Common dwarf mongoose Helogale parvula, copyright Bernard Dupont.

Belongs within: Herpestidae.

Helogale, the dwarf mongooses, is a genus of small, diurnal, social mongooses with a grizzled brown pelage found in eastern and southern Africa.

|--H. brunnulaS78
|--H. dybowskiiS78
|--H. hirtulaS78
|--H. ivoriS78
|--H. macmillaniS78
|--H. mimetraS78
|--H. parvulaS78
|--H. percivaliS78
|--H. undulataS78
|--H. variaS78
|--H. vetulaS78
`--H. victorinaS78

*Type species of generic name indicated


[S78] Savage, R. J. G. 1978. Carnivora. In: Maglio, V. J., & H. B. S. Cooke (eds) Evolution of African Mammals pp. 249–267. Harvard University Press: Cambridge (Massachusetts).

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