Palaeagapetus sp., copyright Centre for Biodiversity Genomics.
Belongs within: Integripalpia.
Contains: Orthotrichiini, Hydroptilini.

The Hydroptilidae, micro-caddises, are a group of very small caddisflies (usually less than five millimetres in length) with narrow wings bearing fringes of long hairs, those on the hind wing often being long than the width of the wing itself.

<==Hydroptilidae [Hydroptiloidea]
|–Hydroptilinae BZ-M04
|    |–Orthotrichiini BZ-M04
|    `–Hydroptilini BZ-M04
`–Palaeagapetus [Ptilocolepinae] KP19
`–P. nearcticus KP19

Hydroptilidae incertae sedis:
Neotrichia IS02
Mayatrichia IS02
Paroxyethira hendersoni PC66
Hellyethira Neboiss 1977 N83
|–*H. simplex (Mosely 1934) [=Xuthotrichia simplex; incl. H. vallecula Neboiss 1977] N83
|–H. allynensis Wells 1979 N83
|–H. basilobata Wells 1979 N83
|–H. cornuta Wells 1979 N83
|–H. cubitans Wells 1979 N83
|–H. dentata Wells 1979 N83
|–H. eskensis (Mosely 1934) [=Xuthotrichia eskensis] N83
|–H. exserta Wells 1979 N83
|–H. fimbriata (Mosely 1934) [=Xuthotrichia fimbriata] N83
|–H. litua Wells 1979 N83
|–H. loripes Wells 1979 N83
|–H. malleoforma Wells 1979 N83
|–H. multilobata Wells 1979 N83
|–H. pulvina Wells 1979 N83
`–H. sentisa Wells 1979 N83
Acanthotrichia Wells 1982 N83
`–*A. bilamina Wells 1982 N83
Acritoptila Wells 1982 N83
|–*A. globosa Wells 1982 N83
|–A. hamatus Wells 1982 N83
`–A. margaretae Wells 1982 N83
Austratrichia Wells 1982 N83
`–*A. neboissi Wells 1982 N83
Gnathotrichia Ulmer 1951 N83
|–*G. isabellina Ulmer 1951 N83
`–G. australiensis Wells 1981 N83
Maydenoptila Neboiss 1977 N83
|–*M. cuneola Neboiss 1977 N83
|–M. commista Wells 1980 N83
|–M. explicata Wells 1980 N83
|–M. kurandica Wells 1980 N83
|–M. pseudorupina Wells 1980 N83
`–M. rupina Neboiss 1977 N83
Mulgravia Wells 1982 N83
`–*M. coronata Wells 1982 N83
Orphninotrichia Mosely 1934 N83
|–*O. maculata Mosely 1934 N83
|–O. acta Neboiss 1977 N83
|–O. media Wells 1980 N83
|–O. papillata Wells 1980 N83
|–O. regia Wells 1980 N83
`–O. silicis Wells 1980 N83
Stenoxyethira Kimmins 1951 N83
|–*S. minima Kimmins 1951 N83
|–S. artuvillosus Wells 1981 N83
`–S. plumosa Wells 1981 N83
Targatrichia Neboiss 1977 N83
Trichoglene Neboiss 1977 N83
Tricholeiochiton Kloet & Hincks 1944 N83
|–*T. fagesii (Guinard 1879) [=Leiochiton fagesii] N83
|–T. bifurca Wells 1982 N83
|–T. edmondsi Wells 1982 N83
|–T. fidelis Wells 1982 N83
`–T. tridens Wells 1982 N83
Xuthotrichia Mosely 1934 N83
`–*X. ochracea Mosely 1934 N83

*Type species of generic name indicated


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