Tobacco budworm Heliothis virescens, copyright Diane Brodeur.

Belongs within: Heliothinae.

Heliothis is a genus of moths including several species that are significant pests of agricultural crops. Examples include the tobacco budworm H. virescens, a species found in southern North America that feeds on a wide range of crop and garden plants including, as well as tobacco, such plants as cotton, soybeans, cabbages and melons. The marbled clover H. viriplaca is a Palaearctic species that prefers warm, dry habitats and feeds on pasture plants such as clover (Trifolium, hawksbeard (Crepis) and campion (Silene).

Characters (from Matthews 1999): Membrane of vesica with basal scobinate patch well separated from base of aedeagus, scobinate patch often large, denticles of scobinate patch relatively large.

<==Heliothis Ochsenheimer 1816 (see below for synonymy)M99
    |--H. viriplaca (Hufnagel 1766) [=Phalaena viriplaca; incl. P. dipsacea Linnaeus 1767, *Heliothis dipsacea]M99
    |--‘Melicleptria’ belladonna Edwards 1881 [=*Disocnemis belladonna]M99
    |--H. frivaldszkyii Treitschke 1835B08
    |--H. hoarei Matthews 1999M99
    |--H. maritimaM99
    |    |--H. m. maritimaJP05
    |    `--H. m. bulgarica Draudt 1855JP05
    |--H. nubigeraM99
    |--‘Chloridea’ obsoletaCS77
    |--H. ononisM99
    |--H. peltigeraM99
    |--H. phloxiphagaM99
    |--H. punctifera Walker 1857 (see below for synonymy)M99
    |--*Masalia’ radiata Moore 1881M99
    |--H. roseivena (Walker 1866) [=Leucania roseivena; incl. L. alarioides Butler 1886]M99
    |--H. scutosaF92
    |--‘Nonagria’ senegalensis Guenée 1852 [=*Timora senegalensis]M99
    |--H. subflexaRA96
    |--H. treitschkii Frivaldszky 1835B08
    |--H. virescens (Fabricius 1777) (see below for synonymy)M99
    `--H. zeaPHK96

Heliothis Ochsenheimer 1816 [=Heliothentes Ochsenheimer 1816 (nom. inv.), Heliothisa (l. c.), Heliothris (l. c.), Heliotis Sodoffsky 1837; incl. Aspila Guenée 1852, Chloridea Duncan 1841, Disocnemis Grote 1883, Dysocnemis (l. c.), Masalia Moore 1881, Neocleptria Hampson 1903, Timora Walker 1856]M99

Heliothis punctifera Walker 1857 [=*Neocleptria punctifera; incl. N. punctifera ab. grisescens Warren 1913, N. punctifera ab. griseum Warren 1913, Heliothis leucatma Meyrick 1897]M99

Heliothis virescens (Fabricius 1777) [=Noctua virescens, *Aspila virescens; incl. Phalaena rhexiae Smith 1797, *Chloridea rhexiae]M99

*Type species of generic name indicated


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