Female Rostrozetes ovulum, copyright B. Eamer.

Belongs within: Oripodoidea.
Contains: Lauritzenia (Incabates)PerxylobatesMagyaria, Indoribates (Haplozetes), Protoribates (Protoribates), Protoribates (Triaunguis), Peloribates (Peloribates), Maculobates, Liebstadia, Totobates, Rostrozetes.

The Haplozetidae are a group of oribatid mites with well-developed, hinged pteromorphs. Members have been divided between separate families Haplozetidae and Xylobatidae or Protoribatidae based on whether the octotaxic system is composed of (respectively) sacculi or areae porosae, but this was not regarded as significant by Norton & Behan-Pelletier (2009). The Oriental species Cribrozetes multiareolatus has the usual four pairs of areae porosae disassembled into 14–18 pairs of areae porosae rougly grouped in the original position. The dorsosejugal suture is absent in the genus Perxylobates (Balogh & Balogh 1992a). Six pairs of genital setae are present in Sicaxylobates, Afroleius, Paraxylobates, Pilobates and Pilobatella; other genera have less.

Characters (from Norton & Behan-Pelletier 2009): Length 250–650µm. Subcapitulum diarthric; chelicerae chelate-dentate. Notogaster with octotaxic system of porose areas or saccules; pteromorphs well developed, with hinge; insertions of adductor muscles for pteromorphs evident on notogaster; posterior notogastral tectum absent. Podotectum II present; circumpedal carina complete. Genital and anal plates separated by more than half length of genital plate; aggenital setae present; postanal porose area absent. Femora III and IV each with one porose area; solenidion σ present on genu III.

<==Haplozetidae [Protoribatidae, Xylobatidae]NB-P09
    |--Protoribates Berlese 1908SC19, S04 [Xylobatinae]
    |    |  i. s.: P. longipilis Sellnick 1931S93
    |    |--P. (Protoribates)S04
    |    `--P. (Triaunguis)S04
    `--+--+--Peloribates Berlese 1908SC19, S04
       |  |    |  i. s.: P. antillensis (Mahunka 1985)S07
       |  |    |--P. (Peloribates)S04
       |  |    |--P. (Aokibates Mahunka 1988)S04
       |  |    |    `--P. (*A.) yoshii (Mahunka 1988) [=*Aokibates yoshii]S04
       |  |    `--P. (Tentaculozetes Balogh 1970)S04
       |  |         `--P. (*T.) loksai (Balogh 1970) [=*Tentaculozetes loksai]S04
       |  `--Liebstadiinae [Liebstadiidae]CH98
       |       |--MaculobatesS04
       |       |--LiebstadiaSC19
       |       |--TotobatesS04
       |       |--Angullozetes Hammer 1967S04
       |       |    `--*A. rostratus Hammer 1967S04
       |       |--Berndibula Mahunka 2000S04
       |       |    `--*B. bisculpturata Mahunka 2000S04
       |       |--Haloribatula Schuster 1957S04
       |       |    `--*H. tenareae Schuster 1957S04
       |       |--Poroscheloribates Arillo, Gil-Martín & Subías 1994S04
       |       |    `--*P. canariensis Arillo, Gil-Martín & Subías 1994S04
       |       |--Cordiozetes Mahunka 1983 [incl. Mixoribatula Mahunka 1987]S04
       |       |    |--*C. clavisetus Mahunka 1983S04
       |       |    `--C. olahi Mahunka 1987 [=C. (Mixoribatula) olahi]S04
       |       `--Reductobates Balogh & Mahunka 1966 [incl. Ingella Hammer 1967]S04
       |            |--*R. humeratus Balogh & Mahunka 1966S04
       |            |--R. bicolor (Hammer 1973) [=Ingella bicolor]S04
       |            |--R. brassi Balogh 1970S04
       |            |--R. bullager (Hammer 1967)S04 [=*Ingella bullagerBB92a]
       |            `--R. latiohumeralis Hammer 1972S04
Haplozetidae incertae sedis:
  Paraxylobates Balogh & Mahunka 1969S04
    `--*P. imitans Balogh & Mahunka 1969S04
  Conozetes Balogh & Mahunka 1969S04
    `--*C. arcualis Balogh & Mahunka 1969S04
  Bolkiah Mahunka 1997S04
    `--*B. hauseri Mahunka 1997S04
  Borneozetes Mahunka 1997S04
    `--*B. lanceolatus Mahunka 1997S04
  Cantharozetes Hammer 1961S04
    `--*C. lucens Hammer 1961S04
  Setincabates Lee 1993S04
    `--*S. hypersetosus Lee 1993S04
  Cribrozetes Balogh 1970 [Cribrozetinae]S04
    `--*C. multiareolatus Balogh 1970S04
  Trixylobates Balogh & Mahunka 1978S04
    `--*T. bidactylus Balogh & Mahunka 1978S04
  Sicaxylobates Luxton 1985S04
    `--*S. sicafer (Hammer 1968) [=Xylobates sicafer]S04
  Baloghiella Bulanova-Zachvatkina 1960S04
    |--*B. prima Bulanova-Zachvatkina 1960S04
    `--B. granulata Bayartogtokh & Akrami 2000S04
  Baloghia Mahunka 1994S04
    |--*B. juditae Mahunka 1994S04
    `--B. spinifera Mahunka 1994S04
  Trachyoribates Berlese 1908S04
    |--*T. ampulla (Berlese 1905) [=Oribata ampulla]S04
    `--T. chinensis Fukuyama & Aoki 2000S04
  Transoribates Pérez-Íñigo 1992 [incl. Lagenobates Weigmann & Miko 2002]S04
    |--T. lagenula (Berlese 1904) (see below for synonymy)S04
    `--T. agricola (Nakamura & Aoki 1989) [=Protoribates agricola]S04
  Berlesiella Hammer 1979 non Sacc. 1888 (ICBN)S04
    |--*B. (Berlesiella) scutata Hammer 1979S04
    `--B. (Comororibula Mahunka 1994)S04
         `--B. (*C.) truncata (Mahunka 1994) [=*Comororibula truncata]S04
  Afroleius Mahunka 1984S04
    |--*A. deformis Mahunka 1984S04
    |--A. minor Mahunka 1984S04
    `--A. simplex Mahunka 1984S04
  Tuxenia Hammer 1958S04
    |--*T. complicata Hammer 1958S04
    |--T. brevis Covarrubias 1967 [incl. T. brevisetosa Mahunka 1980]S04
    `--T. manantialis Hammer 1962S04
  Acutozetes Balogh 1970S04
    |--*A. rostratus Balogh 1970S04
    |--A. bornemisszai Balogh & Balogh 1986S04
    |--A. chibai Aoki 1976S04
    |--A. javensis Hammer 1979S04
    `--A. nadchatrami Balogh & Mahunka 1974S04
  Pilobates Balogh 1960S04
    |--P. (Pilobates)S04
    |    |--*P. (P.) pilosellus (Balogh 1958) [=Protoribates pilosellus]S04
    |    `--P. (P.) carpentanus Pérez-Íñigo 1969 (see below for synonymy)S04
    `--P. (Italobates Mahunka 1994)S04
         `--P. (*I.) incisura (Berlese 1916) [=Protoribates (Scheloribates) incisura]S04
  Pilobatella Balogh & Mahunka 1967S04
    |--*P. punctulata Balogh & Mahunka 1967S04
    |--P. berlesei Bhattacharya & Banerjee 1979S04
    |--P. maurensis Scull 1985S04
    |--P. monstruosa Mahunka 1986S04
    |--P. pseudovermiseta Corpuz-Raros 1979S04
    |--P. schauenbergi Mahunka 1977S04
    `--P. xena Mahunka 1977S04
  Vilhenabates Balogh 1963S04
    |--V. (Vilhenabates)S04
    |    |--*V. (V.) minutus (Balogh 1958) [=Peloribates minutus]S04
    |    |--V. (V.) hyalinus Tseng 1984S04
    |    `--V. (V.) simplex Balogh 1970S04
    `--V. (Phalacrozetes Aoki 1965)S04
         |--V. (*P.) sinatus (Aoki 1965) [=*Phalacrozetes sinatus]S04
         `--V. (P.) similis (Mahunka 1988) [=Phalacrozetes similis]S04
  Setoxylobates Balogh & Mahunka 1967S04
    |--*S. (Setoxylobates) foveolatus Balogh & Mahunka 1967S04
    |--S. (Plenoxylobates Hammer 1979)S04
    |    |--S. (*P.) ramosus (Hammer 1979) [=*Plenoxylobates ramosus]S04
    |    |--S. (P.) curtiseta (Hammer 1979) [=Plenoxylobates curtiseta]S04
    |    `--S. (P.) mayuloeus (Corpuz-Raros 1979) [=Plenoxylobates mayuloeus]S04
    `--S. (Polyxylobates Hammer 1973)S04
         |--S. (*P.) diversiporosus (Hammer 1973) [=*Polyxylobates diversiporosus]S04
         `--S. (P.) principalis (Berlese 1916) [=Protoribates principalis]S04
  Lauritzenia Hammer 1958S04
    |--L. (Lauritzenia)S04
    |    |--*L. (L.) longipluma Hammer 1958S04
    |    |--L. (L.) furtadoi (Balogh & Mahunka 1974) [=Haplozetes furtadoi]S04
    |    |--L. (L.) glabra Pérez-Íñigo & Baggio 1996S04
    |    |--L. (L.) insignis (Balogh & Mahunka 1966) [=Haplozetes insignis]S04
    |    |--L. (L.) loongchiensis (Tseng 1984) [=Haplozetes loongchiensis]S04
    |    `--L. (L.) minimicoma (Beck 1964) [=Haplozetes minimicoma]S04
    |--L. (Incabates)S04
    `--L. (Magnobates Hammer 1967) [incl. Gymnozetes Calugar & Vasiliu 1983]S04
         |--L. (*M.) flagellifer (Hammer 1967)S04 [=*Magnobates flagelliferS04, M. flagelliger (l. c.)L85]
         `--L. (M.) orghidani (Calugar & Vasiliu 1983)S04 [=*Gymnozetes orghidaniBB92a]
  Indoribates Jacot 1929S04
    |--I. (Indoribates) [incl. Nixozetes Mahunka 1977, Sundazetes Hammer 1979]S04
    |    |--*I. (I.) punctulatus (Sellnick 1925)S04 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--I. (I.) crassisetiger (Fukuyama & Aoki 2000) [=Nixozetes crassisetiger]S04
    |    |--I. (I.) gregoryi (Balogh 1970)S04 [=Cosmobates gregoryiS04, Nixozetes gregoryiBB92b]
    |    |--I. (I.) japonicus (Aoki 1988) [=Sundazetes japonicus]S04
    |    |--I. (I.) javanus (Mahunka 1977)S04 [=*Nixozetes javanusBB92a]
    |    |--I. (I.) multisetus (Wen & Zhao 1994) [=Sundazetes multisetus]S04
    |    |--I. (I.) nobilis (Golosova 1984) [=Cosmobates nobilis]S04
    |    `--I. (I.) panabokkei (Balogh 1970) (see below for synonymy)S04
    |--I. (Haplozetes)S04
    |--I. (Mancoribates Hammer 1961) [incl. Minasbates Pérez-Íñigo & Baggio 1996]S04
    |    |--I. (*M.) rostropilosus (Hammer 1961) [=*Mancoribates rostropilosus]S04
    |    |--I. (M.) acutirostrum (Hammer 1968) [=Lauritzenia acutirostrum]S04
    |    |--I. (M.) rotundirostrum (Hammer 1968) [=Lauritzenia rotundirostrum]S04
    |    `--I. (M.) sphaeroclava (Pérez-Íñigo & Baggio 1996) [=Minasbates sphaeroclava]S04
    |--I. (Philippizetes Corpuz-Raros 1979)S04
    |    |--I. (*P.) philippinensis (Corpuz-Raros 1979) [=Nixozetes (*P.) philippinensis]S04
    |    `--I. (P.) corpusrarosae (Mahunka 1987) [=Nixozetes (P.) corpusrarosae]S04
    `--I. (Triungulozetes Subías 2001) [incl. Mixobates Gil-Martín & Subías 1993 non Thor 1905]S04
         |--I. (*T.) triangulatus (Beck 1964) [=Haplozetes triangulatus]S04
         `--I. (T.) fusifer (Berlese 1908) (see below for synonymy)S04

Indoribates (Indoribates) panabokkei (Balogh 1970) [=Cosmobates panabokkei; incl Nixozetes apoensis Corpuz-Raros 1979]S04

*Indoribates (Indoribates) punctulatus (Sellnick 1925)S04 [=Protoribates punctulatusS04; incl. Sundazetes crispus Hammer 1979S04, Indoribates crispusBB92b]

Indoribates (Triungulozetes) fusifer (Berlese 1908) [=Protoribates (Scheloribates) fusifer; incl. Haplozetes (Mixobates) insularis Pérez-Íñigo & Peña 1996]S04

Pilobates (Pilobates) carpentanus Pérez-Íñigo 1969 [incl. Protoribates elongatus Mihelčič 1956 (n. d.), Pr. longior Mihelčič 1957 (n. d.) non Berlese 1908]S04

Transoribates lagenula (Berlese 1904) [=Oribata lagenula; incl. Protoribates latus Mihelčič 1965, *Transoribates latus, P. pupula Berlese 1910]S04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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