Elipsocus hyalinus, copyright Ken Schneider.

Belongs within: Elipsocidae.

Hemineura is a genus of barklice found in the western Palaearctic, suggested by phylogenetic analysis to be paraphyletic to the more widespread genus Elipsocus (Schmidt & New 2004). Species assigned to Hemineura have antennae much longer than the length of the body whereas those of Elipsocus are relatively shorter (Lienhard 1998).

Characters (from Schmidt & New 2004, for Elipsocus + Hemineura): Antenna with thirteen segments, two placoid sensilla at apex of flagellomere 10, three at base of flagellomere 1; lacinia truncate; setae on fore wing posterior margin emerging from centre of costa; marginal wing scales triangular, not equilateral, with distal apices sharply pointed; hind wing vein Cu1 meeting posterior margin at acute angle; tarsi three-segmented; abdomen ovoid, abdominal vesicles absent; sides of phallosome frame parallel; dorsal gonapophysis valve spine reduced on mesial margin of lobe, valve apically broadening from base, ventral valve normal; subgenital plate anterior diverging arms of uniform width or apically wide.

<==Hemineura Tetens 1891 [incl. Actenotarsus Enderlein 1907]SN04
    |  i. s.: H. blascoi Baz 1994L98
    |         H. clunialis Lienhard 1995L98
    |         H. hispanica (Enderlein 1907) [=Actenotarsus hispanicus; incl. H. francescae Badonnel 1989]L98
    |         H. trudiae Lienhard & Halperin 1988L98
    |         H. turanica Vishnyakova in Vishnyakova & Kaplin 1980L98
    |         H. wittmeri Badonnel 1981L98
    |--H. sclerophallina Lienhard 1986SN04, L98
    `--+--+--*H. dispar Tetens 1891L98, SN04 [incl. H. fusca Reuter 1904L98, H. dispar var. fuscaL98]
       |  `--H. bigoti Badonnel 1970SN04, L98 [=Elipsocus bigotiL98]
       `--Elipsocus Hagen 1866SN04 [incl. Cabarer Navás 1908L98; Elipsocini]
            |--E. pumilis (Hagen 1861)L98 (see below for synonymy)
            |--E. abdominalis Reuter 1904SN04 (see below for synonymy)
            |--E. annulatus Roesler 1954L98
            |--E. azoricus Meinander 1975L98
            |--E. brincki Badonnel 1963L98
            |--E. coloripennis Lienhard 1996L98
            |--E. fasciatus (Navás 1908)L98 [=*Cabarer fasciatusNL07]
            |--E. guentheri Mockford 1980L98
            |--E. hyalinus (Stephens 1836)L98 (see below for synonymy)
            |--E. labralis Lienhard 1996L98
            |--E. lanceloticus Baz 1991L98
            |--E. marplatensis Williner 1943SN04
            |--E. moebiusi Tetens 1891 [incl. E. balmesi Navás 1910, E. brevistylus Reuter 1893, E. pallidus Jentsch 1938]L98
            |--E. nuptialis Roesler 1954L98
            |--E. obscurus Mockford 1980M93
            |--E. oligotrichus Thornton 1959NL07
            |--E. pusillus Lienhard 1996L98
            |--E. rubrostigma Navás 1934SN04
            `--E. viridimicans Enderlein 1900SN04

Elipsocus abdominalis Reuter 1904SN04 [=E. hyalinus var. abdominalisL98; incl. E. mclachlani Kimmins 1941L98, E. occidentalis Banks 1907L98]

Elipsocus hyalinus (Stephens 1836)L98 [=Psocus hyalinusL98; incl. E. abietis Kolbe 1880L98, P. bipunctatus Stephens 1836 (preoc.)L98, E. bipunctatusG74, E. abietis ab. tharandtensis Enderlein 1901L98]

*Elipsocus pumilis (Hagen 1861)L98 [=Psocus pumilisL98; incl. P. quadrimaculatus Westwood 1840 nec Stephens 1836 nec Latreille 1794L98, Elipsocus quadrimaculatusM93, *E. westwoodii McLachlan 1867L98]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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