Stephen’s rocket frog Anomaloglossus stepheni, copyright Diogo Luiz.

Belongs within: Neobatrachia.
Contains: Alsodidae, Batrachylidae, Hylodidae, Telmatobius, Ceratophryidae, Hemiphractidae, Hylidae, Phyllomedusidae, Litoria, Pelodryadinae, Dendrobatidae, Aromobatidae, Brachycephalidae, Craugastoridae, Strabomantidae, Eleutherodactylus, Bufonidae, Leptodactylidae, Centrolenidae, Odontophrynidae.

The Hyloidea are a diverse clade of frogs united by molecular data.

<==Hyloidea [Agastorophrynia, Dendrobatoidea, Hesticobatrachia]PW11
|--Baurubatrachus pricei Báez & Perí 1987DMH16, R00
`--+--Rhinodermatidae [Rhinodermina]FB17
| |--Insuetophrynus Barrio 1970PW11, FG06
| | `--I. acarpicusPW11
| `--Rhinoderma Duméril & Bibron 1841FG06
| |--R. darwiniiPW11
| `--R. rufumFG06
| `--+--BatrachylidaeFB17
| `--HylodidaeFB17
`--+--Telmatobiidae [Batrachophrynidae]FB17
| |--TelmatobiusPW11
| |--Neoprocoela Schaeffer 1949B00
| | `--*N. edentatus Schaeffer 1949B00
| |--Batrachophrynus Peters 1873PW11, FG06
| | |--B. brachydactylusFG06
| | `--B. macrostomusFB17
| `--Caudiverbera Laurenti 1768FG06 (see below for synonymy)
| |--C. caudiverbera (see below for synonymy)B00
| `--*Eophractus’ casamayorensis Schaeffer 1949B00
| `--+--HemiphractidaeFB17
| `--ArboranaeDMH16
| |--HylidaeFB17
| `--+--PhyllomedusidaeDMH16
| `--PelodryadidaeDMH16
| | i. s.: Australobatrachus iliusDMH16
| |--LitoriaFG06
| `--PelodryadinaeFB17
| `--+--Rheobates palmatusPW11
| `--+--AromobatidaeGM19
| `--AnomaloglossusPW11
| |--+--A. baeobatrachusPW11
| | `--A. stepheniPW11
| `--+--A. tepuyensisPW11
| `--+--A. degranvilleiPW11
| `--+--A. praderioiPW11
| `--+--A. beebeiPW11
| `--A. roraimaPW11
`--+--+--Ceuthomantis [Ceuthomantidae]PW11
| | `--C. smaragdinusPW11
| `--+--BrachycephalidaePW11
| `--+--+--CraugastoridaePW11
| | `--StrabomantidaeFB17
| `--EleutherodactylidaeFB17
| |--EleutherodactylusFG06
| `--PhyzelaphryninaePW11
| |--Phyzelaphryne Heyer 1977FG06
| | `--P. miriamaePW11
| `--Adelophryne Hoogmoed & Lescure 1984PW11, FG06
| `--A. gutturosaPW11
| `--+--CentrolenidaePW11
| `--Allophryne Gaige 1926FG06 [AllophrynidaePW11, Allophryninae]
| `--A. ruthveniPW11
`--Cycloramphidae [Cyclorhamphina, Cycloramphinae, Grypiscina, Grypiscini]FB17
|--Rupirana Heyer 1999FG06
|--Crossodactylodes Cochran 1938FG06
|--Zachaenus Cope 1866FG06
|--Grypiscus Cope 1867FG06
|--Thoropa Cope 1865PW11, FG06 [Thoropidae]
| |--T. miliarisPW11
| `--T. taophoraPW11
`--Cycloramphus Tschudi 1838FG06
|--C. acangatanPW11
|--C. boraceiensisPW11
`--C. stejnegeriFG06

Caudiverbera Laurenti 1768FG06 [incl. Eophractus Schaeffer 1949B00, Gigantobatrachus Casamiquela 1958B00, Teracophrys Ameghino 1901B00]

Caudiverbera caudiverbera [incl. Calyptocephalella canqueli Schaeffer 1949, *Gigantobatrachus parodii Casamiquela 1958]B00

*Type species of generic name indicated


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