Hylaeus (Rhodohylaeus)

Hylaeus maiellus, copyright Laurence Sanders.

Belongs within: Hylaeinae.

The subgenus Rhodohylaeus of the genus Hylaeus is an Australian group of small, largely reddish bees with the mesepisternum more or less sharply divided between the smooth anterior and punctate lateral sections (Michener 1965).

Characters (from Michener 1965): Mandibles two- or in some cases three-toothed in females; distance between antennae two or more times clypeo-ocular distance; subantennal sutures one to one and one-half times as long as diameter of antennal socket; paraocular ridges present, occasionally carinate. Claws with prongs subparallel. Wings occasionally with large bare areas basally; stigma two-thirds to more than three-fourths as long as costal edge of marginal cell; free part of marginal cell one and one-half to two times as long as rest, as long as or slightly longer than distance from apex of cell to wing tip, apex of cell bent away from wing margin; second submarginal cell usually slightly more than half as long as first, receiving both recurrent veins or one or both may be interstitial; propodeum with dorsal surface one-half as long as to almost as long as vertical one (seen in profile), the two curving one onto the other or an angle between them; triangle large, one-third or rarely only about one-fourth of its length vertical, areolate with carinae which may be weak, surface often dull. Fovea of second tergum absent or punctiform, gradulus slightly recurved and usually exposed; seventh sternum with single pair of apical lobes provided with slender hairs; gonocoxites robust, blunt, with long hairs apically.

<==Hylaeus (Rhodohylaeus Michener 1965)M65
    |--H. (*R.) ceniberus (Cockerell 1910) [=Prosopis cenibera]M65
    |--H. (R.) ancoratus (Cockerell 1912) [=Prosopis ancorata]M65
    |--H. (R.) colei Rayment 1935M65 [=H. lateralis coleiR35]
    |--H. (R.) constrictiformis (Cockerell 1910) [=Prosopis constrictiformis]M65
    |--H. (R.) constrictus (Cockerell 1905) [=Prosopis constricta]M65
    |--H. (R.) coronatulus (Cockerell 1914) [=Prosopis coronatula]M65
    |--H. (R.) coronatus (Cockerell 1905) [=Prosopis coronata]M65
    |--H. (R.) haematopodus (Cockerell 1913) [=Prosopis haematopoda]M65
    |--H. (R.) indecisus Cockerell 1929M65
    |--H. (R.) lateralis (Smith 1879) [=Prosopis lateralis]M65
    |--H. (R.) maiellus Rayment 1935M65
    |--H. (R.) melanocephalus (Cockerell 1922) [=Prosopis melanocephala]M65
    |--H. (R.) meriti Rayment 1935M65 [=H. constrictus var. meritiR35]
    |--H. (R.) proximus (Smith 1879) [=Prosopis proxima]M65
    |--H. (R.) rubripes Friese 1924M65
    |--H. (R.) rufipes (Smith 1853) [=Prosopis rufipes]M65
    |--H. (R.) semicastaneus (Cockerell 1918) [=Euryglossa semicastanea]M65
    |--H. (R.) ‘simillimus’ Rayment 1935 non Prosopis simillimus Smith 1879M65 [=H. lateralis simillimusR35]
    |--H. (R.) subconstrictus (Cockerell 1922) [=Prosopis subconstricta]M65
    |--H. (R.) sublateralis (Cockerell 1914) [=Prosopis sublateralis]M65
    `--H. (R.) subplebeius (Cockerell 1905) [=Prosopis subplebeia]M65

*Type species of generic name indicated


[M65] Michener, C. D. 1965. A classification of the bees of the Australian and South Pacific regions. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 130: 1–362.

[R35] Rayment, T. 1935. A Cluster of Bees: Sixty essays on the life-histories of Australian bees, with specific descriptions of over 100 new species. Endeavour Press: Sydney.

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