Heterosquilla tricarinata, copyright Svamp.

Belongs within: Eumalacostraca.
Contains: Squillidae, Gonodactyloidea, Lysiosquillidae.

The Hoplocarida, including the mantis shrimps and their fossil relatives, are a group of malacostracan crustaceans bearing a small carapace and at least four free thoracic segments, together with a large abdomen ending in a tail fan. They differ from other living crustaceans in being active, rapacious hunters (Schram 1979).

| i. s.: NeogonodactylusRS10
| |--N. brediniSC17
| `--N. oerstediiRS10
|--Perimecturidae [Palaeostomatopoda]BWW93
| |--Eopteridium striatum Rohdendorf 1970BWW93
| |--Archaeocaris Meek 1872S79
| | |--A. graffhami Brooks 1962BWW93
| | `--A. vermiformis Meek 1872S79
| |--Bairdops Schram 1979S79
| | |--B. beargulchensis Schram & Horner 1978BWW93
| | `--B. elegans (Peach 1908)S79
| `--Perimecturus Peach 1882S79 [incl. EopterumS77; Archaeoptera]
| |--‘Eopterum’ devonicum Rohdendorf 1961BWW93
| |--P. parki (Peach 1882)S79
| `--P. rapax Schram & Horner 1978BWW93
| |--Kallidechtes [Kallidecthidae]BWW93
| | |--K. eageri Schram 1979BWW93
| | `--K. richardsoni Schram 1969BWW93
| |--AratidecthidaeBWW93
| | |--Aratidecthes johnsoni Schram 1969BWW93
| | `--CrangopsisBWW93
| | |--C. cooperi [=Pygocephalus cooperi]S74
| | `--C. eskdalensis (Peach 1882)BWW93
| `--AenigmacarididaeBWW93
| |--JoanelliaBWW93
| | |--J. elegans (Peach 1883)BWW93
| | `--J. lundiG88
| `--AenigmacarisG88
| |--A. cornigerumG88
| `--A. minima Schram & Schram 1979BWW93
| i. s.: Alima hyalina Leach 1817C73
| Pseudosquillopsis cerisii (Roux 1828)C73
| Eurysquilloides [Eurysquilloididae, Eurysquilloidoidea]MD01
| Erythrosquillidae [Erythrosquilloidea]MD01
| Chrysoma Risso 1826R26
| `--*C. mediterranea Risso 1826R26
|--Tyrannophontidae [Archaeostomatopoda]BWW93
| | i. s.: ‘Perimecturus’ fraiponti Van Straelen 1923S79
| | ‘Perimecturus’ pattoni Peach 1908BWW93
| |--Tyrannophontes theridionBWW93
| `--Gorgonophontes peleron Schram 1984BWW93
`--Unipeltata [Opisterostomatopodia]BWW93
| |--IndosquillidaeMD01
| |--BathysquillaC73 [BathysquillidaeMD01]
| | |--B. microps (Manning 1961)C73
| | `--B. wetherelli (Woodward 1879)BWW93
| `--SculdidaeBWW93
| |--Pseudosculda laevis Schluter 1872BWW93
| `--SculdaBWW93
| |--S. pennata Münster 1840BWW93
| `--S. syriaca Dames 1886BWW93
|--CoronisC73 [CoronididaeMD01]
| `--C. excavatrix Brooks 1886C73
| |--NannosquillaC73
| | |--N. occulta [=Lysiosquilla occulta]C73
| | |--N. schmitti (Manning 1962)C73
| | `--N. taylori Manning 1969C73
| `--Bigelowina phalangium (Fabricius 1798)HS15
`--HeterosquillaK-MM02 [Heterosquillidae, TetrasquillidaeMD01]
|--H. armataK-MM02
|--H. brazieriHS01
`--H. tricarinataHS01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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