Hypoponera eduardi, copyright April Nobile.

Belongs within: Ponerinae.

Hypoponera is a cosmopolitan genus of fairly generalised soil-dwelling ants.

Characters (from Heterick 2009): Mandibles triangular; palpal formula 2, 2; clypeus narrowly inserted between frontal lobes; tibia of hind leg with single large pectinate spur; pretarsal claws of hind leg simple; anteroventral process of petiole simple.

<==Hypoponera Santschi 1938FT08
|--*H. abeillei (André 1881) [=Ponera abeillei]T99
|--H. beppin Terayama 1999T99
|--H. bondroitiT99
|--H. confinis (Roger 1860)FT08
|--H. congrua (Wheeler 1934) [=Ponera congrua]TB85
|--H. convexiuscula (Forel 1900) [=Ponera trigona convexiuscula]TB85
|--H. decora (Clark 1934) [=Ponera decora]TB85
|--H. eduardiH09
|--H. elliptica (Forel 1900) [=Ponera truncata elliptica]TB85
|--H. gleadowiT99
|--H. herbertonensis (Forel 1915) [=Ponera pruinosa herbertonensis]TB85
|--H. inexorata [=Ponera inexorata]WW90
|--H. mackayensis (Forel 1900) [=Ponera coarctata mackayensis]TB85
|--H. mina (Wheeler 1927) [=Ponera mina]TB85
|--H. nipponaT99
|--H. nubatamaT99
|--H. opaciceps (Mayr 1887)FT08 [=Ponera opacicepsWW90]
|--H. opaciorBS06 [=Ponera trigona opaciorWW90]
|--H. punctatissima (Roger 1859)FT08
|--H. queenslandensis (Forel 1900) [=Ponera queenslandensis]TB85
|--H. rectidens (Clark 1934) [=Ponera rectidens]TB85
|--H. sakalavaBS06
|--H. sauteriT99
|--H. scitula (Clark 1934) [=Ponera scitula]TB85
|--H. sulciceps (Clark 1928) [=Ponera sulciceps]TB85
`--H. zwaluwenburgiT99

*Type species of generic name indicated


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