Piscicola geometra, copyright KoiQuestion.

Belongs within: Clitellata.
Contains: Arhynchobdellida.

The Hirudinea, leeches, are parasitic and predatory worms in which the posterior end of the body is modified into a sucker for locomotion.

Synapomorphies (from Ax 1999): Body divided into prostomium and 30 segments, posterior four segments forming sucker, stronger annulation through more annuli per segment. Nervous system with 31 pairs of ganglia; supraesophageal ganglion (brain) with two ganglia; subesophageal ganglion with four ganglia;  ventral nerve cord with 21 free ganglia; posterior ganglion mass from the four ganglia of the sucker segments. Ganglion structure with six packets of neurons: two packets lie behind one another laterally at each side, between these ventrally lie the remaining packets. Two layers of diagonal muscles between circular and longitudinal muscles of body wall musculature, myofibrils of both layers crossing each other at right angles. Strongly developed parenchymatous connective tissue. Coelom modified by constriction by the connective tissue and loss of mesenteries between the coelomic sacs of a segment. Spermatheca absent. Sperm transfer through spermatophores placed on surface of partner. Unpaired female genital opening.

<==Hirudinea [Hirudinida]
    |  i. s.: HemiclepsisS86
    |           |--H. marginataS86
    |           `--H. stagnalisUB03
    |         BurejospermumEL11
    |         Philaemon pungensG08
    |--Acanthobdella [Acanthobdellida, Acanthobdellidae]A99
    |    `--A. peledinaA99
    `--Autobdella [Euhirudinea, Rhynchobdellida]A99
         |  i. s.: Branchellion torpedinisA99
         |    |--MicrobdellaG08
         |    |--Semilageneta Goddard 1908G08
         |    |    `--*S. hilli Goddard 1908G08
         |    |--HelobdellaRP07
         |    |    |--H. robustaJ-GP07
         |    |    `--H. stagnalis Linnaeus 1758UB03
         |    |--Glossiphonia [incl. Clepsine]G08
         |    |    |--G. australiensis Goddard 1908G08
         |    |    |--G. complanata Linnaeus 1758UB03
         |    |    |--G. heteroclitaG08
         |    |    `--G. inflexa Goddard 1908G08
         |    |--HaementeriaSP11
         |    |    |--H. costataA99
         |    |    `--H. depressaHO09
         |    `--Batracobdella kasmianaBK20
            |    |--PiscicolaRP07
            |    |    |--P. funduliC02
            |    |    |--P. geometra (Linnaeus 1758)RP07
            |    |    |--P. milneriM02
            |    |    `--P. punctataM02
            |    `--Stibarobdella macrothelaNRH12

*Type species of generic name indicated


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