Clover thrips Haplothrips leucanthemi, photographed by Lynette Schimming.

Belongs within: Haplothripini.

Haplothrips is a diverse genus of thrips, most species of which are flower-living though a few are predatory. The genus is most diverse in Europe and the Old World tropics. Almost all species are macropterous, except for a very few European species (Mound & Marullo 1996).

Characters (from Mound & Marullo 1996): Antennal segments VII and VIII distinct, segment IV with four sense cones; maxillary stylets one third to one quarter of head width apart, maxillary bridge always present; prosternal basantra well developed; tarsal tooth, when present, arising from inner margin of tarsus; anal setae less than 1.5 times as long as tube; usually macropterous, forewing constricted medially, usually with a series of duplicated cilia on posterior margin (if duplicated cilia absent, forewing is exceptionally broad).

<==Haplothrips Amyot & Serville 1843MM96
    |--H. (Haplothrips) aculeatus (Fabricius 1803) (see below for synonymy)MM96
    `--H. (Trybomiella)P73
         |--H. (T.) robustus Bagnall 1918 [incl. H. melanoceratus Bagnall 1918]P73
         `--H. (T.) varius Hood 1918P73
Haplothrips incertae sedis:
  H. anceps Hood 1918P73
  H. angustus Hood 1919P73
  H. atriplicisA78
  H. bituberculatus (Girault 1927) [=Podothrips bituberculatus; incl. H. partifuscipennis Girault 1927]P73
  H. clarisetisMM96
  H. costalimai Johansen 1974MM96
  H. euphorbiaeA78
  H. fiebrigi Priesner 1931MM96
  H. froggatti Hood 1918GM79
  H. fuliginosusC38
  H. fumipennisA78
  H. fuscipennisA78
  H. gallarumA78
  H. gowdeyi (Franklin 1908) [=Anthothrips gowdeyi; incl. A. dozieri Watson 1918, A. variabilis Crawford 1910]MM96
  H. halophilus Hood 1915MM96
  H. inquinatusC38
  H. kurdjumovi Karny 1913 [incl. H. faurei Hood 1914]MM96
  H. macroocellatusWD91
  H. malifloris Hood 1916MM96
  H. nigricoxae (Girault 1929) [=Bagnalliella nigricoxae]P73
  H. nubilipennis Hood 1914MM96
  H. pallescens (Hood 1919) (see below for synonymy)P73
  H. preeri Hood 1939MM96
  H. primarius (Johansen 1987) [=Leptothrips primarius]MM96
  H. rectipennis Hood 1927MM96
  H. ritchei (Johansen & Oca 1989) [=Hexagoniothrips ritchei]MM96
  H. ruber (Moulton 1911) [=Trichothrips ruber]MM96
  H. shackletoni Moulton 1927MM96
  H. sororculus [incl. H. pictipes]C38
  H. trellesi Moulton 1935MM96
  H. triticiRD77
  H. verbasci (Osborn 1897) [=Phloeothrips verbasci; incl. Trichothrips femoralis Moulton 1907]MM96
  H. victoriensis Bagnall 1918 (see below for synonymy)P73
  H. vulcaniensis (Johansen 1987) (see below for synonymy)MM96
  H. xanthocrepis Hood 1940MM96

Haplothrips pallescens (Hood 1919) [=Zygothrips pallescens; incl. Haplothrips aurocingulatus Pelikan 1968, H. (Trybomiella) cingulatus Pelikan 1963 non Zygothrips cingulatus Hood 1919, Watsoniella helena Girault 1928]P73

Haplothrips victoriensis Bagnall 1918 [incl. H. jarvisi Moulton in Kelly & Mayne 1934 (n. n.), H. victoriensis var. nepouiensis Bianchi 1945, H. nigroculex Girault 1927, H. victoriensis var. saccharicollis Bianchi ms]P73

Haplothrips vulcaniensis (Johansen 1987) [=Leptothrips vulcaniensis; incl. *Hexagoniothrips axochoensis Johansen & Oca 1989]MM96

Haplothrips (Haplothrips) aculeatus (Fabricius 1803) [=Thrips aculeatus; incl. Phloeothrips albipennis, *Haplothrips albipennis]MM96

*Type species of generic name indicated


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