Silver sedge-skipper Hesperilla crypsargyra, copyright Donald Hobern.

Belongs within: Hesperiidae.

Hesperilla, sedge-skippers, is a genus of skippers found in coastal and subcoastal regions of Australia, with larvae feeding on species of Cyperaceae. Species may be divided between two geographically distinct groups with southern species being more brightly coloured than northern (Braby 2000).

Characters (from Braby 2000): Club of antenna bent before middle, apiculus long and pointed; third segment of labial palp of moderate length; fore wing with vein CuA2 arising midway between end and base of cell, vein 1A+2A in male relatively straight; hind wing with vein CuA1 arising closer to M3 than CuA2; hind tibia with two pairs of spurs; male with linear patch of sex-scales. Pupal cap strongly produced and heavily sclerotised; abdominal segments of pupa containing long stiff setae.

<==Hesperilla Hewitson 1868B00
    |--H. chrysostricha (Meyrick & Lower 1902)B00
    |    |--H. c. chrysotricha (see below for synonymy)B00
    |    `--H. c. cyclospila (Meyrick & Lower 1902)B00
    |--H. crypsargyra (Meyrick 1888)B00
    |    |--H. c. crypsargyra [incl. H. crypsargyra lesouefi Tindale 1953]B00
    |    `--H. c. hopsoni Waterhouse 1927B00
    |--H. crypsigramma (Meyrick & Lower 1902)B00
    |--H. cynone [=Cyclopides cynone]O90
    |--H. donnysa Hewitson 1868B00
    |    |--H. d. donnysa (see below for synonymy)B00
    |    |--H. d. albina Waterhouse 1932B00
    |    |--H. d. aurantia Waterhouse 1927B00
    |    `--H. d. galena Waterhouse 1927B00
    |--H. flavescens Waterhouse 1941 (see below for synonymy)B00
    |--H. furva Sands & Kerr 1973B00
    |--H. idothea (Miskin 1889)B00
    |    |--H. i. idotheaB00
    |    `--H. i. clara Waterhouse 1932B00
    |--H. malindeva Lower 1911 [incl. H. malindeva dagoomba Johnson & Valentine 1994]B00
    |--H. mastersi Waterhouse 1900B00
    |--H. monticolae Olliff 1890O90
    |--H. munionga Olliff 1890O90
    |--H. ornata (Leach 1814)B00
    |    |--H. o. ornataB00
    |    `--H. o. monotherm Lower 1907B00
    |--H. picta (Leach 1814)B00
    |--H. sarnia Atkins 1978B00
    `--H. sexguttata Herrich-Schäffer 1869B00

Hesperilla chrysotricha chrysotricha (Meyrick & Lower 1902) [incl. H. chrysotricha leucosia Waterhouse 1938, H. chrysotricha lunawanna Couchman 1949, H. chrysotricha naua Couchman 1949, H. chrysotricha plebeia Waterhouse 1927]B00

Hesperilla donnysa donnysa Hewitson 1868 [incl. H. donnysa delos Waterhouse 1941, H. donnysa diluta Waterhouse 1932, H. donnysa icaria Waterhouse 1941, H. donnysa patmos Waterhouse 1941, H. donnysa samos Waterhouse 1941]B00

Hesperilla flavescens Waterhouse 1941 [=H. donnysa flavescens; incl. H. donnysa flavia Waterhouse 1941, H. flavescens flavia]B00

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B00] Braby, M. F. 2000. Butterflies of Australia: their identification, biology and distribution vol. 1. CSIRO Publishing: Collingwood (Victoria).

[O90] Olliff, A. S. 1890. On Rhopalocera from Mt. Kosciusko, New South Wales. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, series 2, 4 (3): 619–624.

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