Calophaena cf. bicincta, copyright Udo Schmidt.

Belongs within: Conjunctae.
Contains: PlatymetopusThermophilum, Agonocheila, Trigonothops, Coptocarpus, Darodilia, Leiradira, Trichosternus, Castelnaudia, Nurus, Sarticus, Prosopogmus, Simodontus, Rhytisternus, Morion, Zuphiitae, Abacetus, Loxandrini, Pterostichini, Calathus, Licinini, Harpalitae, Zabrini, Odacanthini, Pseudomorphini, Platynini, Oodini, Lachnophorini, Lebiini, Badister, Perigona.

The Harpalinae are a large clade of carabid ground beetles, distinguished by the distinctive forms of the parameres in the male genitalia. Over 19,000 species of Harpalinae are known from the modern fauna, exhibiting a wide range of ecologies including herbivorous and myrmecophilous forms. These species have been arranged in a correspondingly large number of tribes, but relationships between the tribes have been poorly known (Ober & Maddison 2008).

Representatives include the Morionini, a group of species with moniliform antennae, a projecting dentiform process above the antennal insertion, and usually protruding eyes. The Hexagoniini are a Palaeotropical group with a depressed body, a large head with cheek-like orbits and elongate mandibles, and pad-shaped tarsi. The Neotropical Ctenodactylini are found climbing on the stems of monocotyledons such as grasses and sedges, and possess adhesive setae on the underside of the tarsi (Ball & Bousquet 2001). The Metiini are a South American group characterised by fusion of the mentum and submentum, and often dorsally setose paraglossae. The pantropical Perigonini have stria 8 of the elytron deeply impressed towards the apex and extended obliquely towards the suture (Ball & Bousquet 2001), forming a marginal trough. Synuchus is a Holarctic genus with pectinate claws and rounded posteriolateral angles on the pronotum, which also has the posterior setigerous puncture remote from the side margin (Ball & Bousquet 2001).

Characters (from Ball & Bousquet 2001): Small to large (total length ca. 2.0–40 mm); head capsule ventrally without antennal grooves; antennal insertions laterad, each between base of mandible and anterior margin of eye, antenna filiform or moniliform, or clavate, antennomeres 2–4 not nodose, 2–6 without unusually long setae, antennomeres 11; labrum with six setae; mandibles with scrobes asetose, occlusal margin with or without one terebral tooth, retinacular tooth about size of terebral tooth, not enlarged and molariform; terminal palpomeres various, subulate or not; body pedunculate (with mesothorax and extreme base of elytra markedly constricted) or not; pterothorax with mesonotal scutellum dorsally evident, not concealed beneath elytra; front coxal cavities closed by projection of proepimeron into cavity each side of lateral projection of prosternum, middle coxal cavities conjunct-confluent, hind coxal cavities lobate (disjunct)-confluent; elytra extended or not to apex of abdominal tergum VIII, and apical margins subsinuate to truncate; dorsal surface striate (more or less) or smooth dorsally; metathoracic wings long (macropterous) or short (brachypterous); front tibia emarginate-anisochaete; abdomen with six (II–VII) pregenital sterna normally exposed, sterna III and IV separated or not by suture; male genitalia with parameres markedly different in form and often in size, left paramere enlarged, conchoid, right paramere more slender, as long as to much shorter than left paramere, parameres of most taxa asetose apically; ovipositor with gonocoxae rotated 90° in repose, without ramus, gonocoxa of two gonocoxites (or gonocoxa undivided either through loss of gonocoxite 2 or through fusion of 1 and 2), without accessory lobe; reproductive tract with spermatheca 1, without spermatheca 2; secretions of pygidial glands markedly varied: most taxa with hydrocarbons, formic acid and unsaturated acids; some taxa with aliphatic ketones, saturated esters, higher saturated or unsaturated acids, or aromatic aldehydes, but not quinones, discharge by spraying or oozing.

<==Harpalinae (see below for synonymy)
    |  `--Morionini [Morionides]B14
    |       |--MorionOM08
    |       |--MegamorioB14
    |       |--Hyperion Castelnau 1834B14, LM87 (see below for synonymy)
    |       |    `--*H. schroetteri (Schreibers 1802) (see below for synonymy)LM87
    |       `--Platynodes westermanni Westwood 1847B14
    |            |--P. w. westermanniB14
    |            `--P. w. peregrinusB14
       |  `--+--Hexagoniini [Hexagoniinae]OM08
       |     |    |--Dinopelma immaculatumOM08
       |     |    `--HexagoniaOM08
       |     |         |--H. angustulaB55
       |     |         `--H. scabricollisB55
       |     `--Ctenodactylini [Ctenodactylitae]OM08
       |          |  i. s.: Calophaenoidea Liebke 1930BB01
       |          |           `--C. arrowiB14
       |          |--Teukrus cruciatusOM08
       |          `--+--Ctenodactyla batesiOM08
       |             `--Leptotrachelus Latreille 1829OM08, BB01 [incl. Spheracra Say 1830BB01]
       |                  `--L. dorsalisOM08
          |  |    |--Abropus carnifexOM08
          |  |    `--MetiusOM08
          |  `--+--+--AbacetusOM08
          |     |  `--LoxandriniOM08
          |     `--+--+--PterostichiniOM08
          |        |  `--Cnemalobus [Cnemalobini]OM08
          |        |       `--C. sulciferusOM08
          |        `--+--CalathusOM08
          |           `--Synuchus Gyllenhal 1810OM08, BB01
          |                |--S. dubius (LeConte 1854)BB01
          |                |--S. impunctatus (Say 1823)BB01
          |                `--S. semirufus Casey 1913BB01
             |  `--HarpalitaeOM08
                   |  `--Peleciini [Peleciinae]OM08
                   |       |--Pelecium sulcipenneOM08
                   |       |--Disphericus tarsalisB55
                   |       `--Eripus nitidusOM08
                      |  `--PlatyniniOM08
                         |  `--+--LachnophoriniOM08
                         |     `--Calophaena Klug 1821OM08, BB01 [Calophaenini]
                         |          |--C. bicinctaB14
                         |          |    |--C. b. bicinctaB14
                         |          |    `--C. b. ligata Bates 1883B14
                         |          `--C. dupuisiOM08
                            `--+--+--Sinurus opacusOM08
                               |  `--Stenotelus opacusOM08
                                  |  `--+--BarylausL88
                                  |     `--Caelostomus Macleay 1825OM08, LM87 (see below for synonymy)
                                  |          |--*C. picipes (Macleay 1825) (see below for synonymy)LM87
                                  |          |--C. albertisi Straneo 1938LM87
                                  |          |--*Stomonaxus’ sculptipennis Motschulsky 1859LM87
                                  |          |--‘Stomonaxus’ striaticollisB89b
                                  |          `--C. subsinuatus (Chaudoir 1883) [=Drimostoma subsinuata]LM87
                                     `--Perigonini [Perigoninae, Perigonitae, Trechicinae]OM08
                                          |  i. s.: Ripogenites Basilewsky 1954BB01
                                          `--+--Diploharpus laevissimusOM08
                                             `--Ripogena bembidioides [=Perigona (Ripogena) bembidioides]OM08
Harpalinae incertae sedis:
  Cillenum Samouelle 1819B27
    |--C. chalmeriB27
    `--C. tillyardi Brookes 1927B27
  Dichaetochilus Basilewsky 1946B55
    |--D. incrassatusB55
    |--D. moestusB55
    `--D. planicollisB55
    |--H. convivaB55
    `--H. holosericeusB55
  Laparhetes gracilisB55
  Neosiopelus Basilewsky 1946B55
    `--N. punctatellusB55
    |--A. natalicusB55
    `--A. venustulusB55
  Xenodochus melanariusB55
    |--X. m. melanariusB55
    `--X. m. sissekabanus Basilewsky 1946B55
  Ooidius dorsigerB55
  Bradybaenus Dejean 1829B55, BR17 [Bradybaenina]
    `--B. opulentusB55
         |--B. o. opulentusB55
         `--B. o. insularisB55
    |--M. atrataB55
    |--M. cribricollisB55
    `--M. immeritaB55
  Netrodera formicariaB55
    |--N. f. formicariaB55
    |--N. f. damarensisB55
    `--N. f. peringueyiB55
  Ginema Ball & Shpeley 2002 [Ginemini]BS02
    `--*G. thomasi Ball & Shpeley 2002BS02
  Gestroania Liebke 1938LM87
    `--*G. amplipennis (Gestro 1875) [=Casnonia amplipennis]LM87
  Myrmecodemus Sloane 1923LM87
    |--*M. riverinae (Sloane 1890) [=Casnonia riverinae]LM87
    |--M. formicoides (Sloane 1910) [=Lachnothorax formicoides]LM87
    `--M. globulicollis (Macleay 1888) [=Casnonia globulicollis]LM87
  Anasis Castelnau 1867LM87
    `--*A. howittii Castelnau 1867LM87
  Aulacolius Sloane 1923LM87
    `--*A. triordinatus Sloane 1923LM87
  Deipyrus Liebke 1938LM87
    `--*D. palustris (Sloane 1910) [=Lachnothorax palustris]LM87
  Basistichus Sloane 1917LM87
    `--*B. micans (Macleay 1864) [=Odacantha micans]LM87
  Renneria kamouniGWW10
  Velindopsis panagaeoidesB55
  Singiliomimus modestusB55
  Neocoptodera overlaetiB55
    |--C. amoenulaB55
    |--C. congoanaB55
    `--C. rugicepsB55
    |--M. antelobata Basilewsky 1955B55
    |--M. promontoriiB55
    |--M. transvaalensisB55
    `--M. vacivaB55
  Coptoglossus Chaudoir 1869LM87
    |--*C. sulcatulus Chaudoir 1869LM87
    `--C. carteri (Sloane 1915) [=Platynus carteri]LM87
  Holcoderus Chaudoir 1869LM87
    |--*H. praemorsus Chaudoir 1869LM87
    `--H. caeruleipennis Sloane 1910LM87
  Minuthodes Andrewes 1941 [=Platia Chaudoir 1869 non Hübner 1820]LM87
    |--*M. lineella (Chaudoir 1869) [=*Platia lineella]LM87
    `--M. queenslandica (Sloane 1917) [=Platia queenslandica]LM87
  Speotarus Moore 1964LM87
    `--*S. lucifugus Moore 1964LM87
         |--S. l. lucifugusLM87
         `--S. l. princeps Moore 1964LM87
  Aristolebia Bates 1892LM87
    |--*A. quadridentata Bates 1892LM87
    `--A. wau Darlington 1968LM87
  Creagris Nietner 1857 [incl. Pseudhelluo Castelnau 1867]LM87
    |--*C. labrosa Nietner 1857LM87
    `--C. wilsonii (Castelnau 1867) [=*Pseudhelluo wilsonii]LM87
  Helluonidius Chaudoir 1872LM87
    |--*H. cyanipennis (Hope 1842) [=Aenigma cyanipenne; incl. Helluosoma viridipenne Macleay 1887]LM87
    |--H. aterrimus (Macleay 1873) [=Helluosoma aterrimum]LM87
    |--H. cyaneus (Castelnau 1867) [=Helluosoma cyanea]LM87
    `--H. latipennis (Macleay 1887) [=Helluosoma latipenne]LM87
  Helluosoma Castelnau 1867 [incl. Helluodema Chaudoir 1872 non Castelnau 1867, Helluodoma (l. c.)]LM87
    |--*H. atrum Castelnau 1867 [=H. ater]LM87
    `--H. longicolle Macleay 1888LM87
  Helluodema Castelnau 1867 [incl. Simoglossus Chaudoir 1872]LM87
    |--H. unicolor (Hope 1842) (see below for synonymy)LM87
    `--H. brunneum Sloane 1917LM87
  Epimicodema Sloane 1914LM87
    `--*E. mastersii (Macleay 1871) [=Helluosoma mastersii]LM87
  Helluapterus Sloane 1914LM87
    `--*H. niger Sloane 1914 [incl. H. niger punctata Sloane 1914]LM87
  Neohelluo Sloane 1914LM87
    `--*N. angulicollis Sloane 1914LM87
  Ametroglossus Sloane 1914LM87
    `--*A. ater (Macleay 1887) [=Gigadema atrum]LM87
  Hololeius LaFerté-Sénectère 1851 [=Hololius Chaudoir 1857]LM87
    `--H. ceylanicus (Nietner 1856) (see below for synonymy)LM87
  Siagonyx Macleay 1871LM87
    |--*S. amplipennis Macleay 1871LM87
    |--S. blackburni Sloane 1916LM87
    `--S. mastersii Macleay 1871LM87
  Hormacrus Sloane 1898LM87
    |--*H. latus Sloane 1898LM87
    `--H. minor (Blackburn 1890) [=Lestignathus minor]LM87
  Platylytron Macleay 1873 [=Platelytron Csiki 1931]LM87
    `--*P. amplipenne Macleay 1873LM87
  Dilonchus Andrewes 1936LM87
    |--*D. bidens Andrewes 1936LM87
    `--D. pictus Darlington 1963LM87
  Omestes Andrewes 1933LM87
    `--*O. torta Andrewes 1933LM87
  Catadromus Macleay 1825LM87
    |--*C. tenebrioides (Olivier 1790) [=Carabus tenebrioides; incl. Cat. elseyi White 1859]LM87
    |--C. australis Castelnau 1834 [incl. C. latro Tschitschérine 1896]LM87
    |--C. goliath Tschitschérine 1896LM87
    |--C. lacordairei Boisduval 1835LM87
    |--C. simonae Dupuis 1911LM87
    `--C. tschitscherini Straneo 1941LM87
  Cratogaster Blanchard 1853 (see below for synonymy)LM87
    |--*C. sulcata Blanchard 1853 [incl. Cyphosoma latum Chaudoir 1878]LM87
    |--C. melas (Castelnau 1867) (see below for synonymy)LM87
    |--C. occidentalis Macleay 1888LM87
    |--C. robusta (Macleay 1883) [=Tibarisus robustus]LM87
    `--C. unicolor (Hope 1842) [=*Cyphosoma unicolor]LM87
  Liopasa Tschitschérine 1901LM87
    `--*L. crepera Tschitschérine 1901LM87
  Loxogenius Sloane 1907LM87
    `--*L. opacipennis (Macleay 1887) [=Homalosoma opacipenne, Trichosternus (Castelnaudia) opacipennis]LM87
  Delinius Westwood 1864LM87
    |--*D. essingtoni Westwood 1864LM87
    `--D. castelnaui Chaudoir 1878LM87
  Lesticus Dejean 1828LM87
    |  i. s.: L. politusM86
    |--*L. (Lesticus) janthinus Dejean 1828LM87
    `--L. (Triplogenius Chaudoir 1852)LM87
         |--‘Triplogenius’ viridicollis (Macleay 1825)B89b, LM87 (see below for synonymy)
         |--‘Triplogenius’ buqueti [=Trigonotoma buqueti]B89b
         |--‘Triplogenius’ chalcothoraxB89a
         |--L. (T.) chloronotus Chaudoir 1868LM87
         `--‘Triplogenius’ mouhotiiB89a
  Notolestus Sloane 1895LM87
    `--*N. sulcipennis (Macleay 1873) [=Abax sulcipennis]LM87
  Megadromus Motschulsky 1865 [incl. Nesopterostichus Tschitschérine 1902]LM87
    |  i. s.: ‘Platysma’ australasiae Guérin-Méneville 1841 (see below for synonymy)LM87
    |         M. rectangulusWH02
    |         M. temukensisWH02
    |--M. (Megadromus) antarcticus (Chaudoir 1865) (see below for synonymy)LM87
    `--M. (Protodromus Moore 1965)LM87
         |--M. (*P.) eborensis Moore 1965LM87
         `--M. (P.) australicus (Sloane 1916) [=Trichosternus australicus]LM87
  Paranurus Tschitschérine 1901LM87
    |--*P. dilaticeps (Chaudoir 1865) [=Feronia (Trichosternus) dilaticeps]LM87
    |--P. macleayi (Sloane 1895) [=Mecynognathus macleayi]LM87
    `--P. petri Tschitschérine 1901LM87
  Mecynognathus Macleay 1873LM87
    `--*M. damelii Macleay 1873LM87
  Notabax Moore 1976LM87
    `--*N. monteithi Moore 1976LM87
  Cratoferonia Tschitschérine 1902 [=Ceratoferonia (l. c.)]LM87
    |--*C. regalis (Castelnau 1867) [=Feronia regalis]LM87
    `--C. phylarchus (Sloane 1900) [=Pterostichus phylarchus]LM87
  Secatophus Castelnau 1867 (see below for synonymy)LM87
    `--*S. australis (Hope 1845) (see below for synonymy)LM87
  Teropha Castelnau 1867 [incl. Morphnos Schaufuss 1867]LM87
    |--T. sturtii (White 1859) (see below for synonymy)LM87
    `--T. besti (Sloane 1902) [=Morphnos besti]LM87
  Acanthoferonia Moore 1965LM87
    `--*A. ferox Moore 1965LM87
  Rhabdotus Chaudoir 1865LM87
    `--*R. reflexus (Chaudoir 1865) (see below for synonymy)LM87
  Loxodactylus Chaudoir 1865LM87
    `--*L. carinatulus (Chaudoir 1865) [=Feronia (*Loxodactylus) carinatula]LM87
         |--L. c. carinatulus [incl. Feronia dingo Castelnau 1867]LM87
         `--L. c. amaeropterus (Chaudoir 1865) (see below for synonymy)LM87
  Conchitella Moore 1962LM87
    `--*C. clivinoides Moore 1962LM87
  Litarthrum Sloane 1915LM87
    `--*L. browni Sloane 1915LM87
  Gastrogmus Sloane 1915LM87
    `--*G. ischialis Sloane 1915LM87
  Setalis Castelnau 1867 [incl. Loxogmus Sloane 1890]LM87
    |--*S. niger Castelnau 1867 [incl. *Loxogmus obscurus Sloane 1890]LM87
    |--S. rubripes Sloane 1907LM87
    `--S. sloanei Darlington 1953LM87
  Setalimorphus Sloane 1895LM87
    |--*S. punctiventris Sloane 1895LM87
    `--S. regularis Sloane 1910LM87
  Phaenaulax Tschitschérine 1898LM87
    `--P. nanus (Sloane 1895) [=Setalimorphus nanus; incl. *P. stenomorphus Tschitschérine 1898]LM87
  Eurystomis Chaudoir 1878LM87
    `--*E. castelnaui Chaudoir 1878LM87
  Platycoelus Blanchard 1853 (see below for synonymy)LM87
    |--*P. depressus Blanchard 1853 [incl. *Dalbertisia lucidula Straneo 1939]LM87
    |--P. interstitialis (Sloane 1910) [=Chlaenioidius interstitialis]LM87
    |--*Hypherpinus’ jedlickai Straneo 1938LM87
    |--P. melliei (Montrouzier 1860)LM87 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. poeciloides (Chaudoir 1878) (see below for synonymy)LM87
    `--P. prolixus (Erichson 1842) (see below for synonymy)LM87
  Nelidus Chaudoir 1878LM87
    `--*N. australis Chaudoir 1878LM87
  Zeodera Castelnau 1867LM87
    `--*Z. atra Castelnau 1867 [=Z. ater]LM87
  Feronista Moore 1965LM87
    |--*F. amaroides Moore 1965LM87
    |--F. intermedia Moore 1965LM87
    `--F. minor Moore 1965LM87
  Pseudoceneus Tschitschérine 1890LM87
    |--P. (Pseudoceneus) [incl. Leptopodus Chaudoir 1874 non Schinz 1822]LM87
    |    |--*P. (P.) ‘holomelanus’ (Tschitschérine 1890)LM87 (see below for synonymy)
    |    `--P. (P.) sollicitus (Erichson 1842) (see below for synonymy)LM87
    `--P. (Poeciliridius Straneo 1937)LM87
         |--P. (*P.) iridescens (Castelnau 1867) [=Feronia iridescens]LM87
         `--P. (P.) norfolkensis Moore 1985LM87
  Cuneipectus Sloane 1907LM87
    |--*C. frenchi Sloane 1907LM87
    `--C. foveatus Sloane 1915LM87
  Geobaenus Dejean 1829LM87
    |--*G. lateralis Dejean 1829LM87
    `--G. australasiae Guérin-Méneville 1839LM87
  Cosmodiscus Sloane 1907LM87
    `--*C. rubripictus Sloane 1907LM87
  Brachidius Chaudoir 1852LM87
    `--*B. crassicornis Chaudoir 1852 [incl. B. corpulentus Chaudoir 1872]LM87
  Fouquetius Maindron 1906 (see below for synonymy)LM87
    |--*F. rufus (Chaudoir 1876) [=*Holconotus (sensu Chaudoir) rufus]LM87
    |--*Holconotus’ (sensu Schmidt-Goebel) ferrugineus Schmidt-Goebel 1846 (n. o.)LM87
    `--F. variabilis Straneo 1960LM87
  Pediomorphus Chaudoir 1878LM87
    |--*P. planiusculus Chaudoir 1878LM87
    |--‘Cyrtoderus’ australasiae Hope 1841LM87
    |--‘Omalosoma’ carbonicolor Motschulsky 1865LM87
    |--P. elongatus Sloane 1898LM87
    |--P. macleayi Sloane 1900LM87
    `--P. ruficollis Sloane 1900LM87
  Violagonum Darlington 1956LM87
    `--*V. violaceum (Chaudoir 1844) (see below for synonymy)LM87
  Lorostema Motschulsky 1864 [=Lorastemma Gemminger & Harold 1868]LM87
    |--*L. alutacea Motschulsky 1864LM87
    `--L. bothriophora (Redtenbacher 1867) (see below for synonymy)LM87
  Notagonum Darlington 1952LM87
    |--*N. externum Darlington 1952LM87
    |--N. dentellum Darlington 1952LM87
    |--N. lafertei (Montrouzier 1860) [=Anchomenus lafertei; incl. Platynus planipennis Macleay 1871]LM87
    |--N. macleayi (Sloane 1910) [=Platynus macleayi]LM87
    |--N. marginellum (Erichson 1842) (see below for synonymy)LM87
    |--N. murrayense (Blackburn 1890) [=Platynus murrayensis]LM87
    |--N. nigrellum Darlington 1956LM87
    `--N. submetallicum (White 1846) [=Colpodes submetallicum; incl. Platynus marginicollis Macleay 1871]LM87
  Notoplatynus Moore 1985LM87
    `--*N. darlingtoni Moore 1985LM87
    |--Somoplatus Dejean 1829BB01
    |--Somoplatodes Basilewsky 1987BB01
    |--Lophidius Dejean 1831BB01
    `--Paralophidius Basilewsky 1987BB01
  Percus paykulliiLW89, B35
  ‘Ophionea’ Eschscholtz 1829 non Klug 1821LM87
    |--*O. indica (Thunberg 1784)LM87, B14 [=Attelabus indicaLM87]
    |--O. cyanocephalaB89b
    |--O. interstitialisB14
    |--O. ishiiOM08
    `--O. nigrofasciataB14
    |--C. acuticollis Fairmaire 1889F89
    |--C. coarctatus Laf. 1851F89
    `--C. lunatus [=Harpalus (Callistus) lunatus]G20
  Oxycentrus Chaud. 1854B89b, B89a [incl. Aegreuter Schmidt-Goeb. 1846 (n. n.)B89a]
    |--O. angustus Bates 1876 [incl. Argreuter melas Schmidt-Goeb. 1846 (n. n.)]B89a
    |--O. foveicollis Bates 1889B89b
    `--O. parallelusB89a
  Barysomus semivittatusB89b
  Trigonotoma [Trigonotomides]B89b
    |--T. chalceola Bates 1873B89b
    |--T. concinnaB89a
    |--T. dohrnii Chaud. 1852B89b
    |--T. lewisii [incl. T. lewisii var. bhamoensis Bates 1889]B89a
    `--T. perraudierei Bates 1889B89b
  Chlaeminus biguttatus Motsch. 1864B89b
  Diceromerus chaudoiri Fleutiaux 1887B89b

Caelostomus Macleay 1825OM08, LM87 [incl. Stomonaxus Motschulsky 1860LM87; Caelostomini]

*Caelostomus picipes (Macleay 1825) [=Anaulacus (*Caelostomus) picipes; incl. Drimostoma rufipes Boheman 1858, Caelostomus striaticollis Chaudoir 1872]LM87

Cratogaster Blanchard 1853 [incl. Cyphosoma Hope 1842 nec Mannerheim 1837 nec Agassiz 1838, Pachidius Chaudoir 1865, Tibarisus Castelnau 1867]LM87

Cratogaster melas (Castelnau 1867) [=*Tibarisus melas; incl. T. ater Macleay 1871, Feronia (*Pachidius) sulcata Chaudoir 1865 non Cratogaster sulcata Blanchard 1853]LM87

Fouquetius Maindron 1906 [=Holconotus Chaudoir 1876 non Agassiz 1854; incl. Holconotus Schmidt-Goebel 1846 (n. o.) nec Agassiz 1854 nec Chaudoir 1876]LM87

Harpalinae [Callistitae, Chlaeniitae, Coptoderinae, Lebiinae, Lebiitae, Licinina, Masoreidae, Masoreomorphi, Odacanthinae, Odacanthitae, Pterostichinae, Pterostichitae]

Helluodema unicolor (Hope 1842) [=Aenigma unicolor; incl. Helluomorpha batesii Thomson 1857, *Helluodema batesii, Gigadema castelnaui Chaudoir 1872, *Simoglossus niger Chaudoir 1872]LM87

Hololeius ceylanicus (Nietner 1856) [=Chlaenius ceylanicus; incl. C. nitidulus Dejean 1826 non Schrank 1781, *Hololeius nitidulus, Hololius ornatus Tryon 1890]LM87

Hyperion Castelnau 1834B14, LM87 [=Campylocnemis Westwood 1842LM87, Heteroscelis Boisduval 1835 non Latreille 1829LM87]

*Hyperion schroetteri (Schreibers 1802) [=Scarites schroetteri, *Campylocnemis schroetteri, *Heteroscelis schroetteri]LM87

Lorostema bothriophora (Redtenbacher 1867) [=Anchomenus (Agonum) bothriophora; incl. Platynus cooki Sloane 1895]LM87

Loxodactylus carinatulus amaeropterus (Chaudoir 1865) [=Feronia (Loxodactylus) amaeroptera; incl. F. yarrae Castelnau 1867]LM87

Megadromus (Megadromus) antarcticus (Chaudoir 1865) [=Feronia (Trichosternus) antarctica; incl. *M. viridilimbatus Motschulsky 1865]LM87

Notagonum marginellum (Erichson 1842) [=Anchomenus marginnellus; incl. Loxocrepis lugubris Motschulsky 1864, A. nigroaeneus Newman 1842]LM87

Platycoelus Blanchard 1853 [incl. Chlaenioidius Chaudoir 1865, Dalbertisia Straneo 1939, Hypherpinus Straneo 1938]LM87

Platycoelus melliei (Montrouzier 1860)LM87 [=Feronia mellieiLM87; incl. Poecilus chlaenioides Macleay 1888LM87, F. (Chlaenioidius) herbacea Chaudoir 1865LM87, F. resplendens Castelnau 1867 non Castelnau 1867LM87, Chlaenioideus resplendensB90, Poecilus resplendensB90]

Platycoelus poeciloides (Chaudoir 1878) [=Feronia (Chlaenioidius) poeciloides; incl. F. (C.) irideomicans Tschitschérine 1890]LM87

Platycoelus prolixus (Erichson 1842) [=Pterostichus (Poecilus) prolixus, *Chlaenioidius prolixus; incl. Feronia funebris Castelnau 1867, C. planipennis Macleay 1871, Poecilus sulcatulus Macleay 1888]LM87

‘Platysma’ australasiae Guérin-Méneville 1841 [incl. Platysma guerini Chaudoir 1865, Trichosternus (*Nesopterostichus) guerini]LM87

*Pseudoceneus (Pseudoceneus) ‘holomelanus’ (Tschitschérine 1890)LM87 [=Argutor holomelanus non Pterostichus holomelanus Germar 1848LM87, *Leptopodus holomelanusB90, Pterostichus holomelanus non Germar 1848B90]

Pseudoceneus (Pseudoceneus) sollicitus (Erichson 1842) [=Pterostichus (Argutor) sollicitus; incl. Feronia interioris Castelnau 1867, F. iridipennis Castelnau 1867]LM87

*Rhabdotus reflexus (Chaudoir 1865) [=Feronia (*Rhabodotus) reflexa; incl. F. (R.) chaudoiri Tschitschérine 1890, F. diemenensis Castelnau 1867, Rhabdotus floridus Bates 1878]LM87

Secatophus Castelnau 1867 [incl. Hoploprion Tschitschérine 1903, Prionophorus Chaudoir 1865 non Blanchard 1853]LM87

*Secatophus australis (Hope 1845) [=Acinopus australis; incl. Feronia (*Prionophorus) crenatipes Chaudoir 1865, *Hoploprion crenatipes, Secatophus hopei Castelnau 1867]LM87

Teropha sturtii (White 1859) [=Platysma sturtii; incl. *Morphnos antipoda Schaufuss 1867, P. flindersii White 1859, *Teropha flindersii]LM87

‘Triplogenius’ viridicollis (Macleay 1825)B89b, LM87 [=Omasens viridicollisLM87; incl. Trigonotoma bicolor Castelnau 1834LM87, *Triplogenius bicolorLM87]

*Violagonum violaceum (Chaudoir 1844) [=Harpalus violaceus, Colpodes violaceus; incl. C. mucronatus Macleay 1887]LM87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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