Fossil of Homolopsis edwardsii, from here.

Belongs within: Brachyura.
Contains: Latheticocarcinus.

The Homoloidea are a group of podotreme crabs in which the uropod has been transformed into a pit (Guinot & Tavares 2001).

<==Homoloidea [Homolidea]
    |  i. s.: Mithracites Gould 1859GT01
    |           `--M. vectensis Gould 1859GT01
    |--Rhinopoupinia Feldmann, Tshudy & Thomson 1993 [Poupiniidae]GT01
    |    `--R. bicornis Feldmann, Tshudy & Thomson 1993GT01
    |    |--Eplumula australiensis (Henderson 1888)MG-H11
    |    |--Heeia villersensis (Hée 1924)BWW93
    |    `--LatreilliaMG-H11
    |         |--L. elegans Roux 1830DAS03
    |         `--L. pennifera Alcock 1900MG-H11
         |--Homolax Alcock 1899GT01
         |--Hypsophrys Wood-Mason in Wood-Mason & Alcock 1891SN04
         |--Laeviprosopon Glaessner 1933SN04
         |--Tithonohomola Glaessner 1933SN04
         |--Prohomola Karasawa 1992SN04
         |--Mohola Guinot & Richer de Forges 1995SN04
         |--Gastrodorus von Meyer 1864SN04
         |    `--G. neuhausensis (von Meyer 1864)BWW93
         |--Moloha Guinot & Richer de Forges 1995GT01
         |    `--M. majora (Kubo 1936)GT01
         |--Lignihomola Collins 1997SN04
         |    `--‘Homolopsis’ etheridgei Woodward 1892SN04
         |    |--H. braueri Doflein 1904MG-H11
         |    `--H. malayensis Ihle 1912MG-H11
         |--Paromolopsis Wood-Mason in Wood-Mason & Alcock 1891SN04
         |    |--*P. boasi Wood-Mason in Wood-Mason & Alcock 1891SN04
         |    `--P. piersoni Schweitzer, Nyborg et al. 2004SN04
         |--Hoplitocarcinus Beurlen 1928SN04
         |    |--*H. johannesboehmi Beurlen 1928SN04
         |    `--H. gibbosus (Schlüter 1879) [=Dromiopsis gibbosa]SN04
         |--Dagnaudus Guinot & Richer de Forges 1995SN04
         |    |--D. petterdi (Grant 1905)MG-H11
         |    `--D. pritchardi (Jenkins 1977) [=Paromola pritchardi]SN04
         |--Zygastrocarcinus Bishop 1983SN04
         |    |--Z. cardsmithi Bishop 1986GT01
         |    `--Z. mendryki (Bishop 1982) [=Homolopsis mendryki]SN04
         |--Homola Leach 1815SN04
         |    |--H. barbata (Fabricius 1793) [=Cancer barbatus; incl. *H. spinifrons Leach 1815]SN04
         |    |--H. cuvieriR26
         |    |--H. orientalis Henderson 1888MG-H11
         |    `--H. vancouverensis Schweitzer 2001SN04
         |--Latreillopsis Henderson 1888B64
         |    |--L. alcocki Stebbing 1920B64
         |    |--L. bispinosa Henderson 1888B64
         |    |--L. hawaiiensis Edmondson 1932B64
         |    |--L. multispinosa Ihle 1912B64
         |    |--L. petterdi Grant 1905B64
         |    `--L. tetraspinosa Dai & Chen 1980MG-H11
         `--Homolopsis Bell 1863SN04
              |--*H. edwardsii Bell 1863SN04
              |--H. chilensis Förster & Stinnesbeck 1987SN04
              |--H. glabra Wright & Collins 1972SN04
              |--H. hachiyai Takeda & Fujiyama 1983SN04
              |--H. spinosa van Straelen 1936SN04
              |--H. spinulosa Glaessner 1980SN04
              |--H. tuberculata van Straelen 1936SN04
              `--H. williamsi Bishop 1992SN04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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