Pleurohoplites renauxianus, from Wright et al. (1996).

Belongs within: Beudanticeratinae.
Contains: Placenticeras, Hoplitinae, Gastroplitinae.

The Hoplitaceae are a Cretaceous (Upper Aptian to Upper Maastrichtian) lineage of strongly ornamented ammonites (Wright et al. 1996).

Characters (from Wright et al. 1996): Strong ornament typically comprising branched ribs springing from umbilical tubercles. Many with flat or grooved venter bordered by ventrolateral clavi. Nature of dimorphism not yet fully known, but microconchs probably having simple apertures. Sutures ancestrally of desmoceratid type, elements may become multiplied and develop special features.

<==Hoplitaceae [Engonocerataceae, Hoplitida, Hoplitoidea, Placenticerataceae, Placenticeratida]EK02
    |--Schloenbachia Neumayr 1875EK02 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--*S. varians (Sowerby 1817)WCH96 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--S. lymenseP93
    |    `--‘Ammonites’ salteri Sharpe 1856 [=*Saltericeras salteri]WCH96
    |--Placenticeratidae [Baghiceratinae]EK02
    |    |--PlacenticerasWCH96
    |    |--Hengestites Casey 1960WCH96
    |    |    `--*H. applanatus Casey 1960WCH96
    |    |--Metaplacenticeras Spath 1926 [incl. Paraplacenticeras Matsumoto 1953]WCH96
    |    |    |--*M. pacificum (Smith 1900) [=Placenticeras pacificum]WCH96
    |    |    `--M. subtilistriatum (Jimbo 1894) [=Placenticeras subtilistriatum, *Paraplacenticeras subtilistriatum]WCH96
    |    `--Hoplitoplacenticeras Paulcke 1907 (nom. cons) [incl. Dechenoceras Kayser 1924 (n. n.)]WCH96
    |         |--*H. plasticum (Paulcke 1907) [=Hoplites plasticus]WCH96
    |         |--H. lasfresnayanumP93
    |         `--H. marrotiWCH96
    |--Engonoceratidae [Hypengonoceratinae, Knemiceratidae, Neolobitinae]WCH96
    |    |--Parengonoceras Spath 1924WCH96
    |    |    `--*P. ebrayi (Loriol 1882) [=Ammonites ebrayi]WCH96
    |    |--Hypengonoceras Spath 1922WCH96
    |    |    `--*H. warthi (Kossmat 1895) [=Placenticeras warthi]WCH96
    |    |--Platiknemiceras Bataller 1954 [=Platyknemiceras (l. c.)]WCH96
    |    |    `--*P. bassei (Bataller 1954) [=Knemiceras (*Platiknemiceras) bassei]WCH96
    |    |--Protengonoceras Hyatt 1903WCH96
    |    |    `--*P. gabbi (Böhm 1898) [=Engonoceras gabbi]WCH96
    |    |--Neolobites Fischer 1882WCH96
    |    |    `--*N. vibrayeanus (Orbigny 1841) [=Ammonites vibrayeanus]WCH96
    |    |--Engonoceras neumayr & Uhlig 1881 [incl. Engonhoplitoides Basse 1940]WCH96
    |    |    |--*E. pierdenalis (Buch 1850) [=Ammonites pierdenalis]WCH96
    |    |    `--*Engonhoplitoides’ khenchelaensis Basse 1940WCH96
    |    |--Metengonoceras Hyatt 1903 [incl. Epengonoceras Spath 1924]WCH96
    |    |    |--*M. inscriptum Hyatt 1903WCH96
    |    |    |--M. acutumP93
    |    |    `--M. dumbli (Cragin 1893) [=Sphenodiscus dumbli, *Epengonoceras dumbli]WCH96
    |    `--Knemiceras Böhm 1898 (see below for synonymy)WCH96
    |         |--*K. syriacum (Buch 1850) [=Ammonites syriacus]WCH96
    |         |--‘Buchiceras’ attenuatum Hyatt 1875 [=*Glottoceras attenuatum]WCH96
    |         `--K. douvillei Basse 1940 [=K. uhligi var. douvillei, *Iranoknemiceras douvillei]WCH96
    `--Hoplitidae [Anahoplitidae]EK02
         |    |--Anahoplitoides Casey 1961 [incl. Pochialayniceras Alabushev & Alabusheva 1988]WCH96
         |    |    |--*A. gigas (Sinzow 1915) [=Saynella splendens var. gigas]WCH96
         |    |    `--‘Hoplites’ yakounensis Whiteaves 1900 [=*Pochialayniceras yakounense]WCH96
         |    |--Anahoplites Hyatt 1900 [incl. Lepthoplites Spath 1925]WCH96
         |    |    |--*A. splendens (Sowerby 1815) [=Ammonites splendens]WCH96
         |    |    |--A. cantabrigensisWCH96
         |    |    |--*Lepthoplites’ falcoides Spath 1925WCH96
         |    |    `--A. planusWCH96
         |    `--Pleurohoplites Spath 1921WCH96
         |         |--*P. (Pleurohoplites) renauxianus (Orbigny 1840) [=Ammonites renauxianus]WCH96
         |         `--P. (Arrhaphoceras Whitehouse 1927) [incl. Praeschloenbachia Scholz 1973]WCH96
         |              |--P. (*A.) woodwardi (Seeley 1865) [=Ammonites woodwardi]WCH96
         |              |--‘Schloenbachia (*Praeschloenbachia)’ briacensis Scholz 1973WCH96
         |              `--P. (A.) studeriWCH96
         `--Sonneratiinae [Otohoplitinae]WCH96
              |--Bucaillella Destombes, Juignet & Rioult 1973WCH96
              |    `--*B. cayeuxi Destombes, Juignet & Rioult 1973WCH96
              |--Farnhamia Casey 1954WCH96
              |    `--*F. farnhamensis Casey 1954WCH96
              |--Tetrahoplites Casey 1952WCH96
              |    `--*T. subquadratus (Sinzow 1907) [=Sonneratia subquadrata]WCH96
              |--Pseudosonneratia Spath 1925WCH96
              |    `--*P. typica Spath 1925WCH96
              |--Otohoplites Steinmann 1925WCH96
              |    `--*O. raulinianus (Orbigny 1841) [=Ammonites raulinianus]WCH96
              |--Sonneratia Bayle 1878 [incl. Eosonneratia Saveliev 1973, Globosonneratia Saveliev 1973]WCH96
              |    |--*S. dutempleana (Orbigny 1850) [=Ammonites dutempleanus]WCH96
              |    |--S. perinflata Breistroffer 1947 [incl. S. (*Globosonneratia) globulosa Saveliev 1973]WCH96
              |    `--S. vnigri Saveliev 1973 [=S. (*Eosonneratia) vnigri]WCH96
              `--Protohoplites Spath 1923WCH96
                   |--*P. (Protohoplites) archiacianus (Orbigny 1841) [=Ammonites archiacianus]WCH96
                   `--P. (Hemisonneratia Casey 1952)WCH96
                        `--P. (*H.) puzosianus (Orbigny 1841) [=Ammonites puzosianus]WCH96

Knemiceras Böhm 1898 [=Cnemidoceras Haug 1900, Cnemioceras Haug 1900, Knemoceras Krause 1902; incl. Glottoceras Hyatt 1875 (n. o.), Glossoceras Douvillé 1907, Iranoknemiceras Collignon 1981]WCH96

Schloenbachia Neumayr 1875EK02 [incl. Hystrichoceras Hyatt 1900WCH96, Saltericeras Atabekian 1960WCH96; Schloenbachidae, SchloenbachiidaeEK02]

*Schloenbachia varians (Sowerby 1817)WCH96 [=Ammonites variansWCH96; incl. A. coupei Brongniart in Cuvier & Brongniart 1822WCH96, *Hystrichoceras coupeiWCH96, Schloenbachia coupeiH04]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[EK02] Engeser, T., & H. Keupp. 2002. Phylogeny of the aptychi-possessing Neoammonoidea (Aptychophora nov., Cephalopoda). Lethaia 35: 79–96.

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[WCH96] Wright, C. W., J. H. Calloman & M. K. Howarth. 1996. Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt L. Mollusca 4, revised vol. 4. Cretaceous Ammonoidea. The Geological Society of America, Inc.: Boulder (Colorado), and The University of Kansas: Lawrence (Kansas).

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