Alfalfa weevil Phytonomus variabilis, copyright Michael A. Voeltz.

Belongs within: Entiminae.
Contains: Hypera.

The Hyperinae are weevils with ectophytic larvae found on the leaves of dicotyledons and constructing loose cocoons for pupation (Marvaldi & Lanteri 2005).

Characters (from Marvaldi & Lanteri 2005): Head relatively small, subspherical. Eyes transversely oval (transverse diameter greater than antero-posterior diameter). Rostrum rather robust, densely and uniformly setose. Vestiture with at least some scales truncated and bifid or multifid at apex. Apical comb of setae oriented transversely to tibial axis; tibial spurs absent.

<==Hyperinae [Hyperides]
    |  i. s.: Donus lydius Petri 1901 [=Hypera lydya]HF03
    |         ProphaesiaM86
    |           |--P. albilatera Pascoe 1870M86
    |           |--P. confusa Pascoe 1873M86
    |           |--P. cretata Pascoe 1870M86
    |           `--P. florea Pascoe 1883M86
    |         Eurychirus bituberculatus Waterh. 1853M86
    |         Phelypera schuppeliML05
         |    |--C. aegyptiacus Capiomont 1868HF03
         |    |--C. repandusB14
         |    |--C. (Bagoides) splendidulus (Fabricius 1781)B14
         |    `--C. tamarisciB14
         `--Phytonomus Schoenherr 1823A02
              |--P. lilliputanus Lucas 1847E12
              |--P. plantaginisA71
              |--P. punctatusW41
              |--P. rumicisW41
              `--P. variabilisAN-A04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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