Hypera meles, copyright Andrey Ponomarev.

Belongs within: Hyperinae.

Hypera is a genus of weevils with larvae feeding externally on leaves and constructing loosely woven cocoons (Anderson 2002).

Characters (from Anderson 2002): Snout short, lacking deciduous processes and associated scars; pronotum lacking a postocular lobe; at least some scales on body bifid.

<==Hypera Germar 1817 (see below for synonymy)A02
    |--H. acaciae Pascoe 1873M86
    |--H. brunneipennis (Boheman 1834)A02
    |--H. denominandaC01
    |--H. grandini Capiomont 1868HF03
    |--H. immunda Petri 1901HF03
    |--H. isabellina Boheman 1834HF03
    |--H. meles (Fabricius 1792)HF03
    |--H. nigrirostris (Fabricius 1775)A02
    |--H. pedestrisC01
    |--H. plantaginisV09
    |--H. postica (Gyllenhal 1813)A02
    |--H. punctata (Fabricius 1775)A02
    |--H. rumicis (Linnaeus 1758)A02
    |--H. scapularisC01
    |--H. tumida Capiom 1868G89
    `--H. variabilisC01

Hypera Germar 1817 [incl. Antidonus Bedel 1886, Boreohypera Korotyaev 1999, Dapalinus Capiomont 1868, Eririnomorphus Capiomont 1868, Heteromorphus Petri 1901, Phytonomidius Capiomont 1868, Spongifer Petri 1901, Tigrinellus Capiomont 1868]A02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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