Hydaticus seminiger, copyright Udo Schmidt.

Belongs within: Dytiscinae.

Hydaticus is a cosmopolitan genus of diving beetles characterised by straight anterolateral margins on the metasternum, a stridulatory device in males consisting of a region of reticulate cells on the dorsum of the second protarsal segment and a series of pegs along the dorsal margin of the protibia, and an irregularly rugulose surface to the pronotum and the humeral regions of the elytra in females (Miller 2003).

<==Hydaticus Leach 1817LM87 [=Icmaleus Gistel 1856NR97]
    |--H. (Hydaticus)M03
    |    |  i. s.: *H. (H.) transversalis (Pontoppidan 1763)LM87 [=Dytiscus transversalisLM87, *Icmaleus transversalisNR97]
    |    |--H. (H.) seminigerM03
    |    `--+--H. (H.) aruspex Clark 1864M03, BMB14
    |       `--H. (H.) cinctipennis Aubé 1838M03, FS90
    `--H. (Guignotites)M03
         |  i. s.: H. (G.) bivittatusM01
         |--+--H. (G.) subfasciatusM03
         |  `--H. (Hydaticinus) xanthomelasM03
         `--+--H. (G.) parallelus Clark 1864M03, LM87 [incl. H. consimilis Régimbart 1887LM87]
            `--+--+--H. (G.) bowringiM03
               |  `--H. (G.) majorM03
               `--+--H. (G.) fabriciiM03
                  `--H. (G.) grammicusM03
Hydaticus incertae sedis:
  H. bimarginatusBM06
  H. consanguineus Aubé 1838LM87
  H. conspersus Régimbart 1899I92
  H. daemeli Sharp 1882LM87
  H. fabricii (Macleay 1825)LM87 [=Colymbetes fabriciiLM87; incl. H. rufulusR89a]
  H. finus Watts 1978LM87
  H. flavocinctusM86
  H. fulvonotatusR89b
  H. goryi Aubé 1836 [incl. H. bihamatus Aubé 1838]LM87
  H. jucundusM03
  H. leander Rossi 1790BMB14
  H. litigiosusR89a
  H. luczonicusR89a
  H. matruelisR89b
  H. microdaemeli Watts 1978LM87
  H. pacificusI92
  H. platamboides Régimbart 1889R89b
  H. pulcher (Clark 1863) [=Colymbetes pulcher]LM87
  H. quadrivittatusPH10
  H. rimosus Aubé 1838FS90
  H. stagnalis Fab. 1787FS90
  H. thermonectoides Sharp 1884I92
  H. ussheriR89b
  H. variegatus Watts 1978LM87
  H. vittatus (Fabricius 1775) [=Dytiscus vittatus]LM87
  H. wattsi Daussin 1980 [=H. modestus Watts 1978 non Sharp 1882]LM87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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