Mating pair of Hydrusa bicolor, copyright Jay Cossey.

Belongs within: Arctiini.

Hydrusa is an Indo-Australian genus of moths with dark or boldly patterned wings.

Characters (from Meyrick 1886): Tongue well-developed. Antennae in male bidentate, dentations shortly ciliated. Palpi short, porrected, loosely scaled. Spurs very short. Fore wings with vein 2 from about two-thirds, 4 and 5 approximated at base or from a point, 7 out of 8 below 10, 9, 10, and 11 out of 8. Hind wings with vein 4 absent, 3 and 5 from a point or short-stalked, 6 absent.

|--H. anepsia Meyrick 1886M86
|--H. angustipenna Lucas 1890L90
|--H. annulata [=Zygaena annulata, Syntomis annulata; incl. Hydrusa cingulata Butl. 1876, H. nigriceps Butl. 1876]M86
|--H. antitheta Meyrick 1886M86
|--H. aperta [=Syntomis aperta]M86
|--H. bicolor [=Euchromia (Hydrusa) bicolor]M86
|--H. chlorometis Meyrick 1886M86
|--H. cyanura Meyrick 1886M86
|--H. ecliptis Meyrick 1886M86
|--H. eschatias Meyrick 1886M86
|--H. hesperitis Meyrick 1886M86
|--H. humeralis Butl. 1876M86
|--H. hyalota Meyrick 1886M86
|--H. intensa Butl. 1876M86
|--H. leucaema Meyrick 1886M86
|--H. macroplaca Meyrick 1886M86
|--H. mochlotis Meyrick 1886M86
|--H. nesothetis Meyrick 1886M86
|--H. paraula Meyrick 1886M86
|--H. phepsalotis Meyrick 1886M86
|--H. pyrocoma Meyrick 1886M86
|--H. pyrrhodera Meyrick 1886M86
|--H. stelotis Meyrick 1886M86
`--H. synedra Meyrick 1886M86

*Type species of generic name indicated


[L90] Lucas, T. P. 1890. On Queensland and other Australian macro-Lepidoptera, with localities, and descriptions of new species. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, series 2, 4 (4): 1065–1099.

[M86] Meyrick, E. 1886. Revision of Australian Lepidoptera. I. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, series 2, 1 (3): 687–802.

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