Ventral (left) and dorsal views of Halarachne halichoeri, from Reckendorf et al. (2019).

Belongs within: Gamasina.

The Halarachnidae are a group of mesostigmatan mites parasitic in the respiratory tracts of mammals. They usually have the epigynal shield absent or rudimentary whereas the sternal shield is usually present, and stigmata are in a ventral or lateroventral position (Lindquist et al. 2009).

<==Halarachnidae [Halarachninae]LKW09
    |--Zumptiella bakeriLKW09
    |--Pneumonyssoides Fain 1955H98
    |    `--P. caninum (Chandler & Ruhe 1940) [=Pneumonyssus caninum]H98
    |--Orthohalarachne Newell 1947H98
    |    |--O. attenuata (Banks 1910) [=Halarachne attenuata; incl. H. reflexa Tubb 1937, Orthohalarachne reflexa]H98
    |    |--O. diminuata (Doetschmann 1944) [=Halarachne diminuata]H98
    |    `--O. letalis Popp 1961P61
    |--Pneumonyssus Banks 1901 [incl. Pneumotuber Landois & Hoepke 1914]E57
    |    |--*P. simicola Banks 1901H98
    |    `--P. capricorni Domrow 1974H98
    |--Raillietia Trouessart 1902LKW09, H98 [Raillietiidae, Raillietiinae]
    |    |--R. auris (Leidy 1872) [=Gamasus auris]H98
    |    |--R. australis Domrow 1961H98
    |    `--R. caprae Quintero et al. 1980 [incl. R. manfredi Domrow 1981]H98
    `--Halarachne Allman 1847 [incl. Rhinacarus Nehring 1884, Rhinixodes Nehring 1884]ET79
         |--*H. halichoeri Allman 1884ET79
         |--H. americanaLKW09
         `--H. otariaeY91

*Type species of generic name indicated


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