Setae of Hypnodendron arcuatum, from here.

Belongs within: Bryales.

Hypnodendron is a genus of large dendroid mosses found mostly in south-east Asia and Australasia, where they are a prominent component of many wet forest floras. Molecular phylogenetic analysis has suggested that it may be paraphyletic within a clade referred to as the hypnodendroid pleurocarps (Bell & Newton 2005).

Characters (from Bell & Newton 2005): Leaf border cells not differentiated. Plants dendroid; adaxial rhizoids present, micronemata absent. Vegetative secondary modules (‘branches’) present; primary module heteroblasty ending in secondary module leaves; primary module growth determinate, branching from base but not from apex; perichaetia on highly reduced secondary modules, located mid-module. Dioicous.

Hypnodendron (Müll.Hal.) Lindb. 1861 [Hypnodendraceae]SK02
|--H. colensoi (Hooker & Wilson) Mitt. 1882 [=Isothecium colensoi]SK02
|--H. comatulum (Geh. ex Broth.) Touw 1971 [=Mniodendron comatulum]SK02
|--H. comosum (Labill.) Mitt. 1882 [=Hypnum comosum, Isothecium comosum, Mniodendron comosum, Trachyloma comosum]SK02
| |--H. c. var. comosum [incl. Mniodendron kroneanum]SK02
| `--H. c. var. sieberi (Müll.Hal.) Touw 1971 [=Hypnum sieberi, Isothecium sieberi, Mniodendron sieberi]SK02
|--H. (Phoenicobryum) flagelliferum Brotherus & Watts 1915BW15
|--H. krauseiD03
|--H. menziesii (Hooker) Paris 1895 [=Isothecium menziesii, Trachyloma menziesii]SK02
|--H. palmeumSK02
|--H. planifronsSK02
|--H. rigidumBW15
|--H. spininervium (Hooker) Jaeger & Sauerb. 1879 [=Hypnum spininervium, Isothecium spininervium]SK02
| |--H. s. ssp. spininerviumSK02
| `--H. s. ssp. archeri (Mitt.) Touw 1971 (see below for synonymy)SK02
|--H. subspininerviumB57
`--H. vitiense Mitt. 1873SK02
|--H. v. ssp. vitienseSK02
`--H. v. ssp. australe Touw 1971 [incl. H. spininervium var. pumilum (n. n.), H. whiteleggei (n. n.)]SK02

Nomina nuda: Hypnodendron curvatocomosum Müll.Hal. ex Bailey 1886SK02
Hypnodendron eflagellare Ångström ex Bailey 1886SK02
Hypnodendron flagellare Ångström ex Bailey 1886SK02
Hypnodendron pterobryoides Müll.Hal. ex Bailey 1886SK02

Hypnodendron spininervium ssp. archeri (Mitt.) Touw 1971 [=Isothecium archeri, Hypnum archeri, Trachyloma archeri; incl. Hypnodendron leiopyxis]SK02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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