Right valve of female Falsipollex laxivelatus, from Benson et al. (1961).

Belongs within: Palaeocopida.

The Hollinidae are a family of distinctly dimorphic ostracods known from the Middle Ordovician to the Middle Permian. Females commonly have a large velar frill that is often strongly incurved whereas males commonly have a narrower and/or outwardly flared frill (Benson et al. 1961).

Characters (from Benson et al. 1961): Carapace slightly inequivalved, with overlap of left valve on right valve, mostly with strongly developed lobation, including bi-, tri- and quadrilobate types. L3 large and bulbous in many genera; velar structures more or less prominent, restricted to anterior and ventral parts of free bords. Hinge line straight, hingement consisting of subtriangular pits or furrows at ends of left valve hinge for reception of corners of right valve. Dimorphism distinct, shown primarily by form of velar structures. Surface commonly papillate.

|--Arikloedenia inagnaWSQ86
|--Aloculatia hartmanni Schallreuter 1976WSB93
|--Hollina Ulrich & Bassler 1908BB61
| `--*H. insolens (Ulrich 1908) [=Ctenobolbina insolens]BB61
|--Abditoloculina Kesling 1952BB61
| |--*A. insolita Kesling 1952BB61
| `--A. triloculata Copeland 1977B94
|--Bisacculus Stewart & Hendrix 1945BB61
| `--*B. bilobus Stewart & Hendrix 1945BB61
|--Grammolomatella Jaanusson 1957BB61
| `--*G. vestrogothicum (Henningsmoen 1948) [=Biflabellum vestrogothicum]BB61
|--Janischewskya Batalina 1924BB61
| `--*J. digitata Batalina 1924BB61
|--Ruptivelum Kesling & Weiss 1953BB61
| `--*R. bacculatum Kesling & Weiss 1953BB61
|--Subligaculum Kesling & McMillan 1951BB61
| `--*S. scrobiculatum Kesling & McMillan 1951BB61
|--Triemilomatella Jaanusson & Martinsson 1956BB61
| `--*T. prisca Jaanusson & Martinsson 1956BB61
|--Hanaites Pokorný 1950WSQ86 [incl. Proplectrum Kesling & McMillan 1951BB61]
| |--*H. givetianus (Pokorný 1950) [=Halliella (*Hanaites) givetiana]BB61
| `--H. platus (Kesling & McMillan 1951)WSQ86 [=*Proplectrum platumBB61]
|--Gortanella Ruggieri 1966HM04
| |--G. longispina (Jones & Kirby 1886) (see below for synonymy)HM04
| `--G. ruggierii Olempska 1999HM04
| |--J. honeei Bless 1972ZL87
| `--J. rawihinggili Bless 1972ZL87
|--Eohollina Harris 1957BB61
| |--*E. irregularis (Spivey 1939) [=Beyrichia irregularis]BB61
| `--E. depressaBB61
|--Flaccivelum Kesling & Peterson 1958BB61
| |--*F. teleutaea (Kesling & Tabor 1952) [=Winchellatia teleutaea]BB61
| `--F. informisBB61
|--Parabolbina Swartz 1936BB61
| |--*P. granosa (Ulrich 1900) [=Ctenobolbina granosa]BB61
| `--P. limbataBB61
|--Subtella Zaspelova 1952BB61
| |--*S. prima Zaspelova 1952BB61
| `--S. latimarginataBB61
|--Tetrasacculus Stewart 1936 [incl. Pterocodella Croneis & Gale 1938, Workmanella Croneis & Gale 1938]BB61
| |--*T. bilobus Stewart 1936BB61
| |--T. mirabilisBB61
| `--T. timorensis Bless 1987WSB93
|--Adelphobolbina Stover 1956WSQ86
| |--*A. papillosa (Ulrich 1891) [=Ctenobolbina papillosa]BB61
| |--A. megaliaWSQ86
| |--A. pinguisWSQ86
| `--A. striatoreticulata Shi in Wang, Shi & Qu 1986WSQ86
|--Ctenobolbina Ulrich 1890BB61
| |--*C. ciliata (Emmons 1855) [=Beyrichia ciliata]BB61
| |--C. alataBB61
| |--C. fulcrata [=Dilobella fulcrata]BB61
| `--C. obliquaBB61
`--Falsipollex Kesling & McMillan 1951BB61
|--*F. altituberculatus Kesling & McMillan 1951BB61
|--F. equipapillatusBB61
|--F. laxivelatusBB61
`--F. valgusBB61

Gortanella longispina (Jones & Kirby 1886) [=Beyrichia longispina, Hollina longispina, Hollinella longispina; incl. Hollina stephanori Batalina 1926]HM04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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