Helicia glabrifolia, copyright J. Wrigley.

Belongs within: Roupaleae.

Helicia is a genus of about 90 species of trees and shrubs found from southern and south-east Asia to eastern Australia. The genus is most diverse in New Guinea where about fifty species can be found.

Characters (from Foreman 1995): Leaves mostly spirally arranged, rarely subopposite or 3- or 4-verticillate, sessile or petiolate, simple, entire or more or less serrate. Inflorescences not branched, axillary or ramiflorous, occasionally subterminal or terminal. Peduncles present. Flowers bisexual, pedicellate, in pairs, subtended by small caducous or subpersistent bract; floral bracts present, very small, caducous or subpersistent. Perianth straight, slender; limb straight, more or less subglobose or clavate; perianth segments becoming free and revolute at anthesis. Anthers all perfect, oblong, sessile in concave limb segments; connective apiculate. Disc free or more or less connate into cup. Ovary sessile, glabrous or more or less tomentose, 1-locular; ovules 2, anatropous, attached at base of ovary or ventrally; style slender; pollen presenter straight, more or less clavate; stigma terminal, very small, more or less circular. Fruit indehiscent or tardily dehiscent; pericarp coriaceous, sometimes with distinct zone of fibres or fibre-sclereids. Seeds usually one, rarely two, usually subglobose; cotyledons fleshy.

Helicia Lour. 1790KC01
|--H. acutifolia Sleum. 1939F95
|--H. affinis Sleum. 1939 [incl. H. moluccana Laut. 1913 non (Brown) Bl. 1834]F95
|--H. albiflora Sleum. 1939F95
|--H. amplifolia Sleum. 1939F95
|--H. archboldiana Sleum. 1955F95
|--H. australasica Muell. 1857 [incl. H. dentellata Sleum. 1939, H. glabrescens White 1944]F95
|--H. bullata Sleum. 1955F95
|--H. calocoma Foreman 1985F95
|--H. cameronii Muell. 1889F95
|--H. carrii Sleum. 1939 [incl. H. brassii Sleum. 1939, H. divaricata Sleum. 1939]F95
|--H. coeruleopurpurea Royen 1983F95
|--H. commutata Sleum. 1939F95
|--H. finisterrae Laut. 1913F95
|--H. forbesiana Muell. 1886F95
|--H. glabrifoliaMM09
|--H. hypoglauca Diels 1916F95
|--H. insculpta Sleum. 1939 [incl. H. biformis Sleum. 1939]F95
|--H. insularis Foreman 1985F95
|--H. laiagamensis Foreman 1985F95
|--H. latifolia White 1922F95
|--H. lauterbachiana Sleum. 1939 [incl. H. grandifolia Laut. 1910 non Lecomte 1910]F95
|--H. ledermannii Diels 1916F95
|--H. longespicata Sleum. 1939F95
|--H. macrostachya Laut. 1913F95
|--H. microneura White 1939 [incl. H. arguta Sleum. 1939]F95
|--H. microphylla Diels 1916 [incl. H. microcarpa Sleum. 1955]F95
|--H. neglecta Diels ex Sleum. 1939F95
|--H. nortonianaC16
|--H. obtusata Sleum. 1939 [incl. H. clemensiae Sleum. 1939]F95
|--H. odorata Diels 1916F95
|--H. olivacea Sleum. 1939F95
|--H. oreadum Diels 1916 [incl. H. phaeotricha Diels 1916, H. purpurascens Sleum. 1955, H. validinervis White 1922]F95
|--H. pallescens Diels 1916F95
|--H. peekelii Laut. 1911F95
|--H. peltata White 1929F95
|--H. platyphylla Sleum. 1939F95
|--H. polyosmoides Foreman 1985F95
|--H. retevenia Sleum. 1939F95
|--H. retusa Foreman 1985F95
|--H. robustaDD73
|--H. rostrata Foreman 1985F95
|--H. saruwagedica Sleum. 1939F95
|--H. saurauioides Sleum. 1955F95
|--H. schlechteri Laut. in Sch. & Laut. 1905F95
|--H. sellae-montis Sleum. 1939F95
|--H. stelechantha Diels 1916F95
|--H. subcordata Foreman 1985F95
|--H. torricellensis Laut. in Sch. & Laut. 1905F95
|--H. uganensis Diels ex Sleum. 1939F95
|--H. wollastonii Ridl. 1916F95
`--H. youngiana [=Macadamia youngiana]MB97

*Type species of generic name indicated


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