Calyx of Anthemiphyllia dentata, from here.

Belongs within: Anthozoa.
Contains: Spirularia, Actiniaria, Corallimorpharia, Scleractinia, Antipatharia, Zoanthidea.

The Hexacorallia are a major group of cnidarians including the stony corals, sea anemones and related taxa. Most species have hexamerous symmetry, though some are octomerous or decamerous. The group is more reliably characterised by the presence of spirocysts, cnidae with a single-walled capsule and a tubule composed of tiny entangling subthreads (Daly et al. 2007). Subgroups of the Hexacorallia include the Ceriantharia, which are solitary, elongate polyps that live burrowed into sediment and contained within a flexible tube constructed from discharged cnidae and mucus (Daly et al. 2007).

Hexacorallia [Ceriantipatharia]
    |    |--IsarachnanthusRB14 [ArachnanthidaeDB07, Penicillaria]
    |    `--SpirulariaDB07
          |  `--ScleractiniaRB14
                `--Relicanthus Rodríguez & Daly in Rodríguez, Barbeitos et al. 2014 [Relicanthidae]RB14
                     `--*R. daphneae [=Boloceroides daphneae]RB14
Hexacorallia incertae sedis:
  Hughaea Lamouroux 1821RL03
    `--H. caribaeorum Duchassaing 1850RL03
  Maeandrina filogranaH04
    |--L. divaricataH04
    `--L. frondiferaH04
  Tridacophyllia lactucaH04
  Lithophyllia laceraH04
    |--A. expansaH04
    `--A. magnificaH04
  Pterogyra laxaH04
  NumidiaphyllumNS93 [NumidiaphyllidaeG02]
    `--N. gillianum Flügel 1976NS93
  KilbuchophylliaNS93 [Kilbuchophyllida, KilbuchophyllidaeG02]
    `--K. discoidea Scrutton & Clarkson 1991NS93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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