. incerta Walker 1904B77
| `--Metaceradocus Chevreux 1925LM13
| |--*M. perdentatus Chevreux 1925B77
| `--M. tequestae (Thomas & Barnard 1986) [=Hornellia (Metaceradocus) tequestae]K-SV02
`--+--Gammaroporeia Bousfield 1978 [Gammaroporeiidae]LM13
| |--Pintaweckelia Stock 1985LM13
| | `--P. grandis Stock 1985S86
| `--Crangoweckelia Stock 1985LM13
| |--C. mixta Stock 1985S86
| `--C. spinicauda Stock 1985S86
| `--NuuanuidaeLM13
| |--Nuuanu Barnard 1970LM13
| | `--*N. amikai Barnard 1970B77
| `--Gammarella Bate 1857LM13 [incl. Pherusa Leach 1814 non Oken 1807B69, Pherusana Barnard 1964B69]
| `--*G. fucicola (Leach 1814) [=Pherusa fucicola]B77
|--Animoceradocus Karaman 1984LM13
|--Austromaera Lowry & Springthorpe 2005LM13
|--Ceradomaera Ledoyer 1973LM13
|--Clessidra Krapp-Schickel & Vader 2009LM13
|--Coxomaerella Karaman 1981LM13
|--Dumosus Thomas & Barnard 1985LM13
|--Glossomaera Krapp-Schickel 2009LM13
|--Hamimaera Krapp-Schickel 2008LM13
|--Hoho Lowry & Fenwick 1983LM13
|--Linguimaera Pirlot 1936LM13
|--Lupimaera Barnard & Karaman 1982LM13
|--Maeracoota Myers 1997LM13
|--Megaceradocus Mukai 1979LM13
|--Othomaera Krapp-Schickel 2000LM13
|--Pseudelasmopus Ledoyer 1978LM13
|--Quadrimaera Krapp-Schickel & Ruffo 2000LM13
|--Ruffomaera Krapp-Schickel 2008LM13
|--Saurodocus Yerman & Krapp-Schickel 2008LM13
|--Spathiopus Thomas & Barnard 1985LM13
|--Thalassostygius Vonk 1990LM13
|--Wimvadocus Krapp-Schickel & Jarrett 2000LM13
|--Zygomaera Krapp-Schickel 2000LM13
|--Bathyceradocus Pirlot 1934B77
| `--*B. stephenseni Pirlot 1934B77
|--Ceradocoides Nicholls 1938B77
| `--*C. chiltoni Nicholls 1938B77
|--Ceradocopsis Schellenberg 1926B77
| `--*C. kergueleni Schellenberg 1926B77
|--Metaceradocoides Birstein & Vinogradov 1960B77
| `--*M. vitjazi Birstein & Vinogradov 1960B77
|--Maeracunha Stephensen 1949B77
| `--*M. tristanensis Stephensen 1949B77
|--Maeropsis Chevreux 1919B77
| `--*M. perrieri Chevreux 1919B77
|--Meximaera Barnard 1969B77
| `--*M. diffidentia Barnard 1969B77
|--Jerbarnia Croker 1971B77
| `--*J. mecochira Croker 1971B77
|--Anelasmopus Oliveira 1953B77
| `--*A. kraui Oliveira 1953B77
|--Parelasmopus Stebbing 1888B77
| `--*P. suluensis (Dana 1852) [=Gammarus suluensis]B77
|--Ifalukia Barnard 1972B77
| `--*I. resaca (Barnard 1965) [=Parelasmopus resacus]B77
|--Elasmopoides Stebbing 1908B77
| `--*E. chevreuxi Stebbing 1908B77
|--Beaudettia Barnard 1965 [Beaudettiidae]B77
| `--*B. palmeri Barnard 1965B77
|--Cottesloe Barnard 1974B77
| `--*C. berringar Barnard 1974B77
|--Mallacoota Barnard 1972B77
| `--*M. diemenensis (Haswell 1880) [=Megamoera diemenensis]B77
|--Zhadia Lowry & Fenwick 1983LM13
| `--Z. subantarctica Lowry & Fenwick 1983S86
|--Maerella Chevreux 1911LM13
| `--*M. tenuimana (Bate 1862) [=Gammarus tenuimanus]B77
|--Parapherusa Haswell 1879LM13 (see below for synonymy)
| `--*P. crassipes (Haswell 1879)B77 [=*Harmonia crassipesB69]
|--Ceradocus Costa 1853B77
| |--*C. orchestiipes Costa 1853B77
| `--C. semiserratus (Bate 1862)BD95
|--Paraceradocus Stebbing 1899B77
| |--*P. miersii (Pfeffer 1888) [=Megamoera miersii]B77
| `--P. micramphopus Stebbing 1910B69
|--Quadrivisio Stebbing 1907B77 [incl. Pseudoceradocus Shoemaker 1933B69]
| |--*Q. bengalensis Stebbing 1907B77
| |--Q. chevreuxi Gordon 1968S86
| `--Q. lutzi (Shoemaker 1933) [=Pseudoceradocus lutzi; incl. Q. occidentalis Stephensen 1933]S86
`--Elasmopus Costa 1853B77 [incl. Neogammaropsis Stout 1913B69]
|--*E. rapax Costa 1853B77
|--E. affinis Della Valle 1893BD95
|--E. brasiliensis (Dana 1855)BD95
|--E. pectenicrus (Bate 1862)BD95
`--E. pocillimanus (Bate 1862)BD95

Parapherusa Haswell 1879LM13 [=Harmonia Haswell 1880 non Mulsant 1846B69, HarmomiaB69; incl. Chloris Haswell 1880 non Cuvier 1800B69]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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