Hapatesus electus, copyright Stephen Thorpe.

Belongs within: Denticollinae.

Hapatesus is an Australasian genus of click beetles bearing erect setae (Calder 1996).

Characters (from Calder 1996): Setae erect; frontal carina complete across front of frons; frontoclypeal region raised above then declivous to base of labrum; antennae inserted in small crescent-shaped socket flush with head capsule; hind angles of pronotum unicarinate (carina extremely elongate extending almost to anterior angle), stout, short, not divergent; pronotosternal suture partially grooved; prosternal spine more or less horizontal; mesosternal cavity floor with medially situated elongate groove; mesocoxae open to mesepimeron only; hind coxal cavity open distally, hind coxal plate with distinct hook postero-medially near insertion of hind trochanter; tarsomeres simple; tarsal claws simple, without basal setae.

<==Hapatesus Candèze 1863C96
    |--H. (Hapatesus)C96
    |    |--*H. (H.) hirtus Candèze 1863C96
    |    |--H. (H.) argentatus Neboiss 1957C96
    |    |--H. (H.) electus Neboiss 1957C96
    |    |--H. (H.) globosus Neboiss 1957C96
    |    |--H. (H.) junctus Neboiss 1957C96
    |    |--H. (H.) kershawi Neboiss 1957C96
    |    |--H. (H.) minor Lea 1908 [=H. hirtus var. minor, H. leai Schenkling 1927]C96
    |    |--H. (H.) opulentus Neboiss 1957C96
    |    |--H. (H.) pretiosus Candèze 1887C96
    |    |--H. (H.) tepidus Neboiss 1957C96
    |    `--H. (H.) zonatus Neboiss 1957C96
    `--H. (Minutesus Neboiss 1957)C96
         |--H. (M.) bubanus Neboiss 1957 [incl. H. hirtus var. minor Elston 1930 non Lea 1908]C96
         |--H. (M.) gundus Neboiss 1957C96
         |--H. (M.) pallidus Neboiss 1957C96
         |--H. (M.) pervulgatus Neboiss 1957C96
         `--H. (M.) sagittarius Neboiss 1957C96

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C96] Calder, A. A. 1996. Click beetles: genera of the Australian Elateridae (Coleoptera). CSIRO Australia: Collingwood.

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