Homalictus blackburni, copyright Graham Winterflood.

Belongs within: Halictinae.

Homalictus is an Indo-Australian genus of small bees with a somewhat flattened metasoma bearing a ventral scopa of relatively long hairs (Michener 1965).

Characters (from Michener 1965): Small species, metallic in nearly all females and most males. Labral process of female tapering to a point, its keel commonly depressed and broad above so it appears to be merely the dorsal surface of apical part of process; lower parts of paraocular area of female usually with black, shining, occasionally depressed area next to eye margin; eyes typically bare. Second transverse cubital vein strong; basitibial plate of female short, rounded or rarely slightly angulate, anterior margin of plate occasionally weak or absent; basitibial plate of male usually present, anterior margin occasionally not defined, rarely plate absent; inner hind tibial spur of female pectinate or at least with one large tooth. Metasoma without bands of tomentum; metasoma of female somewhat flattened, terga strongly folded under at sides so that ventral portions are almost always separated from dorsal ones by a noticeable angle; metasomal scopa of conspicuously long, coarsely plumose hairs directed posteromesially, arising on ventral parts of terga, and of similar sternal hairs directed posteroventrally.

<==Homalictus Cockerell 1919 [incl. Indohalictus Blüthgen 1931]M65
    |--*H. taclobanensis (Cockerell 1915) [=Halictus taclobanensis]M65
    |--H. adonidiae (Cockerell 1919)M65, B26 [=Halictus adonidiaeM65]
    |--H. andrewsi Kirby 1900 [=Halictus andrewsi, Lasioglossum andrewsi, Patellapis andrewsi]JG19
    |--H. aponi (Cheesman & Perkins 1939) [=Halictus aponi]M65
    |--H. appositus (Rayment 1939) [=Halictus appositus]M65
    |--H. areolatus (Friese 1909) [=Halictus areolatus]M65
    |--H. aureoazureus (Rayment 1935) [=Halictus aureoazureus]M65
    |--H. baudinensis (Cockerell 1905)M65 [=Halictus urbanus baudinensisM65, R35]
    |--H. behri (Cockerell 1910) [=Halictus behri]M65
    |--H. blackburni (Cockerell 1910) [=Halictus blackburni]M65
    |--H. botanicus (Rayment 1935) [=Halictus botanicus]M65
    |--H. bremerensis (Rayment 1931) [=Halictus bremerensis]M65
    |--H. brisbanensis (Cockerell 1918) [=Halictus brisbanensis]M65
    |--H. buccinus (Vachal 1894) [=Halictus buccinus, *Indohalictus buccinus]M65
    |--H. burkei (Cockerell 1906) [=Halictus burkei]M65
    |--H. buruensis (Blüthgen 1926) [=Halictus buruensis]M65
    |--H. callaspis (Cockerell 1915) [=Halictus callaspis]M65
    |--H. caloundrensis (Cockerell 1914) [=Halictus caloundrensis]M65
    |--H. caroli (Cockerell 1919)M65, B26 [=Halictus caroliM65]
    |--H. carolinensis [=Halictus carolinensis]M65
    |--H. cassiaefloris (Cockerell 1914) [=Halictus cassiaefloris; incl. Halictus tenuis Friese 1924 non Ellis 1913]M65
    |--H. claripes (Friese 1924) [=Halictus claripes]M65
    |--H. codenticalis (Rayment 1935) [=Halictus codenticalis, Ha. occidentalis Rayment 1930 non Cresson 1872]M65
    |--H. cretinicolus (Friese 1909) [=Halictus cretinicolus]M65
    |--H. crinitus (Friese 1924) [=Halictus crinitus]M65
    |--H. crotalariae (Cockerell 1929) [=Halictus crotalariae]M65
    |--H. ctenander Michener 1965M65
    |--H. cyanescens (Cockerell 1919) [=Halictus cyanescens]B26
    |--H. dampieri (Cockerell 1905)M65 [=Halictus dampieriM65, Chloralictus dampieriR35]
    |--H. darwinensis (Cockerell 1929) [=Halictus darwinensis]M65
    |--H. dixoni (Rayment 1935) [=Halictus dixoni]M65
    |--H. dolorosus [=Halictus dolorosus]M65
    |--H. dotatus (Cockerell 1912) [=Halictus dotatus]M65
    |--H. epiensis (Cockerell 1916) [=Halictus epiensis]M65
    |--H. erromanganus (Cheesman & Perkins 1939) [=Halictus erromanganus]M65
    |--H. eurhodopus (Cockerell 1914) [=Halictus eurhodopus]M65
    |--H. exlautus (Cockerell 1905) [=Halictus exlautus]M65
    |--H. exterus (Cockerell 1911) [=Halictus exterus]M65
    |--H. eyrei (Cockerell 1910) [=Halictus eyrei]M65
    |--H. fijiensis (Perkins & Cheesman 1928) [=Halictus fijiensis]M65
    |--H. flindersi (Cockerell 1905) [=Halictus flindersi]M65
    |--H. formosulus Michener 1965 [=Halictus formosus Rayment 1930 non Dours 1872]M65
    |--H. froggatti (Cockerell 1911) [=Halictus froggatti]M65
    |--H. hackeriellus (Cockerell 1914) [=Halictus hackeriellus]M65
    |--H. hedleyi (Cockerell 1910) [=Halictus hedleyi]M65
    |--H. hentyi (Rayment 1953) [=Halictus hentyi]M65
    |--H. hilli (Cockerell 1929) [=Halictus hilli]M65
    |--H. holochlorus (Cockerell 1914) [=Halictus holochlorus]M65
    |--H. humiliformis (Cockerell 1922) [=Halictus humiliformis]M65
    |--H. humilis (Smith 1879)M65 [=Halictus humilisM65, H. (Chloralictus) humilisR35]
    |--H. imuganensis (Cockerell 1919) [=Halictus imuganensis]B26
    |--H. indigoteus (Friese 1924) [=Halictus indigoteus]M65
    |--H. kestevensi (Cockerell 1912) [=Halictus kestevensi]M65
    |--H. latitarsis (Friese 1909)M65 [=Halictus latitarsisM65; incl. Ha. mcgregori Cockerel 1919B26]
    |--H. lavoroensis (Cockerell 1929) [=Halictus lavoroensis]M65
    |--H. leucurus (Cockerell 1914) [=Halictus leucurus]M65
    |--H. limatiformis (Cockerell 1922) [=Halictus limatiformis]M65
    |--H. limatus (Smith 1853) [=Halictus limatus]M65
    |--H. littoralis (Rayment 1935) [=Halictus littoralis]M65
    |--H. lomatiae (Cockerell 1922) [=Halictus lomatiae]M65
    |--H. lorentzi (Friese 1911) [=Nomia lorentzi]M65
    |--H. luteipes (Friese 1909) [=Halictus luteipes]M65
    |--H. luteoaeneus (Friese 1924) [=Halictus luteoaeneus]M65
    |--H. mackieae (Cockerell 1929) [=Halictus mackieae]M65
    |--H. maitlandi (Cockerell 1910)M65 [=Halictus maitlandiM65, H. (Pachyhalictus) maitlandiR35]
    |--H. megastigmus (Cockerell 1926) [=Halictus megastigmus]M65
    |--H. mesocyaneus (Cockerell 1922) [=Halictus mesocyaneus]M65
    |--H. microchalceus (Cockerell 1929) [=Halictus microchalceus]M65
    |--H. murrayi (Cockerell 1905) [=Halictus murrayi]M65
    |--H. niveifrons (Cockerell 1914)TM19 (see below for synonymy)
    |--H. olivinus (Cockerell 1922) [=Halictus olivinus]M65
    |--H. ounuensis (Cheesman & Perkins 1939) [=Halictus ounuensis]M65
    |--H. oxoniellus (Cockerell 1914) [=Halictus oxoniellus]M65
    |--H. palauensis [=Halictus palauensis]M65
    |--H. pallidifrons (Rayment 1935) [=Halictus pallidifrons]M65
    |--H. papuarum (Cockerell 1910) [=Halictus papuarum]M65
    |--H. pavonellus (Cockerell 1915) [=Halictus pavonellus]M65
    |--H. perpessicius (Kohl 1908) [=Halictus perpessicius]M65
    |--H. pervarians (Cockerell 1919)M65, B26 [=Halictus pervariansM65]
    |--H. phillipensis (Rayment 1935) [=Halictus phillipensis]M65
    |--H. portlandicus (Rayment 1953) [=Halictus portlandicus]M65
    |--H. pseudexterus (Krombein 1951) [=Halictus pseudexterus]M65
    |--H. punctatus (Smith 1879)M65 [=Nomia punctataB26, Halictus punctatusM65]
    |--H. purpureus (Rayment 1935)M65 [=Halictus doweri var. purpureusM65, R35]
    |--H. ralunicolus (Friese 1909) [=Halictus ralunicolus]M65
    |--H. risbeci (Cockerell 1929) [=Halictus risbeci]M65
    |--H. rowlandi (Cockerell 1910) [=Halictus rowlandi]M65
    |--H. rufoaeneus (Friese 1924) [=Halictus rufoaeneus]M65
    |--H. saffordi [=Halictus saffordi]M65
    |--H. samoae (Perkins & Cheesman 1928) [=Halictus samoae]M65
    |--H. savaiiensis (Perkins & Cheesman 1928) [=Halictus savaiiensis]M65
    |--H. saycei (Cockerell 1912) [=Halictus saycei]M65
    |--H. scrupulosus (Cockerell 1930) [=Halictus scrupulosus]M65
    |--H. semicyaneus (Cockerell 1929) [=Halictus semicyaneus; incl. Ha. mesocyaneus Cockerell 1929 non Cockerell 1922]M65
    |--H. sevillensis (Rayment 1953) [=Halictus sevillensis]M65
    |--H. singhalensis (Blüthgen 1926)M65, B26 [=Halictus singhalensisM65]
    |--H. sphecodoides (Smith 1853)TM19 (see below for synonymy)
    |--H. sphecodopsis (Cockerell 1905) [=Halictus sphecodopsis]M65
    |--H. stradbrokensis (Cockerell 1916) [=Halictus stradbrokensis]M65
    |--H. strangulatus (Friese 1924) [=Halictus strangulatus]M65
    |--H. subcarus (Cockerell 1930) [=Halictus subcarus]M65
    |--H. subexterus (Cockerell 1939) [=Halictus subexterus]M65
    |--H. subpallidifrons (Rayment 1935) [=Halictus subpallidifrons]M65
    |--H. suburbanus (Cockerell 1930) [=Halictus suburbanus]M65
    |--H. suvaensis (Cockerell 1929) [=Halictus suvaensis]M65
    |--H. sweezeyi [=Halictus sweezeyi]M65
    |--H. szentivanyi (Michener 1960) [=Halictus szentivanyi]M65
    |--H. tannaensis (Cockerell 1916) [=Halictus tannaensis]M65
    |--H. tarltoni (Cockerell 1927)M65 [=Halictus tarltoniM65, H. (Chloralictus) tarltoniR35]
    |--H. tatei (Cockerell 1910) [=Halictus tatei]M65
    |--H. thor (Cockerell 1929) [=Halictus thor]M65
    |--H. tonganus (Perkins & Cheesman 1928) [=Halictus tonganus]M65
    |--H. toxopei (Alfken 1926) [=Halictus toxopei, Ha. toxopeusi Blüthgen 1926]M65
    |--H. transvolans (Cockerell 1912) [=Halictus transvolans]M65
    |--H. tricolor Michener 1965M65
    |--H. tutuilae (Perkins & Cheesman 1928) [=Halictus tutuilae]M65
    |--H. upoluensis (Perkins & Cheesman 1928) [=Halictus upoluensis]M65
    |--H. urbanus (Smith 1879)M65 [=Halictus urbanusM65, H. (Chloralictus) urbanusR35]
    |--H. versifrons (Perkins & Cheesman 1928) [=Halictus versifrons]M65
    |--H. viridinitens (Friese 1924) [=Halictus viridinitens]M65
    |--H. viridiscitus (Cockerell 1911) [=Halictus viridiscitus]M65
    |--H. williamsi (Cockerell 1930) [=Halictus williamsi]M65
    |--H. wilsoni (Cheesman & Perkins 1939) [=Halictus wilsoni]M65
    |--H. woodsi (Cockerell 1910) [=Halictus woodsi]M65
    |--H. yapensis [=Halictus yapensis]M65
    |--H. zachlorus (Cockerell 1929) [=Halictus zachlorus]M65
    `--H. zingowli (Cheesman & Perkins 1939) [=Halictus zingowli]M65

Homalictus niveifrons (Cockerell 1914)TM19 [=Halictus niveifronsM65; incl. Ha. raymenti Cockerell 1926TM19, Homalictus raymentiM65]

Homalictus sphecodoides (Smith 1853)TM19 [=Halictus sphecodoidesM65; incl. Ha. demissus Cockerell 1916TM19, Homalictus demissusM65]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B26] Blüthgen, P. 1926. Beiträge zur Kenntnis der indo-malayischen Halictus– und Thrinchostoma-Arten. (Hym. Apidae. Halictini.). Zoologische Jahrbücher: Abteilung für Systematik, Geographie und Biologie der Tiere 51: 375–698.

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