Dorsum (left) and venter of hypopus of Tytodectes podager, from Domrow (1981).

Belongs within: Astigmatina.

The Hypoderatidae are a group of astigmatine mites found in vertebrate nests, many of which are only known from parasitic deutonymphs (OConnor 2009).

Characters (from OConnor 2009): Adult with body cuticle usually smooth or with scale-like ornamentation; palpi reflexed inward; propodosoma with lamellar (le) setae absent; discrete coxal apodemes III–IV present, projecting obliquely from bases of trochanters; tibiae I and II with two ventral setae; tarsi with both tectal setae filiform, similar in length; empodial claws absent; opisthosoma usually bilobed posteriorly; female oviporus longitudinal with genital valves fused to body anteriorly, free posteriorly. Deutonymph with all traces of attachment organ completely absent; legs well developed; coxal setae 3a and 4a absent; tibiae III–IV without comb-like setae; posterior coxal apodemes often with indistinct edges.

<==Hypoderatidae [Hypoderatoidea, Hypoderidae]
    |--Phalacrodectes gaudiO09, DW10
    |--Acotylopus [incl. Muridectes]O09
    |--Hypodectes Filippi 1861O09, H98
    |    |--H. carpophagae Baraldi 1875CF77
    |    `--H. propus (Nitzsch in Giebel 1861) [=Hypoderas propus]H98
    |         |--H. p. propusH98
    |         `--H. p. bubulci Fain 1967H98
    |--Neottialges Fain 1966H98
    |    |--N. bassani (Montagu 1811) [=Cellularia bassani]H98
    |    |--N. evansi Fain 1966H98
    |    |--N. grallinae Janssen Duijghuijsen et al. 1979H98
    |    |--N. hughesae (Fain 1969) [=Suladectes hughesae]H98
    |    |--N. plegadicola Fain 1966H98
    |    `--N. tasmaniensis Fain & Domrow 1979H98
    `--Tytodectes Fain 1966 [incl. Caprimuldesctes Janssen Duijghuijsen et al. 1979]H98
         |--T. bradypus Domrow 1981H98
         |--T. falconisO09
         |--T. podager Domrow 1981H98
         |--T. podargi (Janssen Duijghuijsen et al. 1979) [=Caprimuldectes podargi]H98
         |--T. strigisO09
         `--T. tyto Fain 1966H98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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