(From left to right) Left, right, left interior, ventral and dorsal views of Healdia simplicissima, from Hoare & Merrill (2004).

Belongs within: Healdiocopina.

The Healdiidae are a group of ostracods known from the Devonian to the Lower Cretaceous. Members of the family are characterised by distinctive marginal areas with a duplicature absent or fused with the outer lamella, and the left valve overreaching the right (Benson et al. 1961).

Characters (from Benson et al. 1961): Carapace convex-backed, with suboblong to subtriangular outlines and nearly straight venters in lateral view, commonly with posterior, and less commonly with anterior sculpturing in ridges and spines; valves hinged posterodorsally; left valve larger than right valve, overlap and overreach (where present) left valve over right valve. Without separated calcified inner lamellae but with hinges and contact margins simply ridged and grooved or shouldered in platycopine fashion; adductor muscle scar circular, consisting of numerous spots generally arranged in concentric rings or rows. Most genera probably exhibit moderate sexual dimorphism.

|--Incisurella Cooper 1941BB61
| `--*I. prima Cooper 1941BB61
|--Phreatura Jones & Kirkby 1886BB61
| `--*P. concinna Jones & Kirkby 1886BB61
|--Daleiella Bouček 1937M61, BB61
| `--*D. corbuloides (Jones & Holl 1869) [=Cythere corbuloides]BB61
|--Robsoniella Kusnetsova in Mandelstam et al. 1956BB61
| |--*R. obovata Kuznetzova in Mandelstam et al. 1956BB61
| `--R. falklandensis Dingle 1984G12
|--Healdioides Coryell & Rozanski 1942BB61
| |--*H. diversus Coryell & Rozanski 1942BB61
| `--H. bradfieldi Coryell & Rozanski 1942S82
|--Hungarella Méhes 1911BB61
| `--*H. problematica (Daday 1911) [=Bairdia problematica]BB61
|--Healdiacypris Bradfield 1935M61, BB61
| |--*H. perplexa Bradfield 1935BB61
| `--H. acuminataBB61
|--Ogmoconcha Triebel 1941BB61
| |--*O. contractula [=Hungarella contractula]BB61
| `--O. convexa Boomer 1991WSB93
|--Waylandella Coryell & Billings 1932 [incl. Harltonella Bradfield 1935]BB61
| |--*W. spinosa Coryell & Billings 1932BB61
| |--W. ardmorensisBB61
| `--W. obesaBB61
|--Cyrtocyprus Coryell & Williamson 1936BB61 [=Cyrtocypris Coryell & Williamson 1936WSB93, BB61]
| |--*C. subovata Coryell & Williamson 1936BB61
| |--C. chvorostanensisBB61
| `--C. inornata Copeland 1974WSB93
|--Seminolites Coryell 1928HM04
| |--*S. truncatus Coryell 1928 [incl. S. elongatus]BB61
| |--S. ovalis Cooper 1941HM04
| |--S. perforatus Harlton 1933HM04
| |--S. porosus Robinson 1978HM04
| `--S. symmetricus Cooper 1941HM04
|--Cribroconcha Cooper 1941HM04
| |--*C. costata Cooper 1941BB61
| |--C. alabamensis (Erlich 1964)HM04
| |--C. conspicua (Harlton 1929)HM04
| |--C. fornicata Cooper 1941HM04
| |--C. perplexa Robinson 1959HM04
| `--C. prolixa Hoare & Merrill 2004HM04
|--Microcheilinella Geis 1933HM04 [=Microcheilus Geis 1932 non Kittl 1894BB61]
| |--*M. distorta (Geis 1932) [=*Microcheilus distortus]BB61
| |--M. acuta Shi 1987ZL87
| |--M. boweniNU83
| |--M. cordata Cooper 1941S82
| |--M. monospinosa Zhang in Zhang & Liang 1987ZL87
| |--M. postspinosa Chen 1958ZL87
| |--M. speciosa Chen 1958CB86
| |--M. subreniformis Chen 1958ZL87
| `--M. venusta Chen 1958ZL87
`--Healdia Roundy 1926HM04
|--*H. simplex Roundy 1926BB61
|--H. ampla Roundy 1926HM04
|--H. asper Cooper 1946HM04
|--H. caneyensis Harlton 1927HM04
|--H. cara [incl. H. aspinosa]BB61
|--H. cornigera (Jones & Kirby 1867)HM04
|--H. glennensis Harlton 1927HM04
|--H. leguminoideaS61
|--H. marginata Harlton 1928HM04
|--H. oblonga Bradfield 1935HM04
|--H. oklahomaensis Harlton 1927HM04
|--H. simplicissima Harlton 1933HM04
`--H. sulcata Cooper 1947S82

*Type species of generic name indicated


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