Paracalais suboculatus, copyright Bill & Mark Bell.

Belongs within: Agrypninae.

The Hemirhipini are a group of click beetles with scale-like setae and the medial margin of the hypomeron evenly margined (Johnson 2002).

<==Hemirhipini [Chalcolepidiini]KB11
    |--Calais speciosus (Linnaeus 1767)B14
    |--Cryptaulus larvatus (Candèze 1874)KB11, PS07 [=Alaus larvatusPS07]
    |--Pherhimius Fleutiaux 1942J02
    |--Tetrigus Candèze 1857PS07, C96
    |    |--*T. parallelus Candèze 1857C96
    |    |--T. australicus Blackburn 1896C96
    |    |--T. lewisi Candèze 1873PS07
    |    `--T. murrayi Waterhouse 1900JG19
    |--Chalcolepidius Eschscholtz 1829KB11, B14
    |    |--C. limbatus Eschscholtz 1829B14
    |    |--C. obscurus Cast. 1836 [incl. C. defloratus, C. lherminieri]FS90
    |    |--C. porcatusI92
    |    `--C. tartarusJ02
    |--Alaus Eschscholtz 1829J02
    |    |--A. infumatus Candeze 1874M86
    |    |--A. lusciosusB14
    |    |--A. obliquus Candeze 1874M86
    |    |--A. oculatusAT01
    |    `--A. zunianus Casey 1893B14
    `--Paracalais Neboiss 1967M85, C96
         |--*P. suboculatus (Candèze 1857) [=Alaus suboculatus; incl. A. variegatus Schwarz 1902]C96
         |--P. albatus (Candèze 1897) [=Alaus albatus]C96
         |--P. darwini (Blackburn 1890) [=Alaus darwini]C96
         |--P. fornicatus Neboiss 1967C96
         |--P. funebris (Candèze 1857) [=Alaus funebris]C96
         |--P. funereus (Candèze 1865) [=Alaus funereus]C96
         |--P. gibboni (Newman 1857) [=Elater gibboni, Alaus gibboni]C96
         |--P. gigas (Candèze 1857) [=Alaus gigas]C96
         |--P. hayekae Neboiss 1967C96
         |--P. lectilis (Candèze 1897) [=Alaus lectilis]C96
         |--P. macleayi (Candèze 1857) [=Alaus macleayi]C96
         |--P. melancholicus (Candèze 1874) [=Alaus melancholicus]C96
         |--P. murinus Neboiss 1967C96
         |--P. nesiotes Neboiss 1967C96
         |--P. prosapius Neboiss 1967C96
         |--P. prosectus (Candèze 1857) [=Alaus prosectus; incl. A. immaculatus Schwarz 1902, A. subsericeus Schwarz 1902]C96
         |--P. pumilis (Candèze 1874) [=Alaus pumilis]C96
         |--P. sericeus (Candèze 1874) [=Alaus sericeus]C96
         |--P. spiciformis Neboiss 1967C96
         |--P. spinicollis (Van Zwaluwenburg 1951) [=Alaus spinicollis]C96
         `--P. victoriae (Schwarz 1902) [=Alaus victoriae]C96

*Type species of generic name indicated


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