Banded tunnelweb spider
Hexathele hochstetteri, copyright Epitree.

Belongs within: Avicularoidea.

The Hexathelidae, funnel web spiders, are a group of medium-sized to large spiders that live in tube or funnel webs under rocks or in crevices (Jocqué & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007).

Characters (from Jocqué & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007): Medium-sized to large mygalomorph spiders; cephalic region raised or low; eight eyes; labium provided with numerous cuspules; rastellum absent; three tarsal claws; posterior spinnerets long and slender or short with digitiform apical segment.

|  i. s.: Rosamygale grauvogeli Selden & Gall 1992 S02
|         Bymainiella R95
|           |–B. lugubris Raven 1978 R95
|           `–B. terraereginae (Raven 1976) R95
|–Plesiothelinae JD-S07
|–Macrothelinae [Macrotheleae] PVD10
|    |–Stenygrocerus R14
|    |–Macrothele calpeiana JD-S07
|    |–Porrhothele Simon 1892 PVD10
|    |    |–*P. antipodiana (Walckenaer 1837) PVD10 [=Mygale antipodiana S99; incl. M. quoyi S99]
|    |    |–P. blanda Forster 1968 PVD10
|    |    |–P. huttoni [=Macrothele huttoni] S99
|    |    |–P. insignipes S99
|    |    |–P. moana Forster 1968 PVD10
|    |    |–P. modesta Forster 1968 PVD10
|    |    `–P. quadrigyna Forster 1968 PVD10
|    |–Entomothele S89
|    |    |–*E. guianensis (Walck. 1837) [=Mygale guianensis] S89
|    |    `–E. pusilla Simon 1889 S89
|    |–Phyxioschema S89
|    `–Thelecoris S89
|–Atracinae [Atraceae] B96
|    |–Styphlopis Rainbow 1913 R13
|    |    `–*S. insularis Rainbow 1913 R13
|    |–Atrax R14
|    |    |–A. formidabilis Rainbow 1914 R14 [=Hadronyche formidabilis B96]
|    |    |–A. modesta R14
|    |    |–A. robustus (Cambridge 1877) B96
|    |    `–A. versuta Rainbow 1914 R14 [=Hadronyche versutus B96]
|    `–Hadronyche R14
|         |–H. cerberea R14
|         `–H. infensa FF99
`–Hexathele Ausserer 1871 [Hexathelae, Hexathelinae] PVD10
|–*H. hochstetteri Ausserer 1871 PVD10
|–H. cantuaria Forster 1968 PVD10
|–H. cavernicola Forster 1968 PVD10
|–H. cinereopilosa S89
|–H. exemplar Parrott 1960 PVD10
|–H. huka Forster 1968 PVD10
|–H. huttoni Hogg 1908 PVD10
|–H. kohua Forster 1968 PVD10
|–H. maitaia Forster 1968 PVD10
|–H. nigra Forster 1968 PVD10
|–H. otira Forster 1968 PVD10
|–H. para Forster 1968 PVD10
|–H. petriei Goyen 1887 PVD10
|–H. pukea Forster 1968 PVD10
|–H. putuna Forster 1968 PVD10
|–H. ramsayi Forster 1968 PVD10
|–H. rupicola Forster 1968 PVD10
|–H. taumara Forster 1968 PVD10
|–H. waipa Forster 1968 PVD10
|–H. waita Forster 1968 PVD10
`–H. wiltoni Forster 1968 PVD10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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