Madras harp Harpa davidus, copyright H. Zell.

Belongs within: Neogastropoda.

The Harpidae, harp shells, are a group of predatory gastropods with usually colourfully patterned, polished shells bearing strong axial ribs.

Characters (from Wilson & Gillett 1971): Shell usually shiny, strikingly coloured and patterned, sculptured with strong axial ribs more highly polished than remainder of shell. Anterior siphon canal a deep, wide notch; columella lacking folds; operculum absent. Respiratory siphon and eye stalks long; foos broad with front end greatly expanded laterally to form wide, flat, muscular organ.

|--Eoharpa sinuosa Stephenson 1955TTE93
|--Eocithara Fischer 1883WG71
| `--*E. muticaW94
|--Cryptochorda Mörch 1858 [Cryptochordidae, Cryptochordinae]BR05
| `--*C. stromboides (Hermann 1781)BR17 [=Buccinum stromboidesBR17, Buccinopsis stromboidesCC95]
|--Austroharpa Finlay 1931WG71
| |--*A. (Austroharpa) pulligera [=Harpa pulligera]W94
| `--A. (Palamharpa Iredale 1931)W94
| |--A. (*P.) exquisita (Iredale 1931) [=*Palamharpa exquisita]W94
| |--A. (P.) loisae Rehder 1973W94
| |--A. (P.) punctata (Verco 1896)W94
| `--A. (P.) wilsoni Rehder 1973W94
|--Harpa Röding 1798 [Harpina]BR05
| |--*H. harpa (Linnaeus 1758)BR17 [=Buccinum harpaBR17; incl. H. nobilis Röding 1798WG71]
| |--H. amouretta Röding 1798 [incl. H. minor Lamarck 1822]W94
| |--H. articularis Lamarck 1822WG71
| |--H. crenata [incl. H. rivoliana]C64
| |--H. davidus Röding 1798WG71
| |--H. goodwini Rehder 1993BC01
| |--H. gracilis Broderip & Sowerby 1829WG71
| |--H. kajiyamai Habe & Kosuge 1970PK11
| |--H. major Röding 1798WG71
| |--H. neozelanica [=Eocithara neozelanica]A27
| `--H. ventricosaH04
`--Morum Röding 1798 [Moruminae]BR05
| i. s.: M. vicdani Emerson 1995BC01
|--M. (Morum)BR17
| |--*M. (M.) purpureum Röding 1798BR17
| `--M. (M.) oniscus (Linnaeus 1767) [=Strombus oniscus]C80
|--M. (Herculea Adams & Adams 1858 non Fr. 1823 [ICBN])W94
| `--M. (*H.) ponderosum (Hanley 1858) [=Oniscia ponderosa]W94
`--M. (Oniscidia Mörch 1852)BC01 (see below for synonymy)
|--M. (*O.) cancellatumW94 [=Oniscia cancellatumW94, Cassidaria cancellataR42]
|--M. (O.) bruuni Powell 1958 [incl. *Pulchroniscia delecta Garrard 1961]W94
|--M. (O.) exquisitum (Adams & Reeve 1848) [=Oniscia exquisita]C80
|--M. (O.) grande (Adams 1855) [=*Cancellomorum grande, *Onimusiro grandis]W94
|--M. (O.) harpaformis Powell & Bartrum 1929PB29
|--M. (O.) joelgreenei Emerson 1981BC01
|--M. (O.) macdonaldi Emerson 1981BC01
|--M. (O.) matthewsi Emerson 1967 [=M. (Cancellomorum) matthewsi]BC01
|--M. (O.) ninomiyai Emerson 1986BC01
`--M. (O.) veleroae Emerson 1968 [=M. (Cancellomorum) veleroae]BC01

Morum (Oniscidia Mörch 1852)BC01 [incl. Cancellomorum Emerson & Old 1963BC01, Onimusiro Kira in Kuroda, Habe & Oyama 1971W94, Pulchroniscia Garrard 1961W94]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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