Right view of carapace of adult male Danielopolina wilkensi, from Kornicker & Iliffe (1995).

Belongs within: Ostracoda.
Contains: Polycopidae, Entomozoidae.

The Halocyprida is a mostly planktonic group of ostracods with a long exopod on the second antenna and a leg-like fifth limb. Recognition of this group in the fossil record has often proven problematic with the Halocyprididae in particular having an almost entirely or entirely uncalcified carapace.

Characters (from Anne C. Cohen): Adult carapace length 0.1-3 mm; shape varied, elongate subquadrate to almost circular; anterior rostrum often present; anterior incisur present or absent; posterior keel absent, occasionally posterodorsal corner-shaped process or spine present. Six to eight limbs present. Second antenna with exopod larger than endopod; 9 exopod articles; 2-3 endopod articles; male endopod often with hook-like clasper. Mandible with proximal endite present as a cusped tooth; basis endite often with a cusped tooth; endopod with dorsal and sometimes ventral setae; exopod present (one article only) or absent. Sexual dimorphism in limbs usually absent (rarely present in fifth and sixth limbs). Fourth limb with exopod present (1-2 articles) or absent; endopod with 2-3 articles. Fifth limb leg-like; endopod present and jointed; exopod present or absent. Sixth limb present or absent, limb-like if present; proximal setose branchial plate (epipod) sometimes present; endopod present; exopod present (one article only) or absent. Seventh limb present (as reduced lobe with few setae) or absent. Copulatory limb (eighth limb or hemipenis) single, unbranched or with two branches.

    |--Cladocopina [Cladocopa, Cladocopida, Polycopiformes]MD01
    |    |  i. s.: Richteria Jones 1874WSB93, BB61 [incl. Entominella Livental 1945BB61]
    |    |           |--*R. serratostriata (Sandberger 1842)BB61 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |           `--R. lamarmoraiBB61
    |    |         Truyolsina truyolsi Becker & Bless 1975WSB93
    |    |--PolycopidaeMD01
    |    `--Discoidella Croneis & Gale 1938ZL87 [DiscoidellidaeLH61]
    |         |--*D. simplex Croneis & Gale 1938BB61
    |         |--D. amplaBB61
    |         |--D. henanensis Zhang in Zhang & Liang 1987ZL87
    |         |--D. pendens (Croneis & Gutke 1939)ZL87
    |         `--D. xingyangensis Zhang in Zhang & Liang 1987ZL87
    |--Entomozooidea [Entomozocopina]L05
    |    |--EntomozoidaeL05
    |    `--RhombentomozoidaeL05
    |         |--Rhomboentomozoe Přibyl 1951BB61
    |         |    `--*R. rhomboidea (Barrande 1872) [=Cryptocaris rhomboidea]BB61
    |         `--Ungerella Livental 1948 [incl. Franklinella Stewart & Hendrix 1945 non Nelson 1937]BB61
    |              |--*U. calcarata (Richter 1856) [=Cypridina calcarata]BB61
    |              |--‘Franklinella’ intercostataH79
    |              |--‘Franklinella’ mempeli (Kummerow 1939)WSB93
    |              |--U. novecosta [=*Franklinella novecosta]BB61
    |              |--U. sigmoidaleH79
    |              `--‘Franklinella’ torleyiH79
    |--Halocyprididae [Halocypridacea, Halocypridae, Halocypridina, Halocypridoidea, Halocypriformes]MD01
    |    |--Halocypris Dana 1853MD01 [incl. Halocypria Claus 1874BB61]
    |    |    `--*H. inflata (Dana 1849) [=Conchaecia inflata]BB61
    |    |--Macroconchoecia Granata & Caporiacco 1949BB61
    |    |    `--*M. reticulata (Müller 1906) [=Conchoecia reticulata]BB61
    |    |--Euconchoecia Müller 1890BB61
    |    |    |--*E. chierchiae Müller 1890BB61
    |    |    `--E. aculeata (Scott 1894)H59
    |    |--Archiconchoecia Müller 1894BB61
    |    |    `--*A. striata Müller 1894BB61
    |    `--Conchoecia Dana 1849 (see below for synonymy)BB61
    |         |--*C. magna Claus 1874BB61
    |         `--C. elegansHKS61
         |--Thaumatocyprididae [Thaumatocypridacea, Thaumatocypridoidea, Thaumatocyprinae]MD01
         |    |--Welesia kornickeri (Danielopol, Baltanas & Humphreys 2000)PH13
         |    |--Thaumatomma piscifrons Kornicker & Sohn 1976WSB93
         |    |--Thaumatocypris Müller 1906BB61
         |    |    `--*T. echinata Müller 1906BB61
         |    |--Danielopolina Kornicker & Sohn 1976DH86
         |    |    |--D. orghidani (Danielopol 1972)DH86
         |    |    `--D. wilkensi Hartmann 1985DH86
         |    |--PokornyopsisL05
         |    `--Humphreysella baltanasi Kornicker ex Humphreys et al. 2009 [=Danielopolina baltanasi]JG19
         `--Entomoconchidae [Entomoconchacea, Entomoconchoidea]L05
              |  i. s.: MorenozoeL05
              |    |--Oncotechmonus Kesling 1954BB61
              |    |    `--*O. chemotus Kesling 1954BB61
              |    `--Checontonomus Kesling 1954BB61
              |         `--*C. cophus Kesling 1954BB61
                   |--Entomoconchus M’Coy 1839S61
                   |    `--*E. scouleri M’Coy 1839BB61
                   `--Elpezoe Přibyl 1950 (see below for synonymy)BB61
                        |--*E. inchoata (Barrande 1872) [=*Elpe inchoata]BB61
                        |--E. borealis Copeland 1964WSB93
                        `--E. orbiculata Kotschetkova & Cusseva 1972WSB93

Conchoecia Dana 1849 [=Conchaecia; incl. Conchoecetta Claus 1890, Conchoecilla Claus 1890, Conchoecissa Claus 1890, Metaconchoecia Granata & Caporiacco 1949, Microconchoecia Müller 1894, Mikroconchoecia Claus 1890, Paraconchoecia Claus 1890, Pseudoconchoecia Claus 1890; Conchoeciidae]BB61

Elpezoe Přibyl 1950 [=Elpe Barrande 1872 non Robineau-Desvoidy 1863; incl. Leioditia Ulrich in Jones 1891 (n. n.)]BB61

*Richteria serratostriata (Sandberger 1842)BB61 [=Cypridina serratostriataBB61, Entomozoe (Richteria) serratostriataW87]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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