Banksia bee Hylaeus alcyoneus, copyright Jean Hort.

Belongs within: Colletidae.
Contains: Palaeorhiza (Palaeorhiza), Hylaeus (Hylaeus), Hylaeus (Euprosopis), Hylaeus (Euprosopoides), Hylaeus (Gnathoprosopis), Hylaeus (Prosopis), Hylaeus (Prosopisteron), Hylaeus (Rhodohylaeus).

The Hylaeinae, masked bees, are relatively hairless bees that often bear pale markings on the head.

Characters (from Houston 2018): Relatively hairless, wasp-like bees; usually bearing white, cream or yellow markings on face and/or mesosoma; prementum of female posterior with area of dense, minute spicules defined laterally by distinct carinae; clypeus well developed above anterior tentorial pits that lie at about mid point of lateral margins; fore wing with two submarginal cells, the second usually much shorter than the first; scopa absent; basitibial and pygidial plates usually absent; abdominal T1 anteriorly with only a short basal depression.

    |--Gephyrohylaeus Michener 1965M65
    |    `--*G. sandacanensis (Cockerell 1919) [=Heterapis sandacanensis]M65
    |--Hemirhiza Michener 1965M65
    |    `--*H. melliceps (Cockerell 1918) [=Palaeorhiza melliceps; incl. P. hierogliphica Rayment 1935]M65
    |--Pharohylaeus Michener 1965M65
    |    |--*P. lactiferus (Cockerell 1910) [=Meroglossa lactifera]M65
    |    `--P. papuanusH18
    |--Hyleoides Smith 1853M65
    |    |--*H. concinna (Fabricius 1775) [=Vespa concinna]M65
    |    |--H. abnormisH18
    |    |--H. albocincta Cockerell 1909M65
    |    |--H. bivulnerata Cockerell 1921M65
    |    |--H. collaris Friese 1924M65
    |    |--H. concinnula Cockerell 1909M65
    |    |--H. ruficollaris Rayment 1935M65
    |    |--H. rufocincta Cockerell 1909M65
    |    |--H. striatula Cockerell 1921M65
    |    |--H. waterhousei Cockerell 1913M65
    |    `--H. zonalis Smith 1853M65
    |--Amphylaeus Michener 1965M65
    |    |--A. (Amphylaeus)M65
    |    |    |--*A. (A.) morosus (Smith 1879) [=Prosopis morosa]M65
    |    |    |--A. (A.) hardcastlei (Rayment 1939) [=Meroglossa hardcastlei]M65
    |    |    `--A. (A.) sculptifrons (Cockerell 1921) [=Prosopis sculptifrons]M65
    |    `--A. (Agogenohylaeus Michener 1965)M65
    |         |--A. (*A.) nubilosellus (Cockerell 1910) [=Prosopis nubilosellus]M65
    |         |--A. (A.) arnoldi (Rayment 1939) [=Hylaeus arnoldi]M65
    |         |--A. (A.) flavicansH18
    |         |--A. (A.) longmani (Cockerell 1929) [=Hylaeus longmani]M65
    |         |--A. (A.) mediostictus (Cockerell 1912) [=Prosopis mediosticta]M65
    |         |--A. (A.) obscuricepsH18
    |         `--A. (A.) sydneyensis (Friese 1924) [=Prosopis sydneyensis]M65
    |--Palaeorhiza Perkins 1908M65
    |    |  i. s.: P. solomonisM65
    |    |--P. (Palaeorhiza)M65
    |    |--P. (Anchirhiza Michener 1965)M65
    |    |    `--P. (*A.) mandibularis Michener 1965M65
    |    |--P. (Heterorhiza Cockerell 1929)M65
    |    |    |--P. (*H.) melanura Cockerell 1910M65
    |    |    |--P. (H.) denticauda (Cockerell 1910) [=Meroglossa denticauda]M65
    |    |    |--P. (H.) enixa Cheesman 1948M65
    |    |    |--P. (H.) exima (Smith 1861) [=Prosopis exima]M65
    |    |    |--P. (H.) ferruginea (Friese 1911) [=Prosopis ferruginea]M65
    |    |    |--P. (H.) hedleyi Cockerell 1929M65
    |    |    |--P. (H.) longiceps (Friese 1924) [=Prosopis longiceps]M65
    |    |    `--P. (H.) lusoria (Smith 1863) [=Prosopis lusoria]M65
    |    `--P. (Xenorhiza Michener 1965)M65
    |         `--P. (*X.) hamada Cheesman 1948M65
    |--Meroglossa Smith 1853 [incl. Meroglossula Perkins 1912]M65
    |    |--*M. canaliculata Smith 1853M65
    |    |--M. chiropterina Cockerell 1930M65
    |    |--M. deceptor Perkins 1912M65
    |    |--M. decipiens Perkins 1912M65
    |    |--M. desponsa (Smith 1853) [=Prosopis desponsa]M65
    |    |--M. diversipuncta (Cockerell 1909) [=Prosopis diversipuncta]M65
    |    |--M. eucalypti Cockerell 1910 (see below for synonymy)M65
    |    |--M. gemmataH18
    |    |--M. hilli Cockerell 1929M65
    |    |--M. impressifrons (Smith 1853) [=Prosopis impressifrons]M65
    |    |    |--M. i. impressifronsH18
    |    |    `--M. i. penetrata (Smith 1879)H18, M65 [=Prosopis penetrataM65]
    |    |--M. itamuca (Cockerell 1910) [=Prosopis itamuca]M65
    |    |--M. kershawi Cockerell 1913M65 [=M. desponsa kershawiR35]
    |    |--M. melanuraR35
    |    |--M. modestaH18
    |    |--M. nigrifrons (Smith 1853) [=Prosopis nigrifrons]M65
    |    |--M. ocellata Michener 1965M65
    |    |--M. percrassa (Cockerell 1905) [=Prosopis percrassa]M65
    |    |--M. persulcata Cockerell 1912M65
    |    |--M. plumiferaH18
    |    |--M. punctata Rayment 1935M65 [=M. desponsa punctataR35]
    |    |--M. rubricata (Smith 1879) [=Prosopis rubricata]M65
    |    |--M. sculptissima Cockerell 1910M65
    |    |--M. setiferaH18
    |    |--M. soror Perkins 1912M65
    |    |--M. striaticeps (Friese 1924) [=Prosopis striaticeps]M65
    |    |--M. sulcifrons (Smith 1853) [=Prosopis sulcifrons]M65
    |    |--M. sydneyana Rayment 1935M65 [=M. desponsa sydneyanaR35]
    |    |--M. torrida (Smith 1879) [=Prosopis torrida]M65
    |    |--M. triangulata Rayment 1939M65
    |    |--M. trigonoides Rayment 1935M65 [=M. (Meroglossula) trigonoidesR35]
    |    `--M. tuberculata Rayment 1939M65
    `--Hylaeus Fabricius 1793M65
         |  i. s.: H. cressoni [=H. mesillae cressoni]S96
         |         ‘Prosopis’ cyaniventris Friese 1924M65
         |         H. ellipticusS96
         |         H. fodiensR26
         |         H. grandis (Friese 1924)R26, M65 [=Prosopis grandisM65]
         |         ‘Prosopis’ indicator Cockerell 1910M65
         |         H. labiatus (Fabricius 1798) [=Mellinus labiatus]M65
         |         ‘Prosopis’ laevigata Eversmann 1852M65
         |         ‘Prosopis’ liogonius Vachal 1899M65
         |         H. melaleucae Rayment 1953M65
         |         H. modestusS96
         |         ‘Prosopis’ obscuriceps Friese 1924M65
         |--H. (Hylaeus)M65
         |--H. (Abrupta Méhely 1935)O-SO05
         |    `--H. (A.) cornutus Curtis 1831O-SO05
         |--H. (Analastoroides Rayment 1950)H18, M65
         |    `--H. (*A.) foveatus (Rayment 1950)H18, M65 [=*Analastoroides foveataM65]
         |--H. (Dentigera Popov 1939)O-SO05
         |    |--H. (D.) brevicornis Nylander 1852O-SO05
         |    |--H. (D.) gredleri Förster 1871O-SO05
         |    |--H. (D.) imparilis Förster 1871O-SO05
         |    |--H. (D.) penalaris Dathe 1979O-SO05
         |    `--H. (D.) rubicola Saunders 1850O-SO05
         |--H. (Edriohylaeus Michener 1965)M65
         |    |--H. (*E.) ofarrelli Michener 1965M65
         |    `--H. (E.) minusculus (Cockerell 1913) [=Prosopis minuscula]M65
         |--H. (Euprosopellus Cockerell 1910)M65
         |    |--H. (*E.) dromedarius (Cockerell 1910) [=Prosopis dromedaria]M65
         |    |--H. (E.) certus (Cockerell 1921) [=Prosopis certa]M65
         |    |--H. (E.) perconstrictus Cockerell 1929M65
         |    `--H. (E.) pergibbosus Cockerell 1926M65
         |--H. (Euprosopis)M65
         |--H. (Euprosopoides)M65
         |--H. (Gnathoprosopis)M65
         |--H. (Gnathoprosopoides Michener 1965)M65
         |    |--H. (*G.) eburniellus (Cockerell 1912) [=Prosopis eburniella]M65
         |    |--H. (G.) aureopictus (Cockerell 1929) [=Gnathoprosopis aureopicta]M65
         |    |--H. (G.) bituberculatus (Smith 1879) [=Prosopis bituberculata]M65
         |    |--H. (G.) borchii (Rayment 1935) [=Gnathoprosopis borchii]M65
         |    |--H. (G.) philoleucus (Cockerell 1910) [=Prosopis philoleuca]M65
         |    `--H. (G.) tasmanicus Cockerell 1926M65
         |--H. (Heterapoides Sandhouse 1943)H18, M65 [=Heterapis Cockerell 1911 non Linston 1889M65]
         |    |--*Heterapoides’ delicata (Cockerell 1911) [=*Heterapis delicata]M65
         |    |--‘Heterapoides’ bacillaria (Cockerell 1914) [=Prosopis bacillaria]M65
         |    |--H. (H.) extensus (Cockerell 1916)H18, M65 [=Prosopis extensaM65, Heterapoides extenaM65]
         |    |--‘Heterapoides’ hackeriella (Cockerell 1929) [=Heterapis hackeriella]M65
         |    |--‘Heterapoides’ halictiformis (Perkins 1912) [=Heterapis halictiformis]M65
         |    |--‘Heterapoides’ pulchripes (Cockerell 1914) [=Prosopis pulchripes]M65
         |    `--‘Heterapoides’ sculpta (Cockerell 1911) [=Heterapis sculpta]M65
         |--H. (Hylaeorhiza Michener 1965)H18, M65
         |    |--H. (*H.) nubilosus (Smith 1853)H18, M65 [=Prosopis nubilosaM65, *Hylaeorhiza nubilosaM65]
         |    |--‘Hylaeorhiza’ aureomaculata (Cockerell 1909) [=Prosopis aureomaculata]M65
         |    |--‘Hylaeorhiza’ burnsi Michener 1965M65
         |    |--H. (H.) spryi Cockerell 1926M65
         |    |--H. (H.) subnubilosus (Cockerell 1910)R35, M65 (see below for synonymy)
         |    `--H. (H.) tasmani Cockerell 1929M65
         |--H. (Hylaeteron Michener 1965)M65
         |    |--H. (*H.) pulchricrus (Cockerell 1915) [=Prosopis pulchricrus]M65
         |    |--H. (H.) douglasi Michener 1965H18, M65 [=H. (Prosopisteron) douglasiM65]
         |    |--H. (H.) hemirhodus Michener 1965M65
         |    `--H. (H.) semirufus (Cockerell 1914) [=Euryglossa semirufa]M65
         |--H. (Koptogaster Alfken 1912)O-SO05
         |    `--H. (K.) punctulatissimus Smith 1842O-SO05
         |--H. (Lambdopsis Popov 1939)O-SO05
         |    |--H. (L.) annularis (Kirby 1802)O-SO05
         |    `--H. (L.) crassanus (Warncke 1972)O-SO05
         |--H. (Macrohylaeus Michener 1965)M65
         |    `--H. (M.) alcyoneus (Erichson 1842)M65 (see below for synonymy)
         |--H. (Meghylaeus Cockerell 1929)M65
         |    `--H. (M.) fijiensis (Cockerell 1909) (see below for synonymy)M65
         |--H. (Paraprosopis Popov 1939)O-SO05
         |    |--H. (P.) clypearis (Schenck 1853)O-OS05
         |    |--H. (P.) lineolatus (Schenck 1861)O-SO05
         |    |--H. (P.) pictipes Nylander 1852O-SO05
         |    |--H. (P.) sinuatus (Schenck 1853) (see below for synonymy)O-SO05
         |    |--H. (P.) soror (Pérez 1903)O-SO05
         |    `--H. (P.) styriacus Förster 1871O-SO05
         |--H. (Planihylaeus) trilobatusH18
         |--H. (Prosopis)O-SO05
         |--H. (Prosopisteron)M65
         |--H. (Pseudhylaeus Cockerell 1929)M65
         |    |--H. (*P.) albocuneatus (Cockerell 1913) [=Euryglossa albocuneata]M65
         |    |--H. (P.) albomaculatus (Smith 1879) [=Prosopis albomaculata]M65
         |    |--H. (P.) albozebratus Michener 1965H18, M65 [=H. (Prosopisteron) albozebratusM65]
         |    |--H. (P.) hypoleucus (Cockerell 1918) [=Euryglossa hypoleuca]M65
         |    |--H. (P.) mirandus (Rayment 1930) [=Meroglossa miranda]M65
         |    `--H. (P.) multigibbosus Michener 1965M65
         |--H. (Rhodohylaeus)M65
         |--H. (Spatulariella Popov 1939)O-SO05
         |    |--H. (S.) hyalinatus Smith 1842O-SO05
         |    |    |--H. h. hyalinatusO-SO05
         |    |    `--H. h. aragonensis (Pittioni 1950)O-SO05
         |    `--H. (S.) sulphuripes (Gribodo 1894)O-SO05
         |--H. (Sphaerhylaeus Cockerell 1929)M65
         |    |--H. (*S.) globuliferus (Cockerell 1929) [=Gnathoprosopis globulifera]M65
         |    `--H. (S.) bicolorellus Michener 1965 (see below for synonymy)M65
         `--H. (Xenohylaeus Michener 1965)M65
              |--H. (*X.) rieki Michener 1965M65
              |--H. (X.) desertorisH18
              |--H. (X.) kelvini (Cockerell 1912) [=Prosopis kelvini, Meroglossa kelvini]M65
              |--H. (X.) procurvus (Rayment 1939) [=Sphaerhylaeus procurvus]M65
              `--H. (X.) scutaticornis Michener 1965M65

Hylaeus (Hylaeorhiza) subnubilosus (Cockerell 1910)R35, M65 [=Prosopis subnubilosaM65, Hylaeorhiza subnubilosaM65, Hylaeus nubilosus subnubilosusR35]

Hylaeus (Macrohylaeus) alcyoneus (Erichson 1842)M65 [=Prosopis alcyoneaM65; incl. H. alcyoneus robustus Cockerell 1926R35, M65, P. vidua Smith 1853M65, H. (*Macrohylaeus) viduusM65]

Hylaeus (Meghylaeus) fijiensis (Cockerell 1909) [=Prosopis fijiensis; incl. Pr. chalybaea Friese 1924, Palaeorhiza gigantea Cockerell 1926, Hylaeus (*Meghylaeus) giganteus]M65

Hylaeus (Paraprosopis) sinuatus (Schenck 1853) [=H. (Dentigera) sinuatus; incl. Apis minuta Fabricius 1793 non Schrank 1781]O-SO05

Hylaeus (Sphaerhylaeus) bicolorellus Michener 1965 [=Sphaerhylaeus bicoloratus Rayment 1948 non Prosopis bicoloratus Smith 1853]M65

Meroglossa eucalypti Cockerell 1910 [=*Meroglossula eucalypti; incl. Prosopis disjuncta Friese 1924 non Cockerell 1905]M65

*Type species of generic name indicated


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