Hymenophyllum polyanthos, from here.

Belongs within: Hymenophyllaceae.
Contains: Hymenophyllum subgenus Mecodium.

Hymenophyllum (used here in the broad sense) is one of the main groups of filmy ferns in the Hymenophyllaceae. Hymenophyllum species are distinguished from other filmy ferns by their bivalved involucres, though molecular phylogenetic analysis suggests a reversion to a more basal tubular form in the nested Microtrichomanes (Pryer et al. 2001). Derived involucres with the immersed section cuplike are also found in the mosslike Serpyllopsis caespitosa from the southernmost part of South America.

<==Hymenophyllum [incl. H. subg. Sphaerocionium Cop. 1937PS01, A61, Sphaerocionium Presl 1843A61]
    |--+--H. ferrugineum Colla 1836PS01, C49 (see below for synonymy)
    |  `--H. hirsutum (Linnaeus) Swartz 1801PS01, CD07 (see below for synonymy)
    `--+--+--H. lanceolatum [=Sphaerocionium lanceolatum]PS01
       |  `--Microtrichomanes [=Crepidomanes subg. Microtrichomanes, Trichomanes sect. Flabellata]PS01
       |       |--*M. digitatumPS01 [=Trichomanes digitatumPS01; incl. T. calvescensB78, T. lanceumB78]
       |       |--M. taeniatum [=Trichomanes taeniatum, Crepidomanes taeniatum]PS01
       |       `--M. vitiense [=Trichomanes vitiense]H90
       `--+--+--+--Serpyllopsis caespitosaPS01 [=Trichomanes caespitosumPS01; incl. S. antarcticaM03]
          |  |  `--H. subg. Hemicyatheon [=Hemicyatheon, H. subg. Chilodium sect. Hemicyatheon]PS01
          |  |       `--H. (subg. *Hemicyatheon) baileyanum [=*Hemicyatheon baileyanum]PS01
          |  `--H. subg. HymenophyllumPS01
          |       |  i. s.: H. barbatum (v. d. B.) Baker in Hooker & Baker 1867I77, I88 (see below for synonymy)
          |       |         H. cupressiforme Labill. 1806H90, A61 [=H. tunbridgense var. cupressiforme Hooker 1864A61]
          |       |         H. peltatum (Poir.) Desv. 1827A61 (see below for synonymy)
          |       |         H. pumilumH90
          |       |         H. pygmaeum Colenso 1881 (n. d.)A61
          |       |         H. revolutum Colenso 1846 [incl. H. pusillum Colenso 1880, H. zeelandicum Van den Bosch 1863]A61
          |       |         H. wrightiiI77
          |       |--H. sect. HymenophyllumPS01
          |       |    |--*H. tunbrigenseA61, PS01 [=H. tubridgense (l. c.)PS01, Trichomanes tunbridgenseV97]
          |       |    `--H. secundumPS01
          |       `--H. (sect. Ptychophyllum) fucoides [=Meringium fucoides]PS01
          `--H. subg. MecodiumPS01
Hymenophyllum incertae sedis:
  H. abruptumM03
  H. aculeatumT-W89
  H. aeruginosumC06
  H. armstrongii Baker 1873C49 (see below for synonymy)
  H. asplenoidesV97
  H. (subg. Chilodium) bivalve (Forster) Swartz 1801H90, C49 (see below for synonymy)
  H. bridgesiiM03
  H. caespitosumM03
  H. caudiculatumM03
    |--H. c. var. caudiculatumM03
    `--H. c. var. caudatumM03
  H. cheesemaniiA27
  H. crispum [incl. H. crispum var. brasilianum]CSL09
  H. cruentumM03
  H. dichotomumM03
  H. dicranotrichum [incl. H. chiloense]M03
  H. duseniiM03
  H. elegans [incl. H. elegans f. minor]CSL09
  H. exsertum Wallich ex Hooker 1844 [=Mecodium exsertum (Wallich) Copel. 1938]I88
  H. falklandicumM03
  H. filmenofilicum Christenhusz & Schwartsburd in Christenhusz, Schwartsburd & Labiak 2009CSL09
  H. infortunatum Bory de Saint-Vincent 1828BS-V28
  H. levingei [=Mecodium levingei]I88
  H. lyallii Hooker 1855 [=Sphaerocionium lyallii Cop. 1938, Trichomanes lyallii Hook. & Baker 1874]A61
  H. magellanicum [=Didymoglossum magellanicum]M03
  H. (subg. Craspedophyllum) marginatumH90
  H. maxoniiL54
    |--H. m. var. maxoniiL54
    `--H. m. var. angustiusL54
  H. microcarpumJ87
  H. neesiiT-W89
  H. nigricansM03
  H. pectinatumM03
  H. pilosissimumI77
  H. rufumCSL09
  H. sampaioanumCSL09
  H. simonsianum Hooker 1860I88
  H. smithiiT-W89
  H. tayloriaeL03 [=Sphaerocionium tayloriaeDF97]
  H. tortuosumM03
  H. trapezoidaleJ87
  H. urbaniJ87
  H. subg. Apteropteris Cop. 1937 [=Apteropteris Cop. 1938]A61
    `--H. malingii (Hooker) Mettenius 1864 (see below for synonymy)A61
Nomina nuda: Hymenophyllum beccarii Squinabol 1889S89

Hymenophyllum armstrongii Baker 1873C49 [=Trichomanes armstrongii Baker 1868C49, Craspedophyllum armstrongiiC49, Hymenophyllum cheesemanii var. armstrongii Cheeseman 1906C49; incl. H. melanocheilos Col. 1885C06]

Hymenophyllum barbatum (v. d. B.) Baker in Hooker & Baker 1867I77, I88 [=Leptocionium barbatum v. d. B. 1863I88; incl. H. denticulatum var. flaccidum (v. d. B.) Clarke 1880I88]

Hymenophyllum bivalve (Forster) Swartz 1801C49 [=Trichomanes bivalve Forster 1786C49, Meringium bivalveC49; incl. Hymenophyllum spathulatum Col. 1845C06]

Hymenophyllum ferrugineum Colla 1836PS01, C49 [=Sphaerocionium ferrugineum (Colla) Cop. 1938A61; incl. H. franklinianum Colenso 1846A61, H. subtilissimum Kunze 1837C49]

Hymenophyllum hirsutum (Linnaeus) Swartz 1801PS01, CD07 [=Trichomanes hirsutum Linnaeus 1753A61, *Sphaerocionium hirsutumA61, PS01; incl. Hymenophyllum boryanumC06, Trichomanes ciliatum Swartz 1787A61, H. ciliatum Swartz 1806A61]

Hymenophyllum malingii (Hooker) Mettenius 1864 [=Trichomanes malingii Hooker 1862, *Apteropteris malingii (Hooker) Cop. 1937]A61

Hymenophyllum peltatum (Poir.) Desv. 1827A61 [=Trichomanes peltatum Poir. in Lam. 1806A61; incl. H. meyeri Presl 1843A61, H. unilaterale Willd. 1810A61, H. wilsoni Hook. 1830A61, H. tunbridgense var. wilsoniM03]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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