Helicarion cuvieri, copyright Nuytsia@Tas.

Belongs within: Helicarionoidea.

Helicarion is a genus of semi-clugs bearing a transparent shell with very fine, very crowded spiral striae (Stanisic et al. 2010).

Characters (from Stanisic et al. 2010): Shell relatively small to medium-sized, ear-shaped, flattened, thin, transparent; last whorl very large; sculpture of very fine, weak, very crowded spiral striae on both the protoconch and teleoconch; base of aperture with diaphanous border. Colour pale yellow-green. Animal colour varying from grey to black, fawn to cream and orange-brown; coloured foot-border and tail tip; mantle lappets only partly covering shell, slime network strongly defined, caudal gland prominent and pointed; visceral organs usually yellow, orange and brown.

Helicarion Férussac 1821SS10 [=Helixarion (l. c.)BR05; Helicarionini]
|--*H. (Helicarion) cuvieri Férussac 1821SS10
`--H. (Austenia)TC89
|--H. (A.) butleri (see below for synonymy)TC89
|--‘Austenia’ doisutepensisT84
|--H. (A.) feae Tapparone Canefri 1889TC89
|--H. (A.) peguensis Theobald 1864 [=Vitrina peguensis, Girasia peguensis]TC89
`--H. (A.) resplendens Nevill 1877TC89

Helicarion incertae sedis:
H. insularisPB27
H. kivuensisPB27
H. leopardina Iredale 1941SS10
H. magnificumTC89
H. mastersi (Cox 1868) [incl. H. mastersi callidus Iredale 1941]SS10
H. microgranulatusPB27
H. nigerPB27
H. ruwenzoriensisPB27
H. schubotziPB27
H. shillongensisTC89
H. sowerbyanusPB27
H. stuhlmanniPB27
H. subsucculentusPB27
H. virensBRW98

Helicarion (Austenia) butleri [=Girasia butleri, incl. Austenia gigas Godwin Austen 1880, Helicarion gigas var. minor Godwin Austen 1875]TC89

*Type species of generic name indicated


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