Female Scopaeothrips bicolor, from Thysanoptera California.

Belongs within: Phlaeothripidae.
Contains: Apterygothrips, Karnyothrips, Podothrips, Adraneothrips, Haplothrips, Lissothrips, Leptothrips.

The Haplothripini are a group of mostly flower-feeding thrips characterised by medially constricted fore wings, the presence of prosternal basantral sclerites, and the presence of a maxillary bridge in the head (Mound et al. 2013).

|–+–+–‘Haplothrips’ leucanthemi (Schrank 1781) BMW13, MM96 (see below for synonymy)
|  |  `–Dyothrips pallescens BMW13
|  `–+–Haplothrips BMW13
|     `–Lissothrips BMW13
`–+–Leptothrips BMW13
`–+–‘Haplothrips’ graminis Hood 1912 BMW13, MM96 (see below for synonymy)
`–Scopaeothripina [Rhopalothripini] P60
|–Froggattothrips P60
|–Spilothrips P60
|–Rhopalothripoides P60
|    |–R. brunneus A78
|    |–R. froggatti MH91
|    `–R. luteus MC13
`–Scopaeothrips Hood 1912 BMW13, MM96 [incl. Rhopalothrips Hood 1912 MM96]
|–*S. unicolor Hood 1912 MM96
|–S. bicolor (Hood 1912) [=*Rhopalothrips bicolor] MM96
`–‘Rhopalothrips’ tuberculatus Girault 1929 G29

Haplothripini incertae sedis:
Anchylothrips P60
Apterygothrips P60
Aulothrips P60
Dolicholepta P60
Dolichothrips P60
|–D. inquilinus A78
`–D. longicollis A78
Elatea P60
Euryaplothrips P60
Gigaplothrips P60
Hadothrips P60
Karnyothrips P60
Melampodothrips P60
Praepodothrips P60
Priesneria Bagnall 1926 P73
|–*P. kellyana Bagnall 1926 P73
|–P. doliicornis (Bianchi 1946) [=Karnyothrips doliicornis] P73
|–P. insolitus (Ananthakrishnan 1969) [=Agrothrips insolitus] P73
|–P. longistylosa Pitkin 1973 P73
`–P. peronis MDT13
Talitha P60
Tetragonothrips P60
Craniothrips Bagnall 1915 P60, MM96
`–*C. urichi Bagnall 1915 MM96
Epomisothrips Hood 1954 P60, MM96
`–*E. araucariae Hood 1954 MM96
Goniothrips Hood 1927 P60, MM96
`–*G. denticornis Hood 1927 MM96
Bagnalliella Karny 1920 P60, MM96
`–*B. yuccae [=Cephalothrips yuccae] MM96
Antillothrips Stannard 1957 P60, MM96
|–A. cingulatus (Hood 1919) MM96 (see below for synonymy)
|–A. exastis MM96
|–A. hartwigi Pitkin 1977 MM96
`–A. speciosus (Hood 1925) [=Zygothrips speciosus] MM96
Podothrips P60
Zaliothrips Hood 1938 P60, MM96
|–*Z. citripes Hood 1938 MM96
|–Z. abdominalis Hood 1954 MM96
|–Z. imitator Hood 1956 MM96
|–Z. longisetosus Hood 1956 MM96
|–Z. luteolus Hood 1956 MM96
`–Z. nigripes Hood 1938 MM96
Agrothrips Jacot-Guillarmod 1939 P60, MM96
|–*A. priesneri Jacot-Guillarmod 1939 MM96
|–A. arenicola (Hood 1939) [=Karnyothrips arenicola] MM96
|–A. dimidiatus (Hood 1939) [=Watsoniella dimidiata] MM96
|–A. omani (Crawford 1947) [=Haplothrips omani] MM96
|–A. pallidus (Hood 1912) [=Zygothrips pallidus] MM96
|–A. tantillus Stannard 1958 MM96
`–A. tenebricosus (Priesner 1925) [=Haplothrips tenebricosus] MM96
Adraneothrips P73
Xylaplothrips P73
|–X. clavipes (Karny 1920) [=Haplothrips clavipes] P73
|–X. darci (Girault 1930) [=Haplothrips darci] P73
|–X. flavitibia P73
|–X. inquilinus P73
|–X. longus P73
|–X. orientalis P73
|–X. reedi Pitkin 1973 P73
`–X. subterraneus (Crawford 1938) [=Haplothrips (Xylaplothrips) subterraneus] C38
Androthrips A78
|–A. flavipes A78
|–A. melastomae A78
|–A. ochraceus A78
`–A. ramachandrai A78
Aeglothrips denticulus A78

Antillothrips cingulatus (Hood 1919) MM96 [=Zygothrips cingulatus MM96, Haplothrips cingulatus P73; incl. *A. graminatus Stannard 1957 MM96, P73, Watsoniella latiaureus Girault 1927 P73]

Haplothrips’ graminis Hood 1912 BMW13, MM96 [incl. H. angustipennis Watson 1922 MM96, H. colombiensis Moulton 1933 MM96, Anthothrips floridensis Watson 1916 MM96, H. humilis Hood 1914 MM96, H. querci Watson 1920 MM96, H. rabuni Watson 1922 MM96]

Haplothrips’ leucanthemi (Schrank 1781) BMW13, MM96 [=Thrips leucanthemi MM96; incl. Phloeothrips niger Osborn 1883 MM96, Haplothrips niger MH91, Zygothrips wyomingensis Watson 1924 MM96]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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